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Weekly Update Sunn O))), King Gizzard, Guided By Voices, The Mountain Goats, Aldous Harding.

Plus Kevin Morby, Sound in Silence, Mammoth Penguins, Arovane & Porya Hatami.


  • Album of the Week. Go on then, for old time’s sake.
  • If you missed out on the Orange Sunn O))) vinyl we now have Rust coloured ones.     
  • Fire up YouTube and listen to/watch our Weekly Playlist.
  • Label Watch: RVNG Intl. We take a look at the back catalogue of the vowel unfriendly forward thinkers...

Pretty busy week here what with there just being the four days *and* us shipping out all that ex Record Store Day stock. Here’s everything we’ve got left  - mostly last copies/low stock now. Some extra stuff came in during the week so it’s worth another look. On with the new though, and there’s loads of it to wade through and spend any remaining money on. Glance below for that thing where we tell you all about them.  

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

Buyer Beware: you won’t have heard this music previously.

  • Arthur are so crazy that they have named their album Woof Woof.
  • Reptalians take a smooth ride through the back roads of charming, wouldn't-hurt-a-flea pop.
  • Claude Fontaine seems to have been named by a ‘French names’ bot.
  • The Resonars is the more sensibly named new band from the guy from Butterscotch Cathedral.
  • Chilled Manchester trip hop sorts Lamb.
  • Ezra Collective...I see saxophones, I see dreadlocks... I hear jazz.
  • Foxygen surely must split up after this one. We’ve got everything crossed.
  • Expensive, expansive Americana from Josh Ritter.
  • BACK IN! More copies of the YELLOW vinyl edition of that Fontaines DC album you all like.  
  • Sadness and noise from Paws.
  • The Guided By Voices album roulette brings out a good one this time.
  • Endearing lo-fi from Isabella Sophie Tweddle aka Billie Marten.
  • Helms Alee are still making a racket five albums in.
  • Deadbeat & Camara decided one day to cover Cowboy Junkies ‘The Trinity Session’ in its entirety.
  • Letting it linger one last time are the Cranberries.  
  • New one from Northern Irish singer Soak. Bonus 7” if you are quick.  
  • The Pearlfishers. Making blissful alternative pop music without really being noticed since 1991.   
  • Mammoth Penguins are given the kind of review that in any other line of work would see me sacked (don’t worry kids it’s an 8/10)  
  • Craig Finn. 25 seconds before the first lyrical reference to the city of St Paul’s.
  • Lowest common denominator rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen.  
  • King Gizzard plus what we think is a Lizard Wizard  
  • Marina proving that Diamonds Aren’t Forever.  
  • The Mountain Goats.  Now 45% less nasal.  
  • Kevin Morby. For God’s sake clothe yourself man.
  • Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres. All the qualities of your local street busker.
  • Laura Cannel detunes her violin. In my hands that would be a terrible idea.
  • Aldous Harding. She do the singing in different voices.   
  • Josefin Ohrn wins most convoluted/confused press release of the week.  
  • Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky collaborate and improbably perhaps cover Guns N Roses.  


Sorry Record Store Day has wiped them all out.


Enough this week for their own section.

Ant’s Electronic Music Round-Up:

What is his favourite time of the day? 3.03. Boom Boom.

