Tuesday Update Weyes Blood, WH Lung, New Order, Karen Dalton

The Drums, Girls In Synthesis, The Proper Ornaments, Martha, Damien Jurado, Salford Electronics.  


See below for records galore! Please delve in. Guaranteed* to satisfy.

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New music

  • The Drums release their second album since Jacob Graham left to concentrate on his puppetry.
  • Girls In Synthesis compile their earlier three EPs so you don't have to pay large prices on Discogs. Nice.
  • All We Are collab with Talk Talk’s biggest fan.
  • Punk poppers Martha hail from Pity Me, an actual place in County Durham and not just Phil’s default state of mind.
  • The Parlophone-sponsored David Bowie cash grab continues apace.
  • Second solo offering from Grumbling Fur half Daniel O’ Sullivan.
  • Idlewild. One of the very few bands with not one but two members named Rod.
  • Damien Jurado made his album in the same length of time it takes me to get out of bed.
  • Weyes Blood. My dad has bought it and so should you.
  • Salford Electronics. Gloomy industrial electronics like Salford of old.
  • Drone pieces from Celer inspired by China.
  • Bill Seaman. Absolutely and categorically not related to flapping goalkeeper David.
  • Burnley’s Tape Loop Orchestra with ideas about isolationism, the occult, transcendence and the nature of entropy.
  • The Proper Ornaments make us wonder what the real story is behind that Ultimate Painting split.
  • WH Lung do kraut rock as per the memo.
  • Ruby Rushton. A band, not a person - and not related to Willie.
  • Washington post-punkers Priests with bonus slabs of trip hop.
  • It Rains Love for Lee Fields & The Expressions. Here in LS11 it rains wet.


  • The Slits' debut gets that all-important 4337th re-issue.
  • Big Karen Dalton box now with added t-shirt.
  • New Order’s first album gets the deluxe treatment. Thought this was out weeks ago. But no, I’m wrong.
  • Neil Young and his magnificent Dead Man soundtrack.
  • 2013 era LP from deceased stoner Mac Miller.
  • Succinctly named no wavers UT.
  • The Wannadies always and forever, etc.

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Bill Seaman
Tape Loop Orchestra
Salford Electronics
All We Are & Alex Kapranos
Girls In Synthesis
Mac Miller
Ruby Rushton
Weyes Blood
Damien Jurado
Lee Fields & The Expressions
W. H. Lung
The Wannadies
Daniel O'Sullivan
David Bowie
Neil Young
The Drums
The Proper Ornaments
New Order
Karen Dalton
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