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Eluvium, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Consumer Electronics, Richard Hawley, Placebo


Another wonderful Thursday at Norman Records …we definitely had some problems with horns on Wednesday but that seems to have passed. No horns now, all gone. Did you see the bit in the paper about us? We’re nearly famous. Despite this late-flowering fame we are once again here with your weekly round-up.    

And do read to the bottom for the latest Norman character to be killed off.  

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

Just manufactured. May contain unfamiliar material.  

  • Catchy pop punk from Pip Blom and her Pip Blom.  
  • The second best Cale (don’t hassle me) JJ Cale.   
  • We didn’t tell you about it the other week so now is the time to tell you how good the Josephine Wiggs album is.  
  • Sacred Paws play upbeat fun post-punk and don’t sound very Scottish.  
  • Ice Baths are like the band Baths…. but on ice.  
  • Russian psychedelic teacakes Gnoomes.   
  • Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Possibly the most preposterously-named band since John Cougar Concentration Camp.   
  • Eluvium releases all his piano music in one gulp….and there’s a book for home play.
  • First EP proper from Leeds future hopes Mush.  
  • Minor Poet. Beach Boys/Phil Spector influenced stuff on Sub Pop.  
  • Lungbutter. Do your lungs produce ‘butter’ as such?
  • Pittsburgh rock and roll sensations The Gotobeds guest list is ridiculous.  
  • Dead serious social commentary from band from everywhere Sinkane.
  • Richard Hawley. Winner of Sheffield’s most 1950s man for the 15th year running.  
  • Skinny Pelembe. Born in Johannesburg, raised in….um.. Doncaster.
  • Juan Wauters is the funny little man from the Beets. He’s good. Enjoy him.
  • Vinyl Williams keeping the chillwave flag flying.  


Get the whole of the Placebo back catalogue and even more exciting things.

  • Misery rock pipsqueaks Placebo.
  • North West emotional rock types Doves.  
  • Re-issue from tragically curtailed all over the place band Brainiac.
  • Indies-only white vinyl of a Frank Turner album. It’s a quiet news week.   
  • The La’s sessions from back when radio was a thing (younger readers: it was kinda like Spotify but with music chosen by a human who spoke at you).    
  • Paul McCartney. Husband of the sausage lady.  
  • Neil Young. “There is no more boring album ever made than this”. Thanks to the customer who posted this review on our Facebook page.  

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Waiting patiently for one final ‘love of techno/fatherly duties/rural dwellings’ type joke.

  • Lush, psychedelic and transcendent kosmische LP from Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma, utilizing harmonium, Tibetan bells, tanpura, and the Arp Odyssey synthesizer.
  • Consumer Electronics in top form with mind flosser ‘Airless Space'.
  • Blackest drone invocations and EVP vibes from Jim O’Rourke & CM von Hausswolff.
  • Two bangin' EPs of 'Raw Trax' from the mighty Surgeon.
  • Franck Vigroux balances feather light electronics with ten tonnes heavy digital noise.
  • New album from reliable German dub-tronica twiddler Burnt Friedman.
  • LP on Kit Records from Reckno label boss Yaaard venturing into strange electronic pop, and off-kilter dancehall and R&B.
  • Black Sweat vinylize obscure 1986 'Ethnoelectronics' tape fusing ethnic and electronic music.
  • Bona fide techno dancefloor murderation from Clouds.
  • Ace, clanking, and skanking limited 7" on YOUTH from Howes. Edition of 200 copies.
  • Industrial architecture, extreme acoustics from Cupar Grain Silo.
  • Explosive Fret (Mick Harris/Scorn) 12" on Black Opal / Combat Recordings incl. Killer Monster X, Stormfield and Fausten versions.
  • Hands In The Dark vinyl edition of Josiah Steinbrick’s minimalist mallet-bient ‘Meeting of Waters’. Previously a tape on Leaving Records.
  • Trance inducing, hypnotic gamelan mutations from Komodo Kolektif.
  • An actual record with no music on, just pure Silence.
  • The Residents “deconstruct” ultra-classic 'Eskimo'. Whatever that means.
  • CD of deliciously ominous, dense drone works from Dag Rosenqvist.
  • Fabio Orsi & Brian Pyle collaborative LP as OP on Entr’acte.
  • Deep, abyssal, stepping ambient techno from ASC. Marbled wax.
  • Brainwaltzera 6-track 12" EP on Analogical Force.
  • anno follow up gems from Hank Jackson and Loidis with a fine plate from Funky Doodle (DJ Richard, James K and Draveng).
  • Class electro split on Frustrated Funk from E.R.P. / Duplex.
  • Danish Kompakt regular Kölsch lands on fabric with a new album (not a DJ mix!)
  • Ricardo Villalobos remixes Nightmares On Wax.
  • Liquid Mask 'Just A Moment' Italo disco peach officially reissued.
  • Ben Frost, Ian William Craig, Abul Mogard and Lotic remixing Resina.
  • Arthur King is actually a L.A. experimental music and art collective.
  • Futuristic noir, electro-funk concept album from Gary Gritness on Hypercolour.
  • Swift follow-up 12" of dark, breathless electronics/techno from Aasthma (Peter Mannerfeldt and Pär Grindvik).
  • +++ 12”s from Lo Kindre, Mat Carter, Unit Moebius, DJ Seinfeld +++

