Tuesday Update KH (Kieran Hebden), Stealing Sheep, Fat White Family, Sunn O)))

Wand, Heather Woods Broderick, Gang of Four, Western Edges, Peggy Goo, Centrum.


Hope you all got the Insides LP we told you about yesterday? I was on holiday, and forgot, and now it has sold out, and now I wish I’d given it 1 out of 10 rather than 10 out of 10, and none of you had bought it. Nevermind, eh? There’s more music about this week such as all the delightful things below.

New music

  • Big bold summer-ready electro-pop from Stealing Sheep.
  • KH is Keiran Hebden aka Four Tet.
  • Loyle Carner does that rare thing of being both popular and good.
  • For God sake who left the gate open and let the Fat White Family up north?
  • LA psych people Wand get way more contemplative than Ty Segall.
  • Centrum do chants and drones and stuff.  
  • Carla Dal Farno keeps releasing records just so that eventually I’ll spell her name right.
  • Peggy, Gooo, Peggy Goo, Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy Goo
  • Two new things on Sound In Silence due including Western Edges which is a Hood/Declining Winter dude doing haunting ambience/electronics plus further foggy ambience from MIS+RESS.   
  • Lush electro-acoustic ambitronics in cotton sleeve from Maps & Diagrams
  • Yup it sounds like Gang of Four are continuing to urinated liberally on their own legacy.
  • Mark (not Mike) Peters with impressively curated remix collection.  
  • Heather Woods Broderick. Pete’s less annoying sister with some nice Oregon folk.
  • Ambienteer Tor Lundvall issues some of his vintage electro pop stuff.


Plus...um. Very little. No idea why at this time of year. Better get on Discogs.

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Featured albums

Western Edges
Maps and Diagrams
Loyle Carner
Peggy Gou
Gang of Four
Mark Peters
Carla dal Forno
Tor Lundvall
Heather Woods Broderick
Fat White Family
Stealing Sheep
Efterklang & Karsten Fundal
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