Tuesday Update The National, Fennesz, Interpol, DJINN (Goat + Hills)

Plus St. Etienne, Hood, The Flying Lizards, Olden Yolk, Josephine Wiggs, and some tips on maintaining a slightly less environmentally-ruinous vinyl habit.


With Phil away on his honeymoon it’s been a particularly chill week here at the Towers. Nice relaxing vibes. Work getting done. No stress. So let us introduce you to an update almost as laid back as the last Mac De Marco album...

New music

  • The latest Fennesz drift is turning up on vinyl this week.
  • Universally popular boring band The National.
  • Competition! Com Truise is an anagram of which famous actor?
  • Sporadic the Breeders bass player Josephine Wiggs with a long long awaited new solo LP.
  • Interpol channel their inner Laurel and Hardy.
  • A plea from the heart to whomever it concerns regarding Weezer….. can someone make them stop?  
  • DJINN are a supergroup of people from Goat and Hills exploring that thing called jazz. On Rocket, naturally.
  • Olden Yolk soak up those warm day LA vibes. Just like us here in Leeds.
  • Black Peaches. One of them is in Hot Chip but don’t let that put you off.
  • Monolithic slabs of noise and metal from Hey Colossus.  


  • St Etienne multi vamp their Tiger Bay.
  • Anyone remember Phil’s original review of Hood’s ‘Cold House’? "Buy it or go round to a mate's and listen to it there”. This was how 2001-era Norman Records marketed itself.  
  • The House of Love release one of those records they made after they reformed.
  • Another (yawn) David Bowie thing.
  • Big eyed songstress Tess Parks.
  • Doom synths, Swans vibes. Summer with My Disco.
  • Don Cherry...he didn’t ever live in Pudsey did he? It was a lie.
  • Bonkers The Flying Lizards project re-vinyl’d.

Want More?

Back on Thursday.  

Featured albums

The Flying Lizards
Don Cherry
Olden Yolk
Josephine Wiggs
Black Peaches
The National
Com Truise
Hey Colossus
My Disco
David Bowie
Tess Parks
The House Of Love
Saint Etienne