Weekly Update Battles, Beck, Mark Lanegan, PJ Harvey, Floating Points, Coil.

Shorelights, Carla dal Forno, Abul Mogard, clipping., Om, Foals, The Dukes of Stratosphear, Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, Matana Roberts.


  • Album of the Week. Fiddly experimental rockers Battles enlist Tune-Yards, Yes’ Jon Anderson, Shabazz Palaces and more to shape their best record since ‘Gloss Drop’.
  • Beck’s just announced his fourteenth studio album! It lands on several limited-edition colour variants later next month.
  • Coil. More copies of ‘Swanyard’ have arrived, plus ‘Stolen & Contaminated Songs’ is up for pre-order!
  • Throbbing Gristle announce a two-in-one reissue plus a live album.
  • Weekly Playlist. Our YouTube playlist features a selection of new and old bangers.

New music

  • Sufjan Stevens & Timo Andres. Everyone’s scoring soundtracks and ballets these days. How about that studio album though Soof?
  • clipping. Imagine if the Geto Boys made an album with John Carpenter and Throbbing Gristle...
  • PJ Harvey writes an album for Eve after the BBC tried to kill her.
  • Matana Roberts. Just eight more chapters of avant-garde jazz to go now!
  • The Yummy Fur. Mogwai’s Rock Action label release a collection from the Glasgow art punks.
  • Thomas Méreur’s latest is the audio equivalent of the Icelandic countryside.
  • Prolific MC Homeboy Sandman returns with a new LP with Aesop Rock producing.
  • Mark Lanegan Band. Somebody’s knocking; it’s grunge’s answer to Tom Waits!
  • Carla dal Forno. Unfortunately not a collaboration with Dizzee Rascal…
  • Om. Some tasty BBC live sessions here, don’t Sleep on these…
  • Foals. From indie darlings to meaty stadium rockers, the Oxford group finish what they started earlier this year.
  • High Tides. The album art here is a spitting image of our office window view.
  • Funkproof. Who’s got the funk? Give us the funk!
  • Tennis System. A shoegaze concept album centering on Tim Henman and Rafael Nadal.
  • Durand Jones & The Indications. Durand Durand unleash some tasty soul.
  • Foxes in Fiction. Basil Brush, Robin Hood, The Fantastic Mr. Fox are all here...
  • Garcia Peoples. Dya reckon these lot like their psych rock and jam bands?
  • Jai Paul. One-two-BTSTU!
  • Corridor. File alongside alleyway, towpath and thoroughfare.
  • Oranssi Pazuzu are live and evil at Roadburn. Psychedelia for those into their heavy music.
  • Hurtling. The My Bloody Valentine touring member releases her debut.
  • Girls In Synthesis. The UK post-punk trio release a three-track EP.


  • Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man. This firm Norman favourite from the Portishead vocalist and Talk Talk’s bass player has just been reissued! 
  • Do you like XTC? Into your psychedelic music? Then you’ll love these two records from their 60s influenced project The Dukes of Stratosphear!
  • BGM. Save yourself a pretty penny on Discogs by buying this super-rare Japanese post-punk record with us!
  • Babyshambles. The only time you’ll see Pete, Kate Moss, Ian Brown and Bert Jansch in the same credits.
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre give something back to their fans.
  • Imaginary Softwoods. We’ve got a couple of very limited warehouse finds of this Emeralds side project.
  • Ol' Dirty Bastard. Left-field rap classic from the late Wu Tang Clan legend.
  • A Tribe Called Quest offer some electric relaxation.
  • The Cure. Blu-ray and DVD live sets from Robert Smith and co.
  • The Comet Is Coming. You loved their album from this year, now it’s time to check out these two EPs
  • Jonathan Fire*Eater. He’s a fire*eater, a twisted fire*eater.
  • Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit. The Drive-by Trucker reissues his third and second records.
  • Tokyo Shoegazer. It’s difficult to tell where these lot are from and what music they make...

