Weekly Update Weyes Blood, Rozi Plain, WH Lung, New Order, Girls in Synthesis

Plus Spiral Stairs, The Drums, Bogdan Raczynski, Robert Hood, The Slits and some handy guides on how to care for your vinyl.


We’re so nice. Just look at us, helping you learn how to clean things and explaining what vinyl things mean. The main thing we do just for you, though, is make sure that we have lots of records for you to buy - whether they’ll end up clean or not. So read on.

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

  • Idlewild have very little to say indeed.
  • Weyes Blood makes an album as luxurious as the dash on a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.
  • I really like Rozi Plain’s anorak.
  • Music writer Ratso releases his first album aged 70. Don’t go giving me ideas.
  • London post punkers Pozi with wiry, taut post-punk. Read Will’s Pozi-tive review.
  • Cowboy Flying Saucer make a tremendous splurge of The Fall, Can, Beefheart style artrock.
  • Lawrence Arabia makes some mighty fine psych/kraut/orch pop.
  • The Drums...what they lack in originality though they make up I know... explanations for band member departures.
  • Girls In Synthesis. “Terrorists are Gay!”
  • Martha. Probably Pity Me’s finest pop punk group.
  • Dream pop from Grumbling Fur clever clogs Daniel O’ Sullivan.
  • The Proper Ornaments turn American jangle into Brit jangle. Like some kind of jangle Jesus.
  • WH Lung do that kraut/psych rock thing you all like. Yaaaw…sorry. Excited!
  • In a Priests Driven Ambulance.
  • Lee Fields & The Expressions. He’s worked with at least one Womack.
  • Spiral Stairs is the latest of the Pavement lads to have a midlife crisis.
  • Necktr. Hot jazz from (just checking) yup...Leeds.
  • Metro Crowd soundtrack that wonderful daily expedition we call the commute.
  • Tyler Ramsey is one of the Band of Horses. Has beard. Natch.
  • Important. Justin Wright has made some Music For Staying Warm. A neoclassical beaut.


  • The 40th anniversary of The Slits debut spouts a vinyl re-issue.
  • New Order’s early Movement now expanded with lots of bits and bats.
  • Neil Young’s Dead Man. None more atmospheric.
  • The Shamen from before they were naughty naughty very very naughty.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Somebody give that goldfinch a pair of ear muffs.

Money Saving Stuff

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Cold again, isn’t it?

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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Daoud, Benn, Tom, Jamie and Ever Fallen I(a)n Love

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

White Denim

Side Effects

9/10 from Will

I’ve never listened to White Denim before, always dismissing them as a kind of Wolf Alice, Black Keys kind of band for some reason (I literally have no idea why I on »

Lawrence Arabia

Lawrence Arabia's Singles Club

8/10 from Clinton

Ooph. Just look at him. James Milne is bold. Not just with the moustache he's sporting on the inner sleeve but with the fact that he launched a Kickstarter so he could record on »

Cowboy Flying Saucer

Travel Lodge

8/10 from Clinton

What a disgusting racket. This noise/psych/garage/kraut/splurge lot have been around the block a couple of times which means that maybe they remember the 90s and the sort of on »



8/10 from Will

This POZI record has been on in the office a few times, so I’ve absorbed this LP through osmosis but this is the first time I’ve sat down and had a dedicated on »



8/10 from Ant

The ever-reliable Astral Industries label shine a light on the work of Belgian ambient producer Bernard Zwijzen with this expertly compiled EP of six resplendent tracks of on »



8/10 from Ant

The story of RX-101 is very interesting… it would be easy to conclude that this artist was some sort of smoke and mirrors fabrication like Abul Mogard supposedly being on »

Girls In Synthesis

Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018

8/10 from Clinton

So we have an exclusive on this thanks to the kind people at Louder Than War and we want to do a good job for them. So Phil says I get two options  - either I write a on »


Borneo Function

8/10 from Ant

The latest emission from Berlin’s VOITAX label sees Cressida return to the imprint for whom he released his debut EP - the absolutely punishing ‘Hymn To Lust& on »

Ex Confusion

I Remember When

8/10 from Jamie

[*sings, in a minor key* Ohhh, twinkling ambience… where have you been these past few months, oh reviewer…] Mostly listening to noisier music than this, I& on »

Joni Void

Mise En Abyme

8/10 from Jamie

Joni Void, then… One of the more enigmatic stars in the current, expanding Constellation roster of artists (which is saying something, as you may well know -- I hasten on »

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