Weekly Update Kim Gordon, Codes In The Clouds, Polytechnic Youth, Richard Dawson

Big Thief, Lightning Bolt, Mogwai, Slowdive, Gary Numan, Emptyset, 808 State, Ernest Hood, Stephen Mallinder, Mosca


  • Album of the Week. We gave it a 10/10 and we meant it. Plus there’s still time to buy the album and be entered in a competition to win a single by her. WE GAVE IT A TEN.
  • You won’t find the new Codes In The Clouds album anywhere else in Europe. No this isn’t a Brexit thing.
  • Not one! (1!), but two! (2!) new preorders from that there Polytechnic Youth covering everything from creepy children’s TV to uncooperative crusties.
  • It’s National Album Day this Saturday! If you’re struggling for something to listen to from tip to toe take a look at our favourite albums from September.

30,000 reviews. Bloody hell. That’s roughly 6,000,000 words. Those would fit into about 70 novels. Novels for ADULTS. Part of the Norman Records mission statement is keeping you lot informed about the best new music out there. 30,000 reviews later I don’t think anyone can argue we haven’t at least tried. If you want to have a dig through them all you can do so with our friendly neighbourhood Reviews Wizard.

New music

  • I clearly don’t think having two hands is as big a deal as Big Thief do.
  • Richard Dawson announces his presidential candidacy. 
  • Can someone ask Lightning Bolt to stop throwing their drums down the stairs!
  • La lala la laa. Allah-Las la la la laa. Laaa. Lalalalaa. La.
  • Fire is no laughing matter Comet Gain. I expect better from you. 
  • 808 State meanwhile, have returned with a reminder to check your fire alarms.
  • BBC 6 Music’s Elbow get to album 8.
  • Any advice on pronouncing Bdrmm? Answers on a postcard.
  • I can only assume Bodega are New York’s answer to Cornershop.
  • If you’re after a new shaving mirror, you could do worse than the new Special Request.
  • Weeks like these I miss Clinton.
  • Current Affairs are pretty much a UK DIY scene supergroup.
  • I want to shout from the heavens that the Starcrawler album cover is Scratch & Sniff.
  • Hey Blawan, how many pings?
  • Oo err, the Body have some cool friends don’t they.
  • Lindstrom has thrown away his computer and bought about 30 synthesisers. 
  • If you weren’t satisfied by that 14 CD box set, Éliane Radigue has done another two.
  • Join Vibracathedral Orchestra in saving the dang Pangolin. 
  • I’ve turned the heating on cuz we’re in a Cold Spell.
  • Melodious, harmonious, and available to buy... from us. It’s Boa Morte.


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Dadaesque house music? More like dad-esque house music amirite?

  • Refreshing, skewed, Dadaesque house music and beyond from Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire/Wrangler).
  • Sexy looking tape of demented, squidgy, pulsating, acid grime sound design from Mosca.
  • Psychotropic, minimal synthesizer drone works from Eleh on Touch.
  • Let Love Decide Pt 1 comp on Downwards including scorchers from Fret (Mick Harris), Concrete Fence (Regis & Haswell), DVA Damas, Simon Shreeve etc.
  • Double cassette of neck snappin' beats from REQ / Rob Euroh on Seagrave.
  • Intense and emotional ambient works anticipating death from Dino Spiluttini on Editions Mego.
  • A Produce. DIY electronics gem from '88 reissued. Unique introspective stuff from the late Barry Craig.
  • Emptyset bust out the AI tech for their latest full length on Thrill Jockey.
  • Tranquil vibes from Brown Irvin on Motion Ward. Tip for fans of uon and Huerco S. Edition 300 copies.
  • PYUR explores the boundaries between life and death, and body and spirit on a fine disc for Subtext.
  • Theo Parrish killer 'First Floor' back in print on compact disc.
  • Pelada bring the sounds of Montreal's warehouse rave scene to PAN.
  • Bewitching synth action from XVARR on Good Morning Tapes.
  • Intense technoise from Marcus Schmickler on Kompakt. 
  • Delightful archival compilation of Japanese ambient drifters on Empire of Sign from Inoyama Land, spanning 1977-2000.
  • Strong Dilla and Madlib vibes on the Letherette 'Brown Lounge, Vol. 5' tape.
  • Crystalline jazz-bient from Karl Lindh. First-time vinyl edition of CDr produced by Luke Eargoggle - originally released on Legowelt's Strange Life label.
  • Superb downer hip hop from Boreal Massif (Pessimist and Loop Faction).
  • Freedom To Spend reissue Ernest Hood's 1975 private press peach 'Neighborhoods'. Feel like stepping into a time machine.
  • Delicate ambient from H.Takahashi mimicking plant life through music.
  • Get yer Hauntology fix from The Central Office Of Information.
  • Visible Cloaks remixing Studio Mule.
  • +++ 12"s from Luke Hess on DeepLabs, Truncate on Blueprint, Emika remixed +++

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Words: Ant and Daoud

Work: Murder, murder, murder she wrote, (Ian) lovecrimes, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will and Tom .

Customer Compliment of the Week: ‘The Dons’. To be fair we do call Phil ‘The Godfather’.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Kim Gordon

No Home Record

10/10 from Will

I remember the first time I heard the lead single, 'Sketch Artist', from Kim Gordon's new album 'No Home Record' like it was yesterday. Perched in my chambers, I noticed that ...read on »

Richard Dawson


9/10 from Will

Richard Dawson is what would happen if Alan Bennett was born in modern times, was listening to Hey Colossus and the Incredible String Band, and was reading the Quiet...read on »

Boa Morte

Before There Was Air

9/10 from Jamie

Melodious. That’s the word. Pleasing on the ear... Harmonious. All qualities (more to come, perhaps!) which would be apt in describing this new record from these here lo...read on »


Juice B Crypts

9/10 from Will

It's Battles! Y'all know Battles, right? They're the shapeshifting poster-boys of the experimental world that collect genres like the child catcher from ;Chitty Chitty Bang Ba...read on »

Molly Linen

Outside EP

8/10 from Jamie

Oh, this is nice. I mean it’s a beautiful little EP, this new 'Outside' record from Molly Linen. Featuring 5 lulling songs as beautiful as the photo of a lake / loch on ...read on »

Julien Chang


8/10 from Jamie

Oh my. Julien Chang’s debut LP opens mightily impressive-like, with a guitar that reminds me of something or other by someone, it drives me mad in fact -- until, that is...read on »

The Central Office Of Information

The Central Office Of Information

8/10 from Jamie

So, Castles In Space release some interesting things, eh. Hm. Bit of a puzzler at first glimpse, this (as obviously it’s meant to be): the Central Office Of Information ...read on »


Touchie Riddim EP

8/10 from Ant

Stephen McEvoy aka tuuun's most excellent FLUF label deal primarily in digital releases, but now appear to be upping their game with physical editions. Currently having its ...read on »

Stephen Mallinder

Um Dada

8/10 from Ant

I swear to God if I have to read another press blurb giving it the big “dark music for troubled times” spiel I’m gonna pop my eyeballs out the sockets with a...read on »



8/10 from Will

No, it's not the dreadful indie fodder band Blossoms, it's the debut album from London-based electronic duo Emptyset. It's a thrilling and dystopic collection of pieces rooted...read on »



8/10 from Will

The Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark is somewhere I've wanted to go for years. They serve an insane seafood tasting menu that comprises lots of small, intricate dishes, ...read on »

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