Tuesday Update Flying Lotus, Earth, Cate Le Bon, Sebadoh

Plus Amyl & The Sniffers, Black Mountain, Tim Hecker, Morphine, Coil, and more. 


We’re back. But we've got little to say that can't be said better via the medium of a good ol' list or two. See below.  

New music

  • Glasgow noise duo Honeyblood have been Congleton’d.
  • Another chance to Hecker.
  • Grizzled lo-fi mainstays Sebadoh.
  • Slow moving pre grunge metallers Earth.
  • Black Mountain’s big news is that their singer can now drive a car.  
  • Welsh valleys lilt-a-teer (a word?) Cate Le Bon.
  • More What To Look For In Summer style documents from Epic 45.  
  • Aussie punks Amyl & the Sniffers with their debut including ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’. So true. So. True.
  • Bucolic soundscaping from Emily A. Sprague on RVNG. (You have read our Label Watch feature on 'em, yeah?)
  • Guessed-drenched new jams from Flying Lotus.
  • Big Tide allow me to live out all my Dumptruck/Guadalcanal Diary fantasies.
  • Thoughtful and literate modern folk pop from The Claim.  
  • Great Michael Head-ish stuff from Paul Den Heyer.
  • Morrissey. I was outvoted on this.
  • Fire! Orchestra make more weighty noise on Rune Grammophon.
  • Swooping atmospheric debut from former Wild Beast Hayden Thorpe.  


  • Another week another Thee Oh Sees re-issue.
  • Unusually instrumented slow movers Morphine.
  • Loads of The Fall re-issued.
  • Two ‘best of’s’ from leather trousered long runners Primal Scream
  • Barely heard solo LP from Lightning Seeds front feller Ian Broudie
  • Stephen ‘not Tin Tin’ Duffy.  
  • Industrial rock outfit Ministry.
  • Two hours of unreleased Coil.
  • Rare live tracks from… yup Coil again.  
  • Reissue of (to date) penultimate album from Scottish nice pop people Camera Obscura.  

Want More?

Back on Thursday.

Featured albums

The Claim
Big Tide
Paul Den Heyer
Flying Lotus
Fire! Orchestra
Hayden Thorpe
Amyl and the Sniffers
Emily A. Sprague
Stephen Duffy
Ian Broudie
Cate Le Bon
Black Mountain
Tim Hecker
Thee Oh Sees
Camera Obscura