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Weekly Update Stereolab, Vampire Weekend, Big Thief, Flamingods, Drahla.

Plus Editors, Patience, Stuart A Staples, The Home Current, Dead Sea Apes, Protomartyr, Alfa Mist, and more, and more...


Here we go. Another week, another run-through the best and biggest releases of that week. What would you do without us? Don't even think about it.

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

  • Vampire Weekend are back and are being as bloody clever/unbearable as ever.  
  • Big Thief’s fascinatingly strange take on folk inflected pop is near-essential.  
  • Flamingods make psyche music inspired by the world and other things.
  • Tindersticks lowvoice Stuart A Staples with a soundtracky thing.  
  • Wiry West Yorkshire post-punkers Drahla sound like the Sonic Youth Bits Where Kim Gordon Sings.  
  • And for the young people there’s pop person Ariana Grande.
  • Post-punk misery guts Editors allow Blanck Mass to show them some invention.
  • Winning electronic pop from former Veronica Fall Patience.   
  • Barrie are as good at dream pop as they are at sending us chocolate.   
  • So many ‘worms’ about at the moment. Stockholm post punkers Viagra Boys give us street worms.
  • Meditative jazz from clever clog Alfa Mist.   
  • We need to get on board with Versing and their charismatic alt rock.
  • A Rainy Night in Georgia.
  • Speaking of reign… there’s a new ‘un from Reigning Sound.
  • Mancunian group Dead Sea Apes double down on the stoner chic.


  • Once relentless anarcho punks Crass.   
  • A Certain Ratio release a 7LP or 4CD box of treats. That’s a lot of punk/funk.
  • A big expanded Stereolab re-issue...and another big expanded Stereolab re-issue.   
  • The Rifles re-issue an album recorded in Paul Weller’s studio. Yikes!  
  • Lashings of Chris Carter. Sure Ant will mention them.   
  • Protomartyr re-issue their debut album originally a limited run on the Urinal Cake imprint. Mmmm...cake.  

Ant’s Electronic Music Round-Up:

He settles down to listen to his music at about oooh 8.08 (rehash of last week’s ‘joke’)  

  • Richter scale imploding, dubwise techno demolition on L.I.E.S. from Fret aka Mick Harris (Scorn, Lull etc.) A total brain squisher - highest possible recommendation!
  • Genre obliterating psychedelic swamp blues meets groovy primitive electro hypnotism on Davy Kehoe EP on Wah Wah Wino. Limited copies!
  • Typically mesmerising rhythms on that there Don't DJ 2x12" on Honest Jon's.
  • Masterful futuristic/sci-fi electro nutrition from the ever ace Cygnus on CPU.
  • 50 Locked Grooves for disc jockey's from Joy O on Poly Kicks.
  • LP from The Home Current traversing synth-pop, skittering electronica and beyond. 300 copies on pink wax via Castles In Space.
  • Polypores & Field Lines Cartographer split a The Blow tape in half on Front & Follow.
  • Ecstatic club trax from Nathan Micay fka Bwana.
  • The return of Scots impeccable electro botherer The Wee DJs!
  • Super trippy 2LP of mind twisting outernational polyrhythms and that from Georgia on Firecracker in lush screen-printed sleeve.
  • Hallucinatory, warped, streetwise EP from Lukid on Arcola.
  • Ultra-limited 12" EP on brokntoys incl. ARP220, Obergman, XY0815 & Int Main, The Jaffa Kid, Oskar Telemann.
  • Couple of tidy EPs from FFT and Alex on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Hundebiss vinylize Kelman Duran's '1804 Kids'.
  • Microtonally tuned feedback and drones from Mouse On Mars fellow Jan St. Werner.
  • All the albums from the Chris Carter box set on Mute are now available individually :)
  • Incapacitants and Masonna LPs on Urashima - proper ripping vintage Japanoise.
  • JD Twitch optimised edits of Africa Seven.
  • Valuable CD/LP reissue of Young Scientist's 1979 kosmische tape outta Seattle.
  • Jeff Mills ‘The Director's Cut 2’ retrospective EP from the mighty Detroit Wizard.
  • Alessandro Adriani's superb 'Montagne Trasparenti' LP reissued via his own Mannequin imprint.
  • Acid tinged techno wrigglers from Lauren Flax on The Bunker New York.
  • +++ Fort Romeau EP on Permanent Vacation, Gidge reissue 2LP on Atomnation, Tim Rutili LP on Dangerbird, Karamika 2LP on Offen Music, The Misz on Minimal Wave +++

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Words: Clint, Ant,

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Jamie and (Ian) Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Ant

Jesus wept man, the Richter scale just imploded… As ever, Mick Harris (Scorn, Lull, Monrella, Quoit etc.) is in a league of his own with his second EP as Fret for Ron M...read on »

Western Edges


9/10 from Jamie

Wait… a moment of hush now, folks as I know you’re all holding your breath: it’s the latest record from Richard Adams (The Declining Winter etc, and -- just...read on »

Placid Angles (John Beltran)

First Blue Sky

9/10 from Benn

First Blue Sky is such a good follow up album to The Cry - albeit 22 years later. If you were to plunk First Blue Sky into the '90s it wouldn't be too far out of place. John B...read on »

Sunn O)))

Life Metal

8/10 from Clinton

When the highlights book of Twitter comes out then one of the entries must be the time Stephen O Malley was despairing about Kenny G playing at the Kardashians house. It's one...read on »

Big Thief


8/10 from Clinton

We all loved that Adrienne Lenker album from last year didn't we? Well I did but I have to admit I didn't know much about her band Big Thief. Thirty seconds into 'Contact' the...read on »

Oliver Cherer

I Feel Nothing Most Days

8/10 from Clinton

Oliver Cherer (Gilroy Mere, Dollboy, The Assistant, Australian Testing Labs) began work on what became I Feel Nothing Most Days in a squat in 1984. That's a long, long time ag...read on »


The Blanck Mass Sessions

8/10 from Will

Editors are a band that kind of passed me by. I hear their name mentioned a lot but have never investigated their music. ‘The Blanck Mass Sessions’ is a collaborat...read on »

Michael Begg


8/10 from Ant

Named after Dutch Baroque artist Evert Collier's 1663 still life oil painting that adorns the front cover, 'Vanitas' is the latest work from Scottish composer/sound artist Mic...read on »


Sun Memory

8/10 from Clinton

Epic45 have made a career out of making What To Look For In Summer style documents of their idyllic childhood of which Sun Memory is the latest. They would be nothing without ...read on »

The Pearlfishers

Love & Other Hopeless Things

8/10 from Clinton

It's about time we showed more respect for the Pearlfishers. David Scott's orch pop project are one of those band who release a record every few years to a shrugged shoulder t...read on »

The Home Current

Civilian Leather

8/10 from Clinton

Here comes the new one from the Home Current which is the project of Danish national Martin Jensen and the first thing to strike me is that there's vocals on opening track Con...read on »


Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition)

8/10 from Clinton

So do they need the money or what? Tim Gane is doing pretty well with Cavern of Anti Matter, Laetitia Sadier has a reasonably successful solo career. It can only be money that...read on »

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Joy O
The Home Current
Don't DJ
Ariana Grande
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Lauren Flax
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Alessandro Adriani
Dead Sea Apes
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Polypores & Field Lines Cartographer
Reigning Sound
Viagra Boys
Young Scientist
Davy Kehoe
Vampire Weekend
Alfa Mist
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