Tuesday Update The National, New Order, Stella Donnelly, Foals, Sophia and more

Plus Jim O’Rourke & Not Waving, Morton Subotnick, Meat Puppets, Flight of the Conchords, William Basinski. And a bunch of fresh reductions - 15% off! And another slew of hand-picked pre-orders. Phew.


Gah, the very minute we are about to press ‘send’ a new album by The National gets announced. It was under lock and key until 4pm, so we’re a little later than usual this week - sorry about that. There are all kinds of other good things too this week, which we have detailed below. Many are currently being piped up a concrete chute to our stockroom where flying drones will ship them out to your doorstep. Let’s see what takes your fancy.

New vinyl

  • EB The Younger is the singer from Midlake. Not the first one but the second one.
  • Stella Donnelly is going to be very popular indeed. See if we are wrong.
  • William Basinski is such a nice man. And he makes nice music. Nice.
  • Foals are here to save the entire planet, universe and everything.
  • I’ve just written Dave on my notes…what do I mean? Maybe this?
  • Flight of the Conchords. A band even funnier than Slaves.
  • You’ve had Idles. Now have some really necessary Vital Idles.
  • Jim O’Rourke and Not Waving collab on Diagonal.
  • Meat Puppets are one of the few bands who have long hair and are also good.
  • Weller. Cover featuring a really useful and revealing side view of his hair.


  • Loads of New Order stuff due including the super duper Movement re-issue.
  • Boards of Canada’s ‘Hi Scores’ re-issued for the 1124568986479th time.
  • Kate Bush pops all her B sides etc onto a four CD set. Just for you.
  • Townes Van Zandt gets some acoustic recordings re-issued.
  • Morton Subotnick milestone ‘Silver Apples of the Moon’.
  • Time to re-live the swooning and emotional mid-paced indie of The Antlers.

Want More?

That’s your lot for now. See you on Thursday.

Team Norman

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