Weekly Update Pye Corner Audio, Homeshake, Piroshka, Ladytron, Visage Pâle

Castles in Space, Pinegrove, (yet more) David Bowie, StabUdown Productions and a rather brilliant Norman Records/Pye Corner Audio record bag.


It’s Valentine’s Day so it’s time to tell you how much we love you because we don’t tell you enough. So we love each and everyone of you. Ok? Good. We love you so much, in fact ,that we’ve written yet another update which selects the best releases of the week and shoves them in your pretty faces.

New records

  • Absolute wondersauce electronica from Pye Corner Audio. Buy with or without stunning satchel.
  • Czarface meets/has a voice battle with Ghostface Killah!
  • Post Lush/Moose/Modern English mums and dads Piroshka.
  • Weeeee Scottish lads and lassie Bis.
  • Visage Pâle make gorgeous synth pop that will swoon you.
  • Strong electronic pop from synth veterans Ladytron.
  • Homeshake. Lo-fi pop for those summer days when even lying on the sofa is too much like hard work.
  • What is the point of Methyl Ethyl. Anyone?
  • Notts 90s indie faves Six By Seven expressing how we all felt as teens.
  • Sad emo-tinged Americana from Pinegrove.
  • It’s a Shame About Gemma Ray. Actually it’s not a shame - nothing has gone wrong... just wanted to use that phrase.
  • Endon. The noise they make is widely described as catastrophic
  • RY X singin’ over the clicks and the loops.
  • Jangle ‘n’ synth indie pop from Anemone.
  • OMG! The third instalment of The Wedding Present Marc Riley sessions is here.
  • A band named after how I’m described by my mum...Perfect Son


Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

“Got the wife a Whitehouse LP for Valentine’s Day.”

  • The Chi Factory 2LP on Astral Industries incorporating Fourth World ambient/drone and processed location recordings.
  • StabUdown Productions aka Prostitutes LP on Diagonal. Lush, melodic afterhours techno/house inspired by early jungle and ambient techno.
  • Pye Corner Audio's sequel to 'Stasis' on Ghost Box. Bundle available incl. exclusive limited edition, heavy duty, black canvas bag with two colour screen-print design by Julian House.
  • dj. flugvel og geimskip invites us to decide our own world view through myth/fantasy vs reality via fun Dutch electronic/rave pop.
  • Tape of techno’s answer to Bros - Overmono aka Truss and Tessella bangin’ it live in Osaka with loads of unreleased stonkers.
  • Paul DeMarinis 2LP collection on Black Truffle exploring synthesized voice / digital analysis and manipulation of speech.
  • Fine debut album Saba Alizadeh sampling of Persian instruments, field recordings etc. Check if you dig Sote's one on Opal Tapes.
  • Weathered string filled/looping ambient CD on Fluid Audio from Gideon Wolf in eye popping elegant package, including 21 exclusive photography prints by Craig Tattersall. Limited copies!
  • Irresistibly seductive and sensual EP from Grebenstein & Seefried on Downwards. Like Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ came out of a Berlin techno bunker.
  • Ace, trippy, psychedelic XVARR tape. Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.
  • Utopian techno action from Efdemin on Ostgut Ton bringing some of his avant-garde side towards the dancefloor.
  • 10” of yearning '80s inspired synth-pop ballads from Visage Pâle on orange wax via Castles in Space.
  • Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990. Ronseal.
  • Franck Vigroux EP at times sounding not unlike kindred spirit Mika Vainio.
  • Intricately detailed, many years in the making new album from Akira Rabelais that works its magic subtly via sparse piano, hushed vocals etc.
  • Sub Rosa unearth an unreleased 1973 work from magnificent Israeli artist Ami Shavit.
  • Hypnotizing loop/pedal treated vocal recordings from Cucina Povera on Night School. Plus obscenely limited tape edition of her Hilja album.
  • Dolphins Into The Future / Lieven Martens Moana 'Songs Of Gold, Incandescent' expanded 2019 edition CD on Edições CN. Limited to 300 copies.
  • Secret Pyramid's ‘Distant Works’ tapes both vinylized on a 2LP set of fuzzy ambient/drones via Gailur. Edition of 250 copies housed in reverse board sleeve.
  • Djrum's 'Seven Lies' gets a clear/red vinyl repress on 2nd Drop.
  • Multifaceted album from Bjarki - previously spotted on Nina Kraviz’s трип label.
  • Swift if you wanna cop the new Light Sounds Dark ‘Cuneiform for Pumapunku’ 2LP.
  • Myriam Bleau LP on Where To Now? Where UK bass and contemporary electronic music meet sound art.

Money Saving Stuff


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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Daoud, Phil, Tom, and lots of (Ian) Love on Valentine’s Day

Customer Compliment of the Week: “It was good”. Always more compliments in our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Visage Pâle

Holistic Love

8/10 from Clinton

Something slightly different here from Castles In Space. Holistic Love is an album of sweet, soulful synth pop from Abidjan-born musician Lars-Martin Isler. The opener Empire on »

Pye Corner Audio

Hollow Earth

8/10 from Ant

We’re both fortunate and grateful. Thanks to our friends at Ghost Box we can offer you, dear customer, this new album from Pye Corner Audio bundled complete with an on »

Grebenstein & Seefried

Raging Tender

8/10 from Ant

Producer Jan Grebenstein and vocalist Christine Seefried join forces for an uncompromising EP on Downwards exploring pleasure, pain, sex and death. The subject matter on »

The Chi Factory

The Mantra Recordings

8/10 from Ant

The latest double album from this recently reformed Dutch group is dedicated to the life and work of departed, self-exiled American hermit and poet Robert Lax. Patmos, an on »

StabUdown Productions

Strange Rabbits

8/10 from Ant

Cleveland, Ohio producer James Donadio operates under a couple of rather snappy monikers. The one you're most likely to be familiar with is Prostitutes - a handle which he's on »

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