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Update Fontaines DC, Mono, Odd Nosdam, Bibio

Plus The Leisure Society, Abul Mogard, Mono, Ela Orleans, The Home Current, and loads more records you won’t need to queue up for.


We’ll not mention what is happening next Saturday eh? Instead just look below at all the fine records you can enjoy instead. Many of them contain new unheard music and you’ll have them delivered to your door in time for the weekend (probably). No queues, nuffink.

New music


  • Forlorn electronica by (alleged) former Serbian Factory worker Abul Mogard
  • The Durutti Column. *Sigh* ...well we have the CD anyway.
  • Silkworm’s 2002 album gets another run out.
  • Fuzzy, punky early EP from now-quite-popular New Zealand lot The Beths.

Want More?

So… see you Thursday? I’ll be on hols, heh. Someone else will take you through everything though so please don’t panic.

Featured albums

Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas
The Home Current
Wooden Shjips
Glen Hansard
Jonny Trunk
Evil Blizzard
The Cool Greenhouse
The Durutti Column
The Beths
Ela Orleans
Odd Nosdam
Fontaines D.C.
Pet Shop Boys
The Leisure Society