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Tuesday Update Stereolab, Flamingods, Vampire Weekend, Drahla, The Home Current

Plus Polypores, Big Thief, Chris Carter, Protomartyr, Lost Tribe Sound.


Another week and another batch of records for you to devour. These Stereolab re-issues are pretty tasty aren’t they? And you are chomping down the excellent Big Thief record like we told you.  Plenty more where they came from. Look below.

New music

  • Vampire Weekend are still preppy deep into their thirties.
  • Big Thief are back with unfathomably titled LP. **All pre-orders go into a hat to win a test pressing!**
  • World music influenced psych from Flamingods. Dinked edition all gone now though.
  • Tindersticks’ answer to DC Tosh Lines Stuart A Staples is back with a soundtrack.
  • Leeds formed rackateers Drahla do their debut full length.  
  • Smart electronica from The Home Current...and just look at that price!
  • One for the young people in the office from Ariana Grande.
  • Dual sided electronics from Polypores & Field Lines Cartographer.
  • Editors release the original Blanck Mass produced versions of tracks discarded for their insipid Violence album.
  • Patience is the nice new project from extremely red lipped former Veronica Falls starlet Roxanne Clifford.
  • Barrie sent us chocolate so let us tell you about their wholly enjoyable pop record.
  • Scuzzy Scandi punk band Viagra Boys.
  • Alfa Mist is just one of the billions of jazz musicians outta London.
  • Lights in the Attic present one of their nice compilations.. Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 in fact I’m going to boogie woogie woogie til I just can’t boogie no more.


  • Anarcho punks Crass have a couple of statements re-issued.
  • Re-issue of The Comet Is Coming 12”.
  • Big box set from A Certain Ratio. Who’d be an A Certain Ratio fan at the moment? Ah well, the kids don’t actually need shoes do they?
  • Gong revamp an album they made aeons ago.
  • Stereolab expand Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements.
  • Stereolab also expand Mars Audiac Quintet.
  • The Rifles meanwhile contract Freedom Run by taking all the awful songs off it...no of course they don’t.
  • Lashings and lashings of Chris Carter re-issues and jelly and ice cream and all kinds of scrumptious treats!
  • Protomartyr describe my lovemaking skills perfectly.

Want More?

Back on Thursday. Bye.

Featured albums

The Home Current
Ariana Grande
Polypores & Field Lines Cartographer
Viagra Boys
Vampire Weekend
Alfa Mist
Stuart A. Staples
Big Thief
A Certain Ratio
The Comet Is Coming
The Rifles