Weekly Update Moon Duo (inc. Dinked Edition), Robbie Basho, Equiknoxx, Rod Modell, and 20% off a load of things.

Plus Eye Make the Horizon, Joy Division, The Dead Normal, Nivhek. 

Top news 

  • Album of the Week. Norman Records staff approved dancehall courtesy of the brilliant, forward-thinking Jamaican collective Equiknoxx.
  • Robbie Basho’s classic ‘Visions of the Country’ has arrived on limited edition, crystal clear vinyl.
  • New Moon Duo, new Dinked! Announced mere minutes ago, Moon Duo will be getting their latest on yellow wax. It’s limited edition, so don’t miss out.
  • 20% off selected stock in our June reductions promo.
  • Our new Weekly Playlist for is up on YouTube.

Good afternoon all! The sun is finally out, just in time for our Will’s trip to Glastonbury. We hope you all enjoyed Stereolab last week. We all did.

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

  • Norman Records staff approved dancehall courtesy of the brilliant, forward-thinking Jamaican collective Equiknoxx.
  • Bizarre Ukrainian psych rock from Sex Blender.
  • Eye Make The Horizon. Free psych-punk-jazz jams of the highest order.
  • We know we’re always going on about Liz Harris, but the grouper mastermind’s Nivhek project has finally made its way onto CD. Sit tight, the vinyl is incoming!
  • Fan of Basho and Fahey? Isasa is one for you!
  • Night Moves return with their indie-psych hybrid.
  • Jeffery Alexander’s Dire Wolves show us the light.
  • Folktronica on clear vinyl, it can only be Tunng.
  • Sprawling, all-genre-encompassing DIY rock on tape from Soft Walls.
  • Scruffy lo-fi indie poppers Body Type grant us a handy two-in-one EP set.
  • A slice of lovely French psych pop courtesy of Juniore.
  • Doom folk from Emily Fairlight, perfect for fans of gloomy singer-songwriters. 
  • Abdullah Ibrahim. Nelson Mandela reckoned he was up there with Mozart
  • The Dead Normal unleash their destructive debut, armed with an excellent album title.


  • Spooky, surreal tunes from Twin Peaks’ third series.
  • Don’t have a copy of Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ yet? Now’s your chance!
  • A lost psychedelic post-punk classic from Normil Hawaiians.
  • An undercover classic of minimal wave from Elisa Waut.
  • Legendary art punks Wire reissue one of their finest modern efforts.
  • Jazz on Sub Pop from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
  • The Rolling Stones take us to their rock and roll circus.
  • More from the seemingly never-ending David Bowie reissues saga.
  • Leeds’ post-punks The Mekons reissue their debut.
  • Often regarded as hip hop’s crowning achievement, it can only be Nas’ ‘Illmatic’.
  • Jangly C86 perfection from The Wallflowers.
  • A hard to find jazz treasure from Steamheat is back on our shelves.
  • I’ve finally been converted to Björk after Ian stuck the gorgeous ‘Vespertine’ on yesterday. Just in time for those reissues it seems...

Ant’s Electronic Round Up 

Money Saving Stuff

  • Vinyl Price Match. We're confident we can match almost any price. Try us.  
  • Free Shipping. UK orders over £50 ship for free. With apols to non-UK folk.
  • Normanpoints. Sign up for an account and start saving literally pennies. 
  • There’s always our Forever Sale to wade through.   

Enjoy the hot weather, UK folks. Stay safe in the even hotter weather, European friends. Bye for now x

Words: Tom, Ant. 

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Ian, Jamie, and Daoud. 

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Textbook.”. Lots more ridiculous comments on Feefo and Google Reviews

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ellen Arkbro


10/10 from Will

One of my favourite things released in recent memory was Ellen Arkbro's superb 2017 album 'For Organ and Brass'. It's a work of great simplicity that belies the huge amount on »

His Name Is Alive

All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 - 1986)

9/10 from Will

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this one for a while. It’s a collection of home recordings made between 1979 and 1986 by Warren Defever aka His Name Is on »

Rod Modell


9/10 from Ant

Is the music changing or is it just my perception? This has been a constant fascination of mine, and a key factor as to why I’m such a techno freak - the sheer magic of on »

Bruce Springsteen

Western Stars

9/10 from Daoud

We probably didn’t need to have a review of the new Bruce Sprinsteen record on here, you all seem to have figured out that it’s worth buying. But sometimes you on »


Eternal Children

9/10 from Daoud

Reviewing records at Norman Records is a lonely job. You’re whacked round a corner out of sight and out of mind. But sometimes the record you’re listening to is on »

Van Coeur


8/10 from Will

Van Coeur are a Brighton-based band making a lovely brand of bleak, sparse post-rock. They're like Low with a more abrasive edge. Crosshairs is their new album, and it's a on »



8/10 from Will

Enablers are an American post-rock group whose keystone and centrepiece is the spoken-word poetry of vocalist Pete Simonelli. Stories of cold, urban landscapes, casts of " on »

Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve

8/10 from Tommy WM

Injury Reserve are a three-piece hip hop group who were formed in Arizona in 2011. Their self-titled debut album follows several acclaimed releases such as their second on »

Mega Bog


8/10 from Will

This is a good thing from Mega Bog (Erin Elizabeth Birgy to her mates... or maybe they do actually call her Mega Bog...who knows). Like a 21st century jazzy, exotica-tinged ' on »

Lydia Ainsworth

Phantom Forest

8/10 from Will

Well I was expecting pastoral folk but got banging electro-pop instead. Lydia Ainsworth's new record is less Goldsmith and more Goldfrapp (that's probably the best thing I've on »

Jonathan Sharp

Divided Time

8/10 from Will

'Jonathan Sharp is a child of the 70’s', states the press release for 'Divided Time', the new project from Jonathan Sharp based around and inspired by a cache of photos on »

Purple Eternal

What Things Did You See?

8/10 from Daoud

Want to like Spacemen 3 but think they could do have some more bite? Have a moral opposition to the so-called ‘South of England’? Just want something a bit less& on »

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