Weekly Update Angel Olsen, Zonal, Vic Mars, Wilco, Portico Quartet.

DIIV, Boris, The Cult of Free Love, Roland Kayn, Magic Seas, Mark Hollis, Bruno Bavota, WIVES, Operating Theatre, SQÜRL.


  • Album of the Week. Lush string arrangements and divine art pop define Angel Olsen’s latest. We reckon she should do the next Bond theme...
  • Reduced September Stock. Fancy 10% off a bunch of tasty records? Of course you do!
  • Zonal. Two heavy-hitters of electronic music Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin reunite for a hefty slice of soundsystem pressure.
  • Mark Hollis. More of Hollis’ only solo record have been made available to pre-order!
  • Weekly Playlist. Staff-selected tunes featuring Penguin Cafe, The Raincoats, Beastie Boys and more.

New music

  • Vic Mars. Pastoral folk meets retro electronics on this gorgeous ode to the Herefordshire countryside.
  • The Cult of Free Love / Magic Seas. Split 12’’ from two psych rock groups. The Magic Seas side was produced by Ride legend Mark Gardener!
  • Penguin Cafe. A corker of an album from the unique jazz group.
  • Boris. Expansive post-rock meets psych rock and drone metal experimentalism.
  • Toshifumi Hinata. Collection of ambient, classical and new age tracks from the Japanese composer.
  • Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius. Two underground experimentalists unite for a collaborative LP.
  • Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band. Highlife and African funk from Ghana.
  • Max Richter. Career spanning CD set from the composer, suitable for aficionados and newcomers alike.  
  • Dengue Dengue Dengue. Three Dengue’s? I’m seeing double here! 
  • The Clandestine Quartet. Two Sun City Girls enlist Chris Corsano and Michael Flower for a record of rock experimentalism.
  • Bruno Bavota. The Italian modern classical/ambient composer releases a new’un on Temporary Residence.
  • Snuff. The London punks return for their first in six years. On Fat Mike’s label Fat Wreck.
  • Molly Linen. Debut EP from the recently graduated Glaswegian songwriter.
  • Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders. Exotic Moroccan sounds meet Pharoah Sanders psychedelic jazz. First time on wax!
  • Minor Pieces. Missy Donaldson helps drone/ambient man Ian William Craig change up his sound.
  • Wilco once again find the sweet spot between indie and country.
  • Blood Orange. He’s come along way since Test Icicles that’s for sure!
  • Portico Quartet. Minimalism meets restrained jazz on this crystalline beauty.
  • WIVES. Low-slung, ultra-coolly delivered indie from NYC. Influenced by Pixies and Sebadoh.
  • SQÜRL. Jim Jarmusch’s zombie flick isn’t meant to be great, but hey at least the soundtracks a corker.
  • Lightning Dust. A couple of members of psych revivalists Black Mountain create some tasty folk.


  • Sven Libaek. Classic TV music score of easy on the ears lounge. 
  • Yukihiro Takahashi. Slick city pop from the Yellow Magic member.
  • Beastie Boys are still getting sued for all the uncleared samples on this hip hop classic.
  • The Raincoats. Two reissues from the group who (arguably) did ‘Lola’ better than The Kinks.
  • Operating Theatre. This slice of weirdo synth-pop landed them a contract with U2’s label!
  • Kath Bloom & Loren Connors. Rare folk records with lots of extra goodies inside.
  • Dome. It’s hard to get bored of Wire, but if you do, there’s always Dome!
  • OMD. Enola Gay, I should’ve stayed at home today… BIG box set of synth pop delights.
  • Richard Hawley’s reissue series continues.
  • Boris. Two reissues, including a sleeve with one of the greatest homages in music!
  • Sleep. It’s been reissued a dozen times but we don’t mind because it’s a psych-drone essential!

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

All things electronic music related, selected by our resident techno aficionado. Same time next week please Ant! 