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End Clint

So, an end of an era for old Clinton as I head off into the sunset. Yes, this is my last day writing these things and my last day at Norman Records. I'm sure you'll be in good hands with the others. They actually like music. Still, I hope you've enjoyed the updates over the last 5 years...I've occasionally enjoyed writing them too. I'll still be around to write the odd review and content piece from the comfort of my retirement mansion, so don't think you are completely out of the woods yet.

Thanks to my colleagues over the years for being nice, and to Phil and Nathon for employing/putting up with me.

Bye then.


Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Jamie and (Ian) Love Comes in Spurts.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Heaven on Earth”. Lots more ridiculous comments on Feefo and Google Reviews.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Fire! Orchestra


9/10 from Will

Oof! Fire Orchestra are a 14-piece (they used to be a 28 piece...) free-jazz, avant-garde, experimental outfit that make music that is just massive. The scope of 'Arrival' is on »

Pete Um

As You Were

9/10 from Will

Comprising of nineteen strange little ditties, Pete Um's new record is a bonkers exploration of wonky electronica. It's certainly the weirdest thing I've heard all year. I've on »

Jim O’Rourke & CM von Hausswolff

In, Demons, In!

9/10 from Ant

It’s pretty obvious why Jim O’Rourke and CM von Hausswolff have titled this work ‘In, Demons, In!’ So beware! Hitting play on this is an invocation... on »


After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house

9/10 from Ant

We are eternally grateful to the good people at Superior Viaduct's sister label W.25TH for pressing up copies of this Nivhek record. If you don’t know, Nivhek is an on »

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma


9/10 from Ant

Just looking at this record made me think that Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma collaborating could have been one of the RVNG Intl. FRKWYS series records. Then, duh, I on »

Dunning & Underwood

The Blow Volume 5

8/10 from Will

Front and Follow are a Manchester-based label that have a series called 'The Blow' where they bring two artists together and give them a side each to do what they want with. on »

Josephine Wiggs

We Fall

8/10 from Clinton

Ah. Ok then. I'd been excited for this Josephine Wiggs album for ages because I loved so much her twin 90s albums as Honey Tongue  and the Josephine Wiggs Experience but on »



8/10 from Daoud

I think to understand everything Jambinai can do it’s useful to consider just one of the tracks on ONDA, the Korean band’s third album. I nominate the title on »

Vanishing Twin

The Age of Immunology

8/10 from Daoud

Vanishing Twin’s The Age of Immunology is a beautiful tent, held up by two mighty poles. Those poles are singer Cathy Lucas and bassist Susumu Mukai. Between them they on »



8/10 from Clinton

Snaxx is the follow up to Mndsgn's previous album Snax but this time there's one more 'x' to contend with so do be careful when buying ok? Otherwise it's everything you'd on »



8/10 from Clinton

Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records here with the hot new album from Plaid. Know these guys? From a little place over in England I hear. They used be in this band...what is it now? on »

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