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Gorgeous, radiant, glistening iridescent ambient works on Astral Industries from Shorelights aka Rod Modell and Walter Wasacz.
  • Floating Points album 'Crush' has him return to a more dancefloor friendly sound.
  • Abul Mogard busts out his modular synth, Farfisa organ and field recordings to soundtrack Duncan Whitley's film 'Kimberlin’.
  • Live cassette document of Steph Horak & Renick Bell letting rip in a frenzied and disorientating live coding explosion complete with manipulated vox.
  • Previously unreleased Susumu Yokota tracks and sketches discovered on DAT by Rothko's Mark Beazley and completed by Jon Tye.
  • Fine, spectral dark ambient from Erik Levander and Seasons (pre-din) turns off the lights for some noisy ambient drone and skewed rhythmic tracks. Both limited edition CDs on Forwind.
  • Those four early 12”s from SOPHIE on Numbers have been re-pressed.
  • Sound collage dreamworlds from Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer on Jan Jelinek's Faitiche label.
  • Spannerd album on Alter from Total Control drummer James Vinciguerra as Trevor (?!?!)
  • John Roberts asks Can Thought Exist Without The Body?
  • More Japanese ambient archival action from Masahiro Sugaya on Empire of Signs and Fumio Miyashita on Personal Affair.
  • People Like Us 'The Mirror' vinylized by Discrepant.
  • Delightful electronica from ISAN with their first album in a wee while.
  • Tasty 3CD bookset compilation on Axis from Detroit techno wizard Jeff Mills.
  • Kosmische/ambient journeys through human inner consciousness from PCM (not the Brum D&B duo) on n5MD.
  • Classy sci-fi techno/acid/electro mini-LP from Umwelt.
  • Brian Reitzell, Oliver Coates, Juliana Barwick and Clams Casino all muck in on Jacques Greene’s album on LuckyMe.
  • The return of plunderphonics nutters Negativland!

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Words: Ant and Tom

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Tom. Today we welcome Fred to our team! He’s already been smashing out plenty of reviews and descriptions like there’s no tomorrow, so make sure to check those out over on our reviews section.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Matana Roberts

Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis

9/10 from Will

If y'all know me, then y'all'll know I love a Gesamtkunstwerk. So when I saw that this 'Memphis' project by Matana Roberts was labelled as such, I jumped at the chance on »

American Football

American Football (LP3)

9/10 from Tommy WM

Now this record is probably my biggest surprise favourite of the year! Having booked tickets to see these much-loved cult indie favourites at the Brudenell based on my on »

Codes In The Clouds

Codes In The Clouds

8/10 from Daoud

Just for you, my friends, I have a review of the latest record by an instrumental post-rock band who trade in emotional euphoria and whose band name features the words “ on »

Floating Points


8/10 from Will

Floating Points' new album 'Crush' is steeped in sonic detritus. Tiny fragments of sound, be it horn section, white noise glitch, or digital feedback, seem to cake the on »



8/10 from Ant

Bioluminescence is a form of chemiluminescence which involves living organisms such as types of fungi, microorganisms like bacteria, and fireflies producing and emitting on »

The Yummy Fur

Piggy Wings

8/10 from Will

If you like short, sharp, biting songs sung in a thick Scottish burr then this Yummy Fur compilation is for you. Yummy Fur are a band who were most active in the mid-to-late on »

Abul Mogard


8/10 from Ant

Abul Mogard busts out his modular synthesizer(s), Farfisa organ and field recordings to soundtrack Duncan Whitley's film 'Kimberlin'. The film and accompanying spatial sound on »



8/10 from Will

Homemade instruments, tape experimentation, and based in Salford, what's not to love? Sometimes an artist will come along and you just know you're going to like 'em. ' on »


There Existed an Addiction to Blood

8/10 from Tommy WM

Well boys, you certainly timed this one right. Releasing a terrifying album like this one just under a fortnight before Halloween just to get us in the mood the spooky on »

Erik Levander


8/10 from Jamie

Well. As Public Enemy (and latterly, Nick Frost) once said, “Bring the NOISE!” I’m not sure *exactly* what I was expecting when I pulled this CD out of the on »


Brown Lounge, Vol. 5

8/10 from Jamie

It’s the return of Wolverhampton duo Letherette (not that we’ve had to wait too long, mercifully) and their latest instalment in their ‘Brown Lounge’ on »

Steph Horak and Renick Bell

Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol

8/10 from Jamie

Here’s a cassette tape, a very long cassette tape appropriately enough, featuring some very bendy shapes, long shadows and elongated noises amongst its astonishingly on »

Little Simz

Grey Area

8/10 from Fred MG

In this post-Kendrick Lamar world it feels like every other rapper is trying to be an auteur. So many of the new hip-hop records to have emerged since 'To Pimp A Butterfly' ( on »

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