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Another Thursday, another run through of the week’s best music. We sold out of the Dinked Edition of the impending Blanck Mass album, but fear not, they’re still available to buy on green wax to match that lovely looking apple on the cover. Read on for more music related goings-on...


New vinyl and CDs and tapes

Just manufactured. May contain unfamiliar material.  

  • Sarah Davachi returns with more sparse and beautiful minimalism.
  • Craven Faults migrate to the city with ‘Nunroyd Works’.
  • Meat Beat Manifesto’s latest finally lands on wax.
  • The Mattson 2 take us to paradise with their lush psych-jazz hybrid.
  • Those shoegazing Danes treat us MØL to two EPs in one set, lovely.
  • A waving cat gets injured on Cecshi’s latest release.
  • Permanently sunglassed former Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett releases a new LP on Domino.  
  • A couple of avant-jazz albums from Elephant9.
  • PicaPica’s album sleeve once again reminds me of liquorice allsorts.
  • The Divine Comedy dig out the synths for an LP about everyday life.
  • Pixx talks about love in a different way in her latest.
  • Lush soundtrack on PAN from Tujiko Noriko.
  • Southern Lord post-metallers Pelican return with more beautiful noise.
  • ‘Untitled’ by Various. Could you get any more vague?
  • More Swedish psych from Les Big Byrd.
  • First LP in years for Leeds dubstep royalty J Sparrow.


Get the whole of the Placebo back catalogue and even more exciting things.

  • Dense and loud psychedelic jams from prolific Swedes Kungens Män.
  • Soul Jazz reissue a Treasure.
  • Members of Wire get more experimental with Dome.
  • King Khan rides a turkey.
  • Music meets the brain here on this David Rosenboom reissue.
  • First vinyl press for UK post-rock group Clouds.
  • One of many of Gas’ genre-classics gets the reissue treatment.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

With Clinton gone, we have no jokes. That lad was the life and soul of the party here.

  • Highly recommended, ultra-fresh 4-track EP of mind-melting futuristic electronic music from SDEM on CPU.
  • Relentlessly heavy BASS eruptions from JK Flesh. Silver coloured vinyl 12" EP on Pressure incl. The Bug remix. Limited edition of 300 copies.
  • David Rosenboom's seminal head-spinner 'Brainwave Music' expanded 2LP on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle incl. over 40 minutes of additional audio.
  • Blinding, claustrophobic Vantablack drones and paranoid hip hop doom from Pessimist & Karim Maas.
  • Good olde Plaid return with an album on Warp moulding rubbery, plasticy electronics into weird shapes.
  • Narcotic black ambient from Lussuria on Hospital Productions.
  • Gorgeous, elegant, regal drone works from Sarah Davachi.
  • Special Request hoovers us into an ecstatic rave VORTEX.
  • GAS classic 'Königsforst' now cut across a luxurious 3LP.
  • Relentless, BPM counter imploding frenzied trax from Sisso on Nyge Nyge Tapes.
  • Craven Faults return with an EP of spooked Yorkshire kosmische-techno.
  • The new Kangding Ray EP slaps. Comes in hand-painted sleeves to boot.
  • 'Partials Vol. 2' compilation CD on Frequency Domain incl. Anthony Child, Ali Wade, Jo Johnson, Plant43, Ekoplekz, Negra Branca, Datassette etc. 150 copies.
  • Modeselektor knockin’ out picture discs like it’s 1987.
  • Moody, haunting double cassette on Spun Out Of Control from Steve Nolan.

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We’ll see you lot next week! Enjoy your weekends, and bye for now.

Words: Tom, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Jamie, and Daoud.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Will

If you don't know you won't know, Gnoomes are a Russian psych band that play aggressive, mean, exultant music that's built for live performance. According to the band, this on »

Pessimist & Karim Maas

Pessimist & Karim Maas

9/10 from Ant

Ice cold, black hole, void dwelling emissions emanating from a couple of the UVB-76 Music squad and probably the bleakest plate yet from that whole 4 6 2 5, DROOGS, The Stone on »


Index Hole

9/10 from Ant

Been blowing my brains out with this EP recently. I had the pleasure of unleashing the first tune ‘Arc Rail’ over a big system a coupla weeks back and can confirm on »

Beige Palace


9/10 from Daoud

Remember Rodan? Or June Of 44? Those bands were just as able to write something patient and beautiful as they were something angular and rough. Most important though, was on »

Vetchinsky Settings


8/10 from Clinton

Guess what? It's my last day at my job and I'm basically doing what I like. Not that I'm not working of course. I'm just reviewing stuff I like before I go. Phil just on »

Fujiya & Miyagi


8/10 from Will

'If you were an ice-cream, you'd fucking lick yourself', so repeats David Best on the second track 'Personal Space' from Fujiya and Miyagi's new album 'Flashback'. I think on »

Organic Dial


8/10 from Ant

Organic Dial is John Elliott - formerly of Emeralds, curator of the always on point Spectrum Spools label as well as a man of many recording aliases. Perhaps most notable; on »


Partials Vol. 2

8/10 from Ant

Oscillations got me zoning… mind and body… separating… must... not........ astral... project. must… type… words… into… on »

Nite Lite


8/10 from Ant

High-grade mind fryer alert... but then we expect nothing less from Sun Araw's always on point Sun Ark label... Nite Lite is a handle of duo Myste & Phil French - the on »

JK Flesh

In Your Pit EP

8/10 from Daoud

Sometimes you listen to a record and all you can think about is how you’d like for it to pummel you into the ground. I’m no audiophile but there are records for on »



8/10 from Daoud

Earlier this year I got really into a recording of Glenn Gould performing the Goldberg Variations. I haven’t spent a lot of time listening to solo piano music, and on »

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