Weekly Update Snapped Ankles, Royal Trux, Galerie Stratique, Chicago Odense Ensemble

New musics on Public House, Clay Pipe and Cardinal Fuzz plus new musics also from The Stroppies, Teen, Sophie Hutchings, Rema Rema, and loads more.


  • Album of the Week. Ok, ok…it’s Public House. It’s one of ours. But we love it, and you trust us, right?
  • If the above offends your sensibilities here’s an alternative Album of the Week by a record we have nothing to do with.
  • Four (count ‘em) new Cardinal Fuzz titles.
  • We’re still busy beefing our YouTube channel. Here’s our latest Weekly Playlist.
  • And here’s another Label Watch for you, featuring techno roundheads Tresor.

Welcome one, welcome all to another trawl through the best bits of the week’s music releases. As you can see, there’s a new Public House in town which we are very pleased with indeed. Give it a listen if you like Boards of Canada, Ghost Box or basically anything hazy and woozy. Also welcome to our newest recruit Will who has passed his initiation test by penning almost all the reviews this week. Read them in our new(ish) News & Reviews section, where we’re gonna put all your reading material from now on including this very update.

On with what we very loosely call the ‘show’.

New vinyl and CDs and tapes (maybe)

  • Snapped Ankles are good at both interior design and weapons-grade groove pop.
  • None more dapper The Go Betweens’ frontman Robert Forster, who delivers us some stripped-down future classics.
  • Post-punk noise rock sorts Fews.
  • In 1998 Mark Hollis stopped making music...yet Weezer continue to this day.
  • Royal Trux…as rock and roll as a cigarette wearing sunglasses.
  • Chicago Odense Ensemble are about the time members of Causa Sui collab’d with members of Tortoise.
  • From across the really big Pond (ie Australia) are these Tame Impala assisted psychsters.
  • Old 4AD lovers rejoice. Someone’s cobbled together some Rema Rema outtakes.
  • Robert Pollard presents his art with a 6 song 7”. All songs are on the same side of vinyl. How very Guided By Voices of him.
  • Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard make winsome C86 indie-pop….er no they don’t.
  • must be swan vesta as that’s a swan on the front.
  • The Stroppies are Australian people making all kinds of catchy pop.
  • Julia Reidy… for those of us over 30 there’s an autotuned vocal alert on this.
  • Mahaya McCracken makes a live mixtape of jazz, hip-hop and beyond.
  • Teen do clever, catchy synthpop.
  • Self Esteem…. Mid-life crisis alert.
  • The Japanese House...synth-ified indie-pop tunes on label part set up by the late Ugo Ehiogu.


  • D. Rothon soundtracks that really dark thing we call the night.
  • Sophie Hutchings plays the most pleasant of pianos.
  • First LP from space rock legends Hawkwind re-done.
  • Debut album from Rugby drug addicts Spacemen 3.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Pipe down kids... your dad’s reviewing the new Umwelt.

  • Superb album of dank dubwise creepers from Ossia on Blackest Ever Black.
  • Elecktroids 1995 'Kilohertz' EP on Warp reissued on Clone Aqualung incl. new bonus track. Drexciya fans rejoice!
  • Bold, experimental electronic pop on Editions Mego from Coil and Spiritualized alumni Thighpaulsandra.
  • Triad God returns on on Lorenzo Senni's Presto!? Label!
  • First-time vinyl pressing or rare Korean psychedelic shoegazing ambient/drone jams from Puredigitalsilence.
  • Strong debut full length of melodic electro and ambient from 96 Back on CPU.
  • Clear vinyl 4LP repress of Daphne Oram's ‘Oramics’. Pioneering, visionary electronic music from the BBC Radio Workshop founder.
  • Tape of invigorating, original and fresh electronix on Conditional from Nancy Drone.
  • Ace 7" of off-kilter dub mutations by midas touch wielding producer Jay Glass Dubs.
  • Steven Stapleton / David Tibet 5CD set on United Dirter, including a disc of previously unreleased works for Nurse With Wound / Current 93 fiends.
  • Futuristic, electronic art pop/club music hybrids from Angel-Ho on Hyperdub.
  • Steven Rutter (B12) collaborates with vocalist Karla Hajman as KineStatics.
  • Nikolajev on Incienso traversing house, techno, electro in varying shades.
  • Sought after, classic Detroit Electrotechno from D.I.E. reissued via Clone.
  • Fine EP of dubby tracks created on Make Noise modular synth by Evan Caminiti.
  • Jonny Nash brings literature inspired ambient landscapes to Music From Memory.
  • Minimalist compositions from Tomas Nordmark incorporating melodic textures from ancient Scandinavian music and sacred hymns.
  • Sensual, classic schooled house trax from Octo Octa on Technicolour.
  • Scored a couple 10"s on Cosmic Pint Glass; a split from Jack Pattern / FRAK and EP feat. Mark Du Mosch, FRAK, Julian G, Lie of the Land. Both come is tasty hand finished sleeves.
  • VA Compilation #5 CD-R on Assembly Field featuring ambient works from David Newlyn, Wil Bolton, E.L. Heath, Bill Ryder-Jones etc. Edition of 50 copies.
  • '80s soundtrack inspired synthwave from Cory Kilduff on Burning Witches Records.
  • Retro synth gear from Hunter Complex on Death Waltz Originals.
  • Vital Impetus compilation LP on June featuring Alessandro Adriani, Morah, Lbeeze, Raum-Zeit, Penelope’s Fiance and Outermost & Venus Volcanism.
  • First-time vinyl edition of Merzbow's 1994 visceral scorcher 'Venereology'. Remastered by James Plotkin, incl. 20 minutes of unreleased bonus material!
  • Displaced Soundtracks Vol. 2 2LP on Life and Death incl. Vatican Shadow, Midland, DJ Nobu, Isolee, Ninos Du Brasil, Scuba etc.
  • Thumpin’ house/techno DJ tools from (Todd) Osbourne on Spectral Sound.
  • L±R 4-track 12" EP on Asking For Trouble AKA Radioactive Man, Simon Lynch (London Modular Alliance) and Monoak.
  • Ace techno tackle from Anastasia Kristensen on her debut EP on Arcola.
  • +++ 12”s from Sonar Base, Floorplan v Mark Broom, Bambounou, Lamellen +++