  • Mannequin continue their Nocturnal Emissions reissue campaign with fresh pressings of 1983's 'Viral Shedding' and 1985's 'Songs of Love & Revolution'.
  • Mesmerizing album from Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose getting busy on the ivories.
  • Richard Adams of Hood, The Declining Winter, and Memory Drawings debuts his Western Edges alias for a disc of heartbreaking ambient techno and forlorn electronica. Also on Sound In Silence, a disc from MIS+RESS.
  • Helm’s Alter label surveys the UK underground with the fine ‘ALERT!’ compilation feat. Teresa Winter, Mumdance, Space Afrika, Acolytes, Tomaga, Cru Servers, Chain Of Flowers, Anna Peaker, The Modern Institute etc.
  • Engrossing, transgressive, psychedelic prose and ambient backdrops from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Carl Abrahamsson on iDEAL Recordings. Edition of 500 copies.
  • Chicago's DJ Nate back in footwork mode on Planet Mu!
  • Blawan and Pariah resume business as Karenn. Techno, techno, techno.
  • More brittle, Zen-like ambient works from Arovane & Porya Hatami on Karlrecords.
  • Finally scored some copies of thee Maryanne Amacher 'Petra' LP on Blank Editions.
  • King Doudou reconfigures reggaeton, injecting some serious bass weight for Low Jack's Les Disques De La Bretagne.
  • Kira Kira and Hermigervill 'Sumabörn' soundtrack on Time Released Sound pressed on watery vinyl. Edition of a measly 100 copies.
  • OL and Flaty explore free-form generative sound as Serwed.
  • Logos reboots and remodels Grime and UK Hardcore on his second solo LP.
  • James Rushford returns to Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle on his tod with a claustrophobic and occasionally ominous LP.
  • Sleeparchive returns to Tresor with an EP of optimised weapons + locked grooves.
  • Arc Light Editions shine a light on the experimental electronic and orchestral works of the late Martin Bartlett.
  • Stroboscopic Artefacts whet the whistle for Alessandro Adriani’s forthcoming album with an EP of dark analogue electronics and techno featuring Beau Wanzer.
  • Consistently lush dub smattered techno from Deadbeat’s 'Waking Life' 2LP.
  • WTF arena hardstyle trance insanity and more from Vancouver's Minimal Violence.
  • Gateway to the stars from UnicaZürn aka Stephen Thrower (of Coil and Cyclobe) and David Knight.
  • Ruf Dug new 'un, plus plenty of clobber on Rhythm Section International back in.
  • Bunch of most excellent gear restocked on Solvent and Lowfish's Suction label.

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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work:  Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Daoud, Jamie and I Want To Know What (Ian) Love Is .

Customer Compliment of the Week: “They have records and CDs and that”. Lots more ego boosting words on that there Feefo and even on Google Reviews now too.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mammoth Penguins

There Is No Fight We Can’t Both Win

8/10 from Clinton

You might not expect it from a middle aged man who works in a record shop but I do have an actual girlfriend  - and she's real and everything not someone I've just made u...read on »

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

In The Capital

8/10 from Clinton

Oh lord this band. Turns out I love their 2018 full length debut Hope Downs even more than I thought at the time so I'm excited to hear what happens next. Well here's a taster...read on »

King Doudou

Novinha / Tremendo Bumbum

8/10 from Ant

Every plate thus far on the Les Disques De La Bretagne wing of Low Jack’s Editions Gravats has been a certified party bomb without exception. King Doudou’s (aka Fr...read on »

Kelly Finnigan

The Tales People Tell

8/10 from Will

The moment the vocals first explode in the first song from Kelly Finnigan's new LP ‘The Tales People Tell’ is one of those triple-take moments. He has a classic so...read on »

Guided By Voices

Warp and Woof

8/10 from Clinton

I've moaned and whinged and bleated about seemingly every Guided By Voices album since August By Cake and before that album I moaned about Cool Planet, Please Be Honest and mu...read on »

Carl Abrahamsson & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Loyalty Does Not End With Death

8/10 from Ant

Even my Mum knows who Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is so I’ll spare the introduction. However, Carl Abrahamsson isn’t as well known as the self-proclaimed “Cultu...read on »

DJ Nate

Take Off Mode

8/10 from Will

DJ Nate has been busy. Take Off Mode, the Chicago-based DJ and producer's latest album, comprises of seventeen tracks of unrelenting footwork. This is a great album, both alie...read on »

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King Doudou
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Western Edges
James Rushford
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Aldous Harding
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Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
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