  • Immense 'Scanning (1982-1983)' 10CD box set from cybernetic music lord Roland Kayn.
  • Is the Datassette EP on CPU about birds of prey or cheap lager?
  • Hefty organ drone works 2LP on Touch from Claire M Singer
  • Finally a legit reissue of Automat’s 1978 cosmic disco odyssey.
  • Funked up soulful house trax on L.I.E.S. from Trackstars aka Delroy Edwards & Benedek.
  • Mind warping Hecker compact disc on Editions Mego.
  • Intergalactic dub zingers from disrupt on his new Zonedog label.
  • Aardvarck LP in unique computer generated sleeve designs.
  • Legowelt’s professional ambient music as Occult Orientated Crime now vinylized. 
  • KÖHN's magical 1998 self-titled debut on KRAAK gets a well deserved vinyl issue via cortizona.
  • American primitive meets Kosmische on Julia Reidy's delightful record on Black Truffle.
  • Warm, glistening and squirming dancefloor cuts from Suzanne Kraft.
  • Most excellent spaced out, trippy, dubby, spectral zoners from Kallista Kult.
  • Another ace from Nyege Nyege Tapes with a compilation of joyous, ecstatic Electro Acholi Kaboom From Northern Uganda.
  • Pinch goes in hard, dark and heavy on a whopper for Berceuse Heroique.
  • The Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius LP on Marionette sounds like a couple of octopuses playing drums. Meanwhile, Tomaga & Pierre Bastien hookup... Clattering duo meets Rephlex Mechano wizard on Nicholas Jaar's label. 
  • Party vibes galore on the Afriqua 2LP on R&S.
  • Fresh, twisted grooves from Air Max '97 on Batu's Timedance label.
  • Is DMX Krew ever not making tunes? He brings his machine funk to Peggy Gou's Gudu label.

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Words: Tom and Ant

Work: I can’t live, if (Ian) Love-in is without you, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Tom and Daoud.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Angel Olsen

All Mirrors

9/10 from Will

Y'know that moment where you're listening to an album that you're unsure about and then something happens that completely redefines it, either for good or bad? Well that happe...read on »

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band


9/10 from Jamie

Oh my goodness, the Strut label are really coming through (still… of course...) with the beautiful African grooves at the moment. Here’s a lovely record, the new ...read on »

Blood Orange

Angel's Pulse

9/10 from Daoud

So apparently Dev Hynes wasn’t even going to release this. And apparently he does a little friends and family mixtape after all his albums. Obviously, what he does with ...read on »


Ode To Joy

8/10 from Will

Wilco's new album is hyperreal and hyper-tangible. Twenty microphones seem to have be strapped to each instrument achieving a kind of clarity that's a little unsettling. 'Ode ...read on »

Penguin Cafe

Handfuls of Night

8/10 from Will

Well, when I saw the name 'Penguin Cafe' I was expecting some wretched noughties indie no-hopers but was in fact rewarded with a mellifluous modern classical album. 'Handfuls ...read on »

Yukihiro Takahashi


8/10 from Jamie

Here’s another beautiful reissue, of a record from the late 70s, that you may not have realised it at the time but would definitely be a worthwhile addition to your viny...read on »

Bruno Bavota

Get Lost

8/10 from Jamie

First off, our description writer has done a fine job of preparing me for this no doubt emotional and immersive listen. Secondly, Mr Bavota in so titling his new record might ...read on »

Lightning Dust


8/10 from Jamie

This is piquing my interest, rapidly… and I’m not that easily excited these days. Although I probably like music with vocals more than I thought I did… Any...read on »

Vic Mars

Inner Roads and Outer Paths

8/10 from Daoud

I love records about place. Pictures and videos can show you what a place looks like, but they struggle to communicate what it feels like to be somewhere. I have never been to...read on »

Featured albums

Claire M Singer
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders
Molly Linen
The Cult of Free Love / Magic Seas
Trackstars (Delroy Edwards & Benedek)
Suzanne Kraft
Julia Reidy
Blood Orange
Occult Orientated Crime (Legowelt)
Vic Mars
Yukihiro Takahashi
Air Max '97
Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius
DMX Krew
Kallista Kult
Tomaga & Pierre Bastien
Lightning Dust
The Raincoats
Kath Bloom & Loren Connors
Bruno Bavota
Kath Bloom & Loren Connors
The Clandestine Quartet
Operating Theatre
Toshifumi Hinata
Max Richter
OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)
Minor Pieces
Roland Kayn
Dengue Dengue Dengue
Penguin Cafe
Angel Olsen
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band
Portico Quartet
The Raincoats
Beastie Boys
Mark Hollis
Sven Libaek