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Words: Ant, Clint.

Work: Benn, Daoud, Nathon, Will, Phil, Tom and (Ian) Love is a Bourgeois Construct.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Galerie Stratique


9/10 from Clinton

We know what you like. Ok, we *think* we know what you like. It would be unfair on this album to just say the words Boards of Canada and let you fight over it. There's so on »

Theon Cross


9/10 from Daoud

What do you hear when you think of our large friend, the tuba? If you’re anything like  me it’s probably slow and booming bass notes, filling out the bottom on »



9/10 from Ant

Clone are currently spoiling us and doing a public service with its reissue and repress programme, ever enhancing and sharing the enduring legacy of Drexciya. Clone Classic on »


Boy Meets Girl

8/10 from Daoud

‘He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?’ And so begins one of the greatest songs written this millennium. Avril Lavigne was (and to some on »

Blood Music

GPS Poetics

8/10 from Will

GPS Poetics is a banger. A brutal and often alienating work, it combines the natural and the synthesized into one seamless mix. The beats are chewier than a warm Curly-Wurly on »

Snapped Ankles

Stunning Luxury

8/10 from Will

SUCK A SUCK A TAILPIPE One of my favourite bands in 2018 was Snapped Ankles. After bearing witness to their manic, magic, vital, visceral set at Green Man Festival, I on »

Good Fuck

Good Fuck

8/10 from Will

Their label is called ‘Joyful Noise’ and joyful noise is the name of the game. Fractured and at times a little fractuous, Good Fuck by Good Fuck is an album that, on »

Marilyn Mazur


8/10 from Will

If you don’t know you won’t know: Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania is an avant-garde jazz group made up of ten Scandinavian musicians including Norweigan dancer on »

Makaya McCraven

Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON Mixtape)

8/10 from Will

Where We Come From is a new mixtape by producer Makaya McCraven. The original material was recorded live over two nights in London, as well as remixes done the next day of on »

Sophie Hutchings

Wide Asleep

8/10 from Will

Wide Asleep by Sophie Hutchings, an Australian composer and pianist, is a wide-ranging and engaging collection of modern classical pieces centred around some wonderful piano on »



8/10 from Ant

Prolific French producer Umwelt swiftly follows his appearance on the ‘Directors Cut 01’ EP on VOITAX with a fine five-track EP for the label. If you’re yet on »



8/10 from Ant

Pessimist (real name Kristian Jabs) returns to Simon Shreeve's (Mønic) Osiris Music label with his second EP for the imprint. As expected, it's top drawer gloom, on »

Jay Glass Dubs

Thumb Dub

8/10 from Ant

I think the thing that has excited me most this week is Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL Recordings spawning dedicated dub sister label Dub On Arrival. If the first two records on »


Devil’s Dance

8/10 from Ant

Back in the summer of 2018, Ossia and Blackest Ever Black served up a 10” which it turns out would be a taster for the producer’s debut full length. If you’ on »

Nancy Drone


8/10 from Ant

Invigorating, original and fresh tape from Nancy Drone - the nom de plume of Molly Gunn, and from what I can tell, her debut release. Recorded during a period of transition on »

Featured albums

Various (Mark Du Mosch, FRAK, Julian G, Lie of the Land)
Jack Pattern / FRAK
Julia Reidy
Jay Glass Dubs
Triad God
Robert Pollard
Sophie Hutchings
Galerie Stratique
Nancy Drone
Cory Kilduff
Hunter Complex
Anastasia Kristensen
Sonar Base
Jonny Nash
Octo Octa
96 Back
Makaya McCraven
Steven Stapleton / David Tibet
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
The Stroppies
Evan Caminiti
D.I.E. featuring The Men You'll Never See
Self Esteem
Royal Trux
Chicago Odense Ensemble
Tomas Nordmark
Robert Forster
The Japanese House
D. Rothon
Snapped Ankles
Floorplan v Mark Broom
Daphne Oram
Spacemen 3