Weekly Update Mark Hollis, Smoke Fairies (Dinked), Desert Sessions, Telefon Tel Aviv.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Competition), Moon Duo, Susumu Yokota, Prefab Sprout, Interpol, Tyler, the Creator, Goldfrapp, The Beatles, HTRK.


  • Album of the Week. Josh Eustis’ recently reignited Telefon Tel Aviv project tackles grief with nocturnal electronica steeped in shadowy atmosphere. An excellent return!
  • Indie folkies Smoke Fairies are releasing a gorgeous limited-edition vinyl courtesy of Dinked.
  • Competition. Win one of four test pressings simply by ordering the impending A Winged Victory For The Sullen record!
  • Mark Hollis of Talk Talk’s beautiful solo album is getting a much-needed reissue.
  • Desert Sessions. Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme resurrects his heavy psych rock project with a little help from Matt Berry, Stella from Warpaint, Les Claypool and many more musical guests.
  • Weekly Playlist. Check out what our staff have been digging this week.

New music


  • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan. Library funk at its finest.
  • Everyone’s favourite noisy slackers Dinosaur Jr. reissue four albums; expanded and on colour wax.
  • Kristin Hersh. Reissue from the former Throwing Muse.
  • Monolord. The first album I ever reviewed! Essential for doom, heavy psych and stoner rock fans.
  • The Sorcerers. Avant-jazz meets Ethiopian rhythms from this Leeds collective.
  • Funkproof. A long-lost funk classic gets a revival.
  • Robbie Basho gets a classic reissued alongside a rarities collection
  • The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ celebrates its golden anniversary.
  • The Roots. A timely reminder that Black Thought is one of the most underrated MCs ever.
  • The Go! Team. Fun and inventive indie pop meets sampledelia.
  • Prefab Sprout. The cherished Durham group reissue a load of classics.
  • Ocean Colour Scene reissue two fan favourites.
  • Interpol. The suit-wearing Chameleons fans reissue their second album.
  • Goldfrapp. The album that spawned many a rip-off at the time. Even the charts took note!
  • HTRK. They even slapped our review of the record on the cover sticker!
  • Iggy Pop. Similarly to Randy from Trailer Park Boys, Iggy Pop is allergic to wearing a shirt.
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson. Stunningly minimalist live report from the late composer.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

There’s plenty of big, exciting and interesting electronic titles in this week. Immerse yourself in Ant’s Round-Up here!

  • Roger Doyle's hallucinatory 1978 avant/concrète/electronic/tape music head melter 'Thalia' reissued on wax. 500 copies - highly recommended!
  • Gritty ghost in the machine techno from Black Meteoric Star aka Gavin Russom. Only 100 copies pressed on pink vinyl. Scorcher.
  • Alessandro Cortini's dramatic, synthesizer-tastic new album for Mute.
  • Suction dish out a 10" plate of raw drum trax from Chicago's Beau Wanzer.
  • Dekmantel's second volume compiling trax from legendary Dutch techno foundation Djax-Up-Beats with cuts from Terrace, Glenn Underground, The Operator, Steve Poindexter, Mike Dearborn, DJ Skull etc.
  • Felix Lee’s ethereal-emo-trap-soul debut album for Planet Mu.
  • Itchy, glitchy garage informed album from Loraine James on Hyperdub.
  • Rare vinyl outing for Chihei Hatakeyama's pastoral ambient on Room40.
  • Hand stamped 10” white label from Paul Purgas (Emptyset) and Imran Perretta as AMRA, working with South Asian sound archives.
  • Brendon Moeller and Monty Luke collab as Zodiac for some smokin’ dubwise electronix on Hypercolour.
  • Blue, subtly melodic ambient electronica from Ose.
  • When not riding his motorbike, Romare is making beats for the club.
  • More early Vatican Shadow tapes vinylized on 2LP.
  • Grails/Zombi synth wizard AE Paterra returns as Majeure on Holodeck for some retro proggy analogue synth action.
  • GAS, Marc Mélia, Suzanne Ciani, Vladislav Delay and Nadia Struiwig remixing Vanessa Wagner.
  • Kompakt Total series hits n-n-n-n-nineteen and features Jürgen Paape, Jonathan Kaspar, The Modernist, Voigt & Voigt, Justus Köhncke etc.
  • Motion Ward have thankfully re-pressed uon's excellent first EP of molten, shimmering dubby metallic goop.
  • Susumu Yokota's 'Acid Mt.Fuji' reissue is back again - this time on clear vinyl.
  • Ace pre-order alert! Handmade wooden box from The Helen Scarsdale Agency, feat. 10 cassettes from Kleistwahr, Pinkcourtesyphone, G*Park, Relay For Death, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project etc. Limited to 200 copies.

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Words: Tom and Ant

Work: Ian Love, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will and Daoud.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Bands

Magneticism II - The Very Best of Captain Beefheart & his Magic Bands

9/10 from Will

I used to like Captain Beefheart. I still do, but I used to, too. This new live compilation charting the various Magic Bands and their live performances from 1966-81 is a stor...read on »

Roger Doyle


9/10 from Ant

Andy Votel, Sean Canty and Doug Shipton's ever-reliable Dead-Cert Home Entertainment label do a public service in reissuing Irish avant-garde warrior Roger Doyle's second albu...read on »

Floating Spectrum

A Point Between

8/10 from Jamie

Glossing over the fact that Taiwan-born Mei-Fang Liau is now living and making music in Berlin -- actually no, let’s not ‘gloss over’ but I’m going to ...read on »

Toby Wiltshire


8/10 from Will

Listen, guy, it's time to put down the Strut compilation and reach for something darker, deeper, and more aligned with the meteorological changes that take place as summer bur...read on »

Felix Lee

Inna Daze

8/10 from Daoud

‘Inna Daze’ is at the confluence of two separate trends. The first is reclamation and evolution of emo. The most high profile manifestations of this is probably Li...read on »

Red River Dialect

Abundance Welcoming Ghosts

8/10 from Daoud

I hope when I finally decide to move to a Buddhist monastery in Nova Scotia that me and my friends make an album as joyful and pleasant as ‘Abundance Welcoming Ghosts&rs...read on »

The Monochrome Set

Fabula Mendax

8/10 from Will

A good concept album is better than a good album. Don't @ me. The best album the Kinks every did was 'Arthur' and 'Pet Sounds' by the Beach Boys is one of those...read on »



8/10 from Will

The words "signal" and "automatic" are good indicators of the sound of this album. It's mechanical and regimented, robotic and instantaneous, a rejection of the acoustic, the ...read on »


replicr, 2019

8/10 from Daoud

What happened to 65daysofstatic? Last I checked in with them they were making euphoric instrumental anthems that lay at the mid point of IDM and post-rock. Remember ‘Wil...read on »

Kefaya + Elaha Soroor

Songs Of Our Mothers

8/10 from Daoud

On ‘Songs Of Our Mothers’, singer Elaha Soroor is joined by London based collective Kefaya, who with a wide range of instrumentation, provide a dynamic and excitin...read on »

Telefon Tel Aviv

Dreams Are Not Enough

8/10 from Daoud

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to regarding Telefon Tel Aviv’s fourth album is that the track titles form a poem. I like this. I like it very much. ...read on »

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