Update These New Puritans, American Football, The Caretaker, Apparat

Plus Ibibio Sound Machine, Avey Tare (Dave), Iron & Wine, Duster, The Fernweh, Laurel Halo, Lakker, Minotaur Shock.  


Just checking…..yup it’s Thursday, which means it’s Update Time. We know that tens of you look forward to this every week. And boy do we have a good one for you this time. There’s news and reviews and failed jokes about all this week’s releases all in a big, inbox-friendly lump. Let’s take a look at what has been dragged up our cold grey stairs, shall we?

New vinyl and CDs and tapes

  • Aged emo with 2 kids and a nice house in the suburbs from American Football.
  • Lambchop and autotune go together like records and gravy.
  • Lots of guitar fun from former Helium folks Ex Hex.
  • Ibibio Sound Machine are a bit lively for a grey Thursday afternoon.
  • Magnificently monikered Americana superstar Orville Peck.
  • These New Puritans strive for great things.
  • Avey Tare. Also known as Dave.
  • Andrew Bird. For when there’s no Sufjan Stevens album in nearby proximity.
  • Will Burns and Hannah Peel(s). Almost a description of a couple cooking together in the kitchen.
  • Mary Lattimore & Mac Mcaughan. Harpist and Superchunk leader faff with harp ‘n’ electronics.
  • They promised the world they’d never get back together but they lied. Sleeper are back.
  • Heartfelt Arthur Russell-ish songcraft from Helado Negro.
  • Connie Constance covers Paul Weller not West Ham.
  • Ellis spend an awful long time working out a clever name. Less so on the music.
  • Lil Yachty is right. He has nuthin’... literally nuthin’ to prove.
  • 6 Music approved indie grunge from Lazy Day.
  • USA/Mexico. I think the record player is bust.
  • This Heat-ish experimentation from Housewives.
  • Antoni Maiovvi. Hellish soundtrack from Italo disco expert.
  • Wallows say nothing happens but Atlantic Records have put their album out and they’ve been Congleton’d so they are wrong!


  • In 2018 Gyptology records promised the Shawty Pimp LP was a one off vinyl pressing and wouldn’t be re-pressed. They lied.
  • Mansun. Nothing from Paul Draper’s adolescent notebook this time round.
  • Iron & Wine muffles away behind his beard. Now comes with extra muffles.
  • This The Fall barrel scraper has engendered some lively customer comment on how we should responsibly police the release schedule.
  • Duster sound like they are a great 90s slowcore band I haven’t heard of.
  • The Claim. Nice vinyl re-vamp for 80s’ mods.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Raving on the shagpile.

  • The Caretaker concludes the epic ‘Everywhere At The End Of Time’ series with a stunning finale that veers into Lynchian dreamworld realms.
  • IVVVO returns to Rabit’s Halcyon Veil label with an album of hyperreal, hypermodern neon rave electronix and beyond.
  • End of the world cruise around L.A. to blunted beats with Shlohmo.
  • Irresistible album of solid minimal techno from Psyk on Tresor.
  • Freedom To Spend revive a playful and quirky 1986 Japanese private press record from June Chikuma.
  • Fine album from Mondkopf in harrowing ambient mode on Hands In The Dark.
  • Jayda G lands on Ninja Tune with her debut album of soulful party funkers.
  • ACC shine a light on NOVOSTJ / DsorDNE awesome post-punk electro circa 1983-1988.
  • Laurel Halo knocks out a DJ-Kicks featuring an exclusive tune from her alongside Parris, Rrose, Group A, Ikonika, FIT Siegel etc.
  • Tranquil vibes from MATstudio aka Jonny Nash & SK U KNO.
  • We're now running low on Autechre jokes relating to Apparat's ‘LP5’.
  • Primitive, old school Chicago house style trax from Delroy Edwards on L.I.E.S.
  • Stripped back, melodic electronica tape from Minotaur Shock. Limited to 50 copies.
  • Ace, murky Lakker album on R&S, further shedding their straight up techno roots.
  • Suitably eerie Antoni Maiovvi soundtrack to Can Evrenol’s ‘Housewife’ horror flick.
  • Bangin’ spacey techno double EP from Luke Slater as Planetary Assault Systems.
  • Xeno & Oaklander bring their expertly crafted new wave analogue synth pop to Dais.
  • Eliane Radigue's whopping 16 hour, 14CD box set drone out on INA GRM is back!
  • Theo Parrish ‘Essential Selections’ Vols 1 & 2 re-pressed on Sound Signature.
  • +++ 12”s from the likes of Levon Vincent on Novel Sound, S S S S on Haunter, Aril Brikha on Mule Musiq, ELLLL on Glacial Industries, Fear-E on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Objekt #4 re-press, Space Farm on Left Ear, D.K. on Antinote, Curt Cress on Music From Memory, DJ Nobu on No 'label', Justin Cudmore on The Bunker New York, Cold / James Bernard split on Stroom +++

Money Saving Stuff


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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Will, Phil, Daoud, Tom, Jamie and I’m I(a)n Love With A German Film Star

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ibibio Sound Machine

Doko Mien

9/10 from Will

Ibibio Sound Machine are an English group that make an electrifying brew of afro-beat, funk, and disco, carried along by modern-sounding electronics, and all glued together on »

The Caretaker

Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 6

9/10 from Ant

We bid farewell to The Caretaker after his presence in our lives since James Leyland Kirby first released work under the handle twenty years ago with ‘Selected Memories on »

Oozing Wound

High Anxiety

8/10 from Daoud

You already know what this is don’t you. I can’t think of any particular time that a sludge-y band has put actual sludge on their album artwork but I bet Oozing on »


Géometries sous-cutanées (Subcutaneous Layers)

8/10 from Jamie

Helpfully translated from its native language into good ol’ (British) English for us, it’s ‘Subcutaneous Layers (Géometries sous-cutanées)& on »


Twilight Splendour

8/10 from Clinton

Hello. Can anyone make an interesting record please? Well I *might* have come to the right place with this second album by London 5 piece Housewives. Usually when I read that on »



8/10 from Clinton

It seems that earlier on today we got called 'corporate' and 'Tory's because we actually want to sell records rather than go out of business. That said, if we were such money on »

These New Puritans

Inside The Rose

8/10 from Clinton

I promised I wouldn't do it. I promised I would wait until I received a final finished version of These New Puritans new album before I formed an opinion. Similar to the fact on »


A Moment Before

8/10 from Ant

Rather predictably, I’ve been somewhat hypnotized by the latest Tresor emission - the second album from Spanish producer Manuel Anós, bossman of the Non Series on »

Featured albums

The Fernweh
The Caretaker
Cold / James Bernard
Antoni Maiovvi
Minotaur Shock
Connie Constance
Lil Yachty
The Claim
Justin Cudmore
Planetary Assault Systems
Aril Brikha
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan
June Chikuma
Levon Vincent
Delroy Edwards
Laurel Halo
The Fall
Lazy Day
Xeno & Oaklander
Space Farm
Curt Cress
MATstudio (Jonny Nash & SK U KNO)
Andrew Bird
Iron and Wine
These New Puritans
Avey Tare
Will Burns & Hannah Peel
Jayda G
Orville Peck
Helado Negro
Ex Hex
Ibibio Sound Machine
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