Weekly Update Tropical Fuck Storm, black midi, Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly.

Injury Reserve, White Manna, Band of Holy Joy, Ebi Soda.


  • Album of the Week. Each staff member loved this album for a completely different reason, a rare occurrence here at Norman!
  • New Dinked! Aussie blues punks Tropical Fuck Storm get their second album on blue & yellow wax with a bonus single. FFO: The Gun Club, The Birthday Party & The Bad Seeds, Captain Beefheart, Protomartyr.
  • Here’s our fresh Weekly Playlist for your eyes and ears.


New vinyl and CDs and tapes


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Fresh from a rare in-store visit to pick up his record box, Ant’s back with a review of this week’s electronic happenings.

  • Gorgeous book celebrating the life and work of Mika Vainio incl. CD of a previously unreleased Pan Sonic performance. Bittersweet.
  • Dark, futuristic, dread filled, ten tonnes heavy sloth dub as Scorn reawakens!
  • Deeply affecting Kevin Richard Martin (aka The Bug) audio document of the intensities surrounding the early days of his first child. Copies arriving soon!
  • Official reissue of Mort Garson eternal classic 'Mother Earth's Plantasia'.
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri’s densely layered and textured ambient depicts distress caused by environmental change and optimism in regrowth.
  • Brian Dougans of FSOL returns with new acid trax as Humanoid!
  • Demented, chucklesome madness as Editions Mego reissue an olde Ralph Records gem from Renaldo & The Loaf.
  • Arresting collaboration from 9T Antiope & Siavash Amini juxtaposing harsh electronics and powerful vocals.
  • His Name Is Alive archival teenage bedroom ambient tape loops. Erm... were these really recorded 1979 - 1986? Like, whoa.
  • Metrist lands on Batu’s Timedance label with some disorientating lop-sided techno.
  • D. Tiffany and uon's xpq? label follow that ace Ghostride The Drift EP with a proper scuzzy one from Exael.
  • Sexy looking record from the vaults of DJ Guy on Unthank - reminiscent of the golden age of UK electronica.
  • Introspective and interstellar debut album from John Shima on B12's FireScope Records.
  • Dallas producer Textasy obliterating jungle, hip hop, ghetto tech, hardcore, breaks into a booty shaking dance masher of a debut full length.
  • London Modular Alliance bring some electro heat once again on Kirk Degiorgio’s ART.
  • Brunnen (of Beequeen) reworks and reimagines 1989 cassette recordings.
  • Couple of vinyl reissues from Suicide geezer Martin Rev.
  • Freedom To Spend exhume prime mid 80s DIY minimalism from Rimarimba. LPs now available individually.
  • The Gentleman Losers 'Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter' has made its way onto wax. Edition of 200 silk-screened copies on heavyweight clear vinyl.
  • The Death of Rave vinylize Service Animal (Vereker) / Crime Unit trax from Live Adult Entertainment. Full on tekno/acid ala Spiral Tribe, Drop Bass Network etc.
  • Object Collection cosmic mayhem on Slip. Same folks that did that Fugazi opera.
  • Reissue of Sora's 2003 album 'Re.sort. Jazz and bossa nova samples glitched into joyous geometries.
  • +++ Radiante Pourpre LP on Antinote, Fred Ventura EP on Mannequin, Nicolas Bougaïeff EP on NovaMute. +++

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We’ll see you lot on Tuesday, until then, bye for now x

Words: Tom, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Ian, Jamie, and Daoud.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Loved the feel of the reverse board sleeve against a freshly shaven face....”. Lots more ridiculous comments on Feefo and Google Reviews.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mort Garson

Mother Earth's Plantasia

10/10 from Will

One of my favourite pieces of YouTube ephemera is Mort Garson's Plantasia, an album that has the sub-header "Warm earth music for plants... and the people who love them" on »



9/10 from Daoud

Like trance but don’t think it’s fast enough? I might have the album for you. Mateso collects eight tracks released by Sisso, one of the vanguards of the on »

black midi


9/10 from Benn

Here we go then, at last Schlagenheim from black midi. Let us begin in the most obvious way possible with track number one: '953'. Why is it called '953'? I'm not sure. I'm on »

Kevin Richard Martin


9/10 from Ant

When the second of my three children - my beautiful daughter was rushed back into hospital with a very serious illness at just a week old, it was, without doubt, the most on »

9T Antiope & Siavash Amini


9/10 from Daoud

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Harmistice from 9T Antiope and Siavash Amini is interested in contradictions. With a title like that, they would have struggled on »



9/10 from Ant

Pioneer and master of dread filled ten tonnes heavy bass music Mick Harris dusts off his Scorn cap and dons it for the first time in seven years. For those with a penchant on »



8/10 from Daoud

The music I listen to in this job is so rarely electrifying. The music of the Norman Records stock room turns to have a slightly slower burn to them but Dépaysé, on »

Suzanne Ciani

Flowers Of Evil

8/10 from Daoud

What was in the water in the late 60s? How is it that two of the decade's electronic music pioneers released albums with the same name inspired by the same section of the on »

Jane Weaver

Loops In The Secret Society

8/10 from Will

I often have a bit of a problem with artists revisiting past works. My view generally is that it's better just to keep creating something fresh rather than treading old on »

Rafael Anton Irisarri


8/10 from Ant

A regular on Lawrence English’s Room40 roster, Rafael Anton Irisarri returns with ‘Solastalgia’, an incredibly poignant work which depicts a possible future on »

AA Bondy


8/10 from Daoud

I don’t know what to make of Enderness by AA Bondy. I don’t know what to make of it because the day after he completed the album his house (and de facto studio) on »

Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly

Chanctonbury Rings

8/10 from Daoud

It’s not his fault, but Justin Hopper’s spoken word delivery on Chanctonbury Rings reminds me of one Tyrion Lannister. His gentle and thoughtful North American on »

Egyptian Blue


8/10 from Jamie

Noise! Angular, angry-sounding noise made by four young men with drums and guitars. But wait! Yes, the comparisons to classic post-punkers Gang Of Four, established on »

Rob Burger

The Grid

8/10 from Jamie

This guy. This guy has worked with, amongst others: Laurie Anderson, Iron & Wine and Nick Cave! He formed Tin Hat Trio in San Francisco with albums that featured Tom on »

One Thousand Violins

Halcyon Days / Like 1000 Violins

8/10 from Will

A jangly little jingle here. It's 'Halcyon Days' by late 80s indie outfit One Thousand Violins. Carried along by spiralling, crystalline guitar lines and an interestingly on »

Thee Oh Sees

Grave Blockers

8/10 from Will

Band of many incarnations and many names (seriously, OCs, Oh Sees, Orange County Sound?) The Ohsees released the Grave Blockers EP way back in '06. I went into this on »

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Tropical Fuck Storm
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Object Collection
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White Manna
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Egyptian Blue
Fred Ventura
Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly
Nicolas Bougaïeff
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Kevin Richard Martin
DJ Guy
Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Band Of Holy Joy
Graham Day & The Gaolers
Fruit Bats
Mika Vainio
black midi
9T Antiope & Siavash Amini
Titus Andronicus
Divino Nino
The Galileo 7
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Renaldo & The Loaf
His Name Is Alive
Keiji Haino & Charles Hayward
Injury Reserve
Radiante Pourpre
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The Gentleman Losers
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