Update Fontaines DC, Wooden Shjips, Bibio, Jesca Hoop (Dinked Edition), Odd Nosdam.

Plus Mono, The Mekons, The Chemical Brothers, Witching Waves, The Cool Greenhouse, a guide to the 70s and several guides to looking after your records.


So what are we all up Saturday then? Massive big lie in for us. All the week’s work done. Might relax to the Odd Nosdam record, read the papers to Bibio or play the ace The Cool Greenhouse single for the millionth time. Whatever you do we are always here for you. You know that, right?

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

  • Fontaines DC sort of a cross between the Radiators from Space and Father Jack Hackett.
  • Monolithic post rock on purple smoke vinyl.
  • Legendary Leeds people The Mekons get as far away from Gipton as possible.
  • Glen Hansard - the stalker-ish guy out of Once.
  • Good double album from The Leisure Society. Let’s forget all about flutes eh?
  • Pet Shop Boys. Will they ever release anything as good as this?
  • West Coast beatmaker Odd Nosdam with found sounds and stuff nicked off private press LPs.
  • Summer is on its way - there’s a smooth new Bibio LP on the shelves.
  • Evil Blizzard. At least three more bass guitars than your average band.
  • The new Wooden Shjips LP has led me to try to think up some good puns on their name but...er.. On the Good Shjips Lollipop?
  • Callum Easter escapes from a 5-3-2 system with overlapping wing backs by making some lo-fi anything goes pop.
  • Aussie punks The Scientists back from seemingly the dead.
  • The Chemical Brothers. What’s the student-y one’s hair like now?
  • Shana Cleveland...a perfect listen whilst tangled in an eiderdown.
  • Witching Waves celebrate their move to Mytholmroyd with some dirty punk rock.
  • Budos Band bring some psych to Daptone.
  • Simone Felice collaborates with (hang on just checking this) Four Tet on new single.
  • Skinny Girl Diet have been in all the blogs and mags. They do grunge it says.
  • A collection from Kiwi noisemakers A Handful of Dust.
  • Michael Morley escapes from the Dead C with some nice music.
  • Highly potent doom/free-jazz numbers from Mr Fixity.


Remember Flexi Discs? Remember trying in vain to get them to play? Well here’s a fascinating book all about them.


  • The Durutti Column Obey the Time re-issue vinyl is RSD but we have the CD.
  • Silkworm’s influential Italian Platinum now out on Red vinyl.
  • The Beths early fuzzy EP now re-pressed due to their success.
  • Overdue shine in the sun from ignored US singer songwriter Jay Bolotin.

A billion more re-issues can be bought elsewhere this weekend inc Duran Duran live LP.

Ant’s Electronic Music Round-Up:

How to Talk to Your Kids About Lexachast

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I hope that was good for all of you. I certainly really enjoyed it.

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Words: Clint, Ant, Daoud.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Benn, Tom, Jamie and Ian Love Spreads.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “My Dad’s name was Norman”.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



10/10 from Clinton

Oh this album. So important to us long running Norman Records types that we tried our best to get permission to re-issue it ourselves before we heard Beacon Sound had done the...read on »

The Cool Greenhouse

Landlords / 4Chan

9/10 from Clinton

I enjoyed the previous the Cool Greenhouse 7" somewhat but this one is an absolute stonker. Landlords is near perfect avant pop which hits you square in the eye between the No...read on »

Ghostride The Drift (uon, Exael and Huerco S.)

Ghostride The Drift

9/10 from Ant

Exquisite EP from some of the West Mineral Ltd. crew released on a new label from D. Tiffany and uon. Ghostride The Drift comprises Ryan Fall (aka uon, Caveman LSD, DJ Paradis...read on »

Ela Orleans

Movies For Ears

8/10 from Clinton

To the uninitiated, you should really check out Ela Orleans. There are several long pieces on this site (usually penned by Brian) which tell of her excellence but in line with...read on »

Rozi Plain

What A Boost

8/10 from Clinton

Didn't get round to reviewing this last week not because of any dearth of enthusiasm but we didn't have soundclips (hint hint record labels). So I spent the half hour that I s...read on »

Shana Cleveland

Night Of The Worm Moon

8/10 from Clinton

What is it with worms? Everything is 'worm' these days. In order to counteract the horrific imagery the word 'worm' brings up, Shana Cleveland has made a delightfully pretty a...read on »

Jay Bolotin

No One Seems To Notice That It's Raining

8/10 from Will

Jay Bolotin is a new one on me. As a massive fan of mournful American singer-songwriters playing acoustic guitars (Van Zandt, Prine, Basho, Fahey, the list goes on ‘n&rs...read on »

Dungeon Acid

Dungeon Acid

8/10 from Ant

Debut album proper from Jean-Louis Huhta's Dungeon Acid project which has the Swedish artist creating a bunch of killer serpentine acid trax that sound like radioactive waste ...read on »

Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas


8/10 from Ant

Amnesia Scanner return to PAN, this time joined by label boss Bill Kouligas documenting their Lexachast collaboration. Initially an audiovisual work - it has mutated to its cu...read on »

Budos Band


8/10 from Daoud

After kicking the habit on album four, Budos Band are back on the pragmatically titled albums with V. Without hearing the album this suggests uncertainty. They tried something...read on »

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Jesca Hoop
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Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas
Zachary Paul
The Home Current
Dungeon Acid
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Jeremy Hyman
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Wooden Shjips
The Scientists
Cardinal & Nun
Guerilla Welfare
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Michael Morley
A Handful of Dust
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Hammer / Atlus (Denis Sulta)
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The Cool Greenhouse
Evil Blizzard
The Durutti Column
Ben Chatwin
Opposing Currents
The Beths
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Luc Ferrari
Régis Renouard Larivière
Fontaines D.C.
Pet Shop Boys
The Chemical Brothers
Gramm (Jan Jelinek)
ASUNA & Jan Jelinek
The Leisure Society
Ghostride The Drift (uon, Exael and Huerco S.)
Shana Cleveland
Phill Niblock
Skinny Girl Diet
Jay Bolotin