Weekly Update Black Mountain (Dinked Edition), Mac Demarco, Stella Donnelly, William Basinski, New Order

Plus The National, Flight of t’Conchords, Kate Bush, Meat Puppets, and WELLER!


  • Album of the Week.
  • Yet another excellent Dinked Edition for you. This time round it's the turn of psyche lords Black Mountain.
  • Big pre-orders from Mac DeMarco and The National. All kinds of coloured vinyl.
  • Stop Press: new Earth. Indies-only crimson / 'Black Galaxy' (!) coloured vinyl if you are quick.
  • Here’s our latest Weekly Playlist for you YouTube folk.
  • And grab not a mere 10% but a whopping 15% off some of February's lesser-selling misfits.

Straw poll. Records...who likes them? I see a lot of hands in the air so we’d better get on with telling you about all the discs we have in stock this week. There’s all sorts, basically, and we like to think there’s something for everyone.

Remember you don't have to wait for the update though: you can always check our New In pages for the full casserole and our Pre-orders page for your pudding.

New vinyl and CDs and tapes (maybe)

  • EB The Younger did that BNQT record we had thousands of. Is also in Midlake.
  • Stella Donnelly. Imagine Tanya Donelly but with a different first name, different coloured hair, more Australian, an extra ‘n’ in her surname, was never in Throwing Muses, and has a tuneful and righteous anger about her.
  • Foals - the new name for baby horses. Also Oxford’s second band.
  • Flight of the Conchords give me yet another excuse to sa, ”I had a budgie but it died….I like pie”.
  • Vital Idles. Weeeeeeeee Scottish punk pop.
  • Meat Puppets...long hair, good songs. What more do you want?
  • Weller. Long at the sides and back, please.
  • Indoor Pets. Most pets are indoors...rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters. Horses and bees are mostly outdoors.
  • Little Simz. Hasn’t she done well?
  • Scott Gilmore from Gilmore Girls makes deep, 70s-styled Americana.
  • Malihini do that laid back haze type thing the likes of Mac DeMarco do. Don’t they all?
  • Watine make a rather French style form of experimental instrumental folk.
  • Low-end Waitesian grumbles from Howe Gelb.
  • Money For Rope. Yeah much of it is...but not these Melbourne guitar whizzkids.


Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Still searching out that Lakker children’s album.

  • Lush black hole ambient from tape loop gentleman William Basinski.
  • Clone re-presses of valuable Drexciya compilations, plus Clarence G, Glass Domain and L.A.M. records back in print. Essential electro/techno tackle for all aquanauts.
  • Sweet 'Escape From Synth City' compilation on Numero - 80s visions of the future packaged in NES cartridge style LP jacket.
  • LP from Varg collaborator Hypnobirds exploring inner and outer space.
  • Archival compilation LP of Wire Recorded Pieces spanning the 1920s to ‘60s. Featuring Else Marie Pade, Halim El-Dabh, Pierre Henry etc.
  • Ucc Harlo LP on Subtext, reconciling avant-garde classical music and contemporary experimental electronica. 6 years work and still untitled!
  • Phase90 12" on echospace [detroit] AKA cv313's Stephen Hitchell dubbing it up as Intrusion.
  • Light Conductor album of shimmering, hypnotic modular synth drones and arps on Constellation.
  • Introspective, longing, yearning ambient from Aponogeton on Stroom.
  • Tasty ‘False Endings’ EP on the excellent brokntoys label with boss electro cuts from Robert Valera, Marco Bernardi, Vertical67 and Exhausted Modern. Limited copies!
  • Eleh's magical minimalist synthesizer drones are joined by piano, bass and organ. Plus that Pauline Oliveros CD box also on Important is slowly creeping out on vinyl.
  • Tapes Radiophonic Dancehall ace ‘Hissing Theatricals’ EP back in print!
  • Dystopian electro killers from Umwelt on VOITAX.
  • Saturn and the Sun and Johan Zetterquist tapes - both editions of 50 copies. Yoink!
  • Weaponise Your Sound’ compilation LP on Optimo Music featuring C.A.R, Cucina Povera, Fantastic Twins, Human Jones, Maral, Sue Zuki etc.

Money Saving Stuff

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I’m going on holiday. I’m so happy. So long suckers. Eat my tailpipe. Next week other people will deal with you. Hope you all get on. Not that I'll care cos' I'll be on holiday.

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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Daoud, Will, Phil, Tom and When (Ian) Love Breaks Down.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Stella Donnelly

Beware of the Dogs

8/10 from Clinton

The most impressive thing about Stella Donnelly's debut EP Thrush Metal was that it managed to combine a pent-up anger with absolutely glorious melodies. A lot of young DIY in...read on »

William Basinski

On Time Out of Time

8/10 from Clinton

There are many reasons to like William Basinski...firstly there's the fact that he makes rather amazing drone music but also he just seems really nice. Always thanks us for ou...read on »

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