Weekly Update Jessica Pratt, Gnod, Panda Bear, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Craven Faults

Mercury Rev, Cass McCombs, Tommy Guerrero, The Lemonheads, The Stranger (aka The Caretaker), Nyah Fearties, Bob Mould, Mexican Summer, Sleaford Mods.   


Here we go with another thing for the week. We call it an update, you can call it what you like. But we’ve got a superb Album of the Week, lots of records from classic people from the past (The Lemonheads, Bob Mould, Mercury Rev) plus even a few new things to contend with. We’ve also won an award, which is nice.

New vinyl, new CDs, etc.

  • Really really noisy rock god man Bob Mould.
  • Two parts of Gnod in full-on ritualistic electronic murk mode.
  • We hope the new Lemonheads covers album wasn’t too taxing for Evan Dando.
  • Jessica Pratt. Pratt by name but not by nature, this is superb dusty folk goodness.
  • Alabaster dePlume. No relation to Brasseye’s Alabaster Codefy….or a plume of smoke. Really nice though.
  • International Teachers of Pop may be clever clogs synth experts but we can’t get their promo CD to play.
  • Mercury Rev are here and they’ve brought with them a multitude of brilliant females.
  • Cass McCombs. Not heard it yet. What’s it like? Any good?
  • Panda Bear - the Buoys are back in town.
  • Grizzled veteran Michael Chapman is nearly 80, you know?
  • Slinky piano wizard Hauschka with some accessible contemporary classical music.
  • Yak-ety Yak. Don’t come back
  • Wondrous modular synth gear from Craven Faults. Buy it. Ask questions later.
  • Tommy Guerrero with some dub tings Banger. Yup, that is correct.
  • La Houle come down on the Slowdive side of the shoegaze-o-meter.
  • Entracte Twist make post punk in the 70s style.
  • Never-knowingly-original dance poppers LCD Soundsystem do some things from the ‘70s/’80s.


  • Bonkers Scottish folk pop from Nyah Fearties. Sorta like the Pogues meets an elastic band.
  • Early days from curly-haired pop phenomena Metronomy.
  • Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker’ gets re-issued at least once a year (around the same number of times the members of Sleep actually get out of bed).
  • Smaller-than-life purple funk pop genius Prince.
  • Razorlight. Literally no words other than they are marginally better than the band below.
  • Queen. Sorta Sparks meets Muse meets Bobby Ball.
  • Punk and reggae coagulators The Ruts.
  • Alex Chilton and another Alex Chilton. The question has to be asked. What on earth did he think he was doing?

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Representing the Lower Wharfedale massive at the upcoming Jeff Mills show in Leeds.

  • Pure, tranquil, emotive ambient bliss 2LP from Not Waving on Ecstatic.
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti's (Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey) first solo album since ‘82!
  • A tantalizing first instalment in a trilogy from Lee Gamble on Hyperdub. Futurist, hallucinogenic HD electronix.
  • A wee re-press of The Stranger (Leyland Kirby, The Caretaker, V/Vm) murky ambient rotten peach 'Bleaklow'.
  • Mannequin reissue vintage 1983 dark Italo-wave classic from Decadance aka Franco Rago & Gigi Farina (Wanexa, Expansives, ‘Lectric Workers).
  • Gorgeous albums from Andrew Chalk incl. a collaboration with Jean-Noël Rebilly. Beautifully presented on his own Faraway Press label.
  • Cracker of an LP of dirty electronics on L.I.E.S. from 51717 aka Lili Schulder of Shadowlust (alongside Svengalisghost). Plus ‘Time Is A Scam’ according to Torn Hawk (Luke Wyatt).
  • Nocturnal Emissions (Sterile Records geezer Nigel Ayers) ‎1988 LP ‘Spiritflesh’ reissued on Mannequin. Pressed on grey wax.
  • Silk Road Assassins mutate trap, dancehall and grime templates into fresh new shapes on Planet Mu.
  • Final instalment in the epic Noyzelab (NYZ) CD series of meditation/synth drones.
  • Minimalist ambient floaters from Billow Observatory (Jonas Munk & Jason Kolb).
  • Nate Young releases distractions from grief, seasonal depression, and isolation.
  • log(m) & Laraaji triple wax gateway to the infinite universe inside your mind, man. Plus Morning Trip reissue New Age tranquilizers from Laraaji & Lyghte.
  • Pissed Jeans frontman Matt Korvette and Helmer are Fine Jewelers and have an EP of nosebleed terror-core on BANK Records NYC.
  • William Burnett and Ron Morelli, respective bosses of W.T. Records and L.I.E.S join forces with some dirty techno splatterers as Bird Shit. LOL.
  • Ot To, Not To (Other People) remixed by Xiu Xiu, Carlos Nino, Ben Chatwin and Machinefabriek.
  • Robert Hood's minimal techno benchmark 'Internal Empire' re-cut and reissued on Tresor. Classic, hypnotizing Detroit techno!
  • Kangding Ray, Alessandro Cortini, Surachai and Telefon Tel Aviv remix Belief Defect.
  • Dekmantel compile trax from legendary label Djax-Up-Beats onto 2LP feat. Ismistik, Glenn Underground, Felix Da Housecat, Terrace, Random XS, K'Alexi Shelby etc.
  • Marie Davidson tunes reworked for the 'floor by Nina Kraviz (Trip) and Afrodeutsche (Skam). Limited white label 12" on Ninja Tune.
  • Short-Term Memory EP dug up by Séance Centre + remastered from original reels.
  • Tapeworm spools from Thomas Mahmoud and Wild Daughter.
  • Frank de Groodt Sonar Base electro classic 'Sonar Bases 4-10' limited edition, suitably futuristic looking silver vinyl reissue 2LP on OG label U-Trax.
  • Blood Music. Bloody good music. Bloody good lad. New CD on The Wormhole.
  • Limited house/techno compatible DJ tool 12" on Novel Sound from Levon Vincent.
  • Electro stonkers on VOITAX from Umwelt, Talker, Rory St. John, Swarm Intelligence.
  • Blurry, dubby ambient/techno Howes tape on Cong Burn Tapes. Edition of 50 copies.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Nyah Fearties

A Tasty Heidfu'

10/10 from Daoud

First time I listened through this I liked it. Nyah Fearties have an energy so endearingly shambolic that that was the least they could ask for me. A couple days later, on »

Jessica Pratt

Quiet Signs

9/10 from Clinton

She should change her name shouldn't she? Or should she? Should we learn to embrace the word prat and reclaim it? Certainly listening to this third album from the acclaimed on »


On And On (Fears Keep On)

9/10 from Ant

It’s so great to see this record back in print via Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin label (an imprint doing God’s work over the last few years). An absolute on »

Not Waving

Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project)

9/10 from Ant

Ambient music is, in many ways, very similar to psychedelic drugs in that state of mind/location are crucial to the experience. I tried to absorb this record one morning (I on »

Craven Faults

Springhead Works

8/10 from Clinton

Seems we've been waiting since September 2018 for this to land but it's been worth the wait. The mysterious Yorkshire producer's debut offering 'Netherfield Works' was a on »

Charlotte Adigéry


8/10 from Daoud

The first thing you’ll notice is that Zandoli, despite having two people on the cover, is credited to just one, Charlotte Adigéry. This is no accident! While on »



8/10 from Clinton

I like almost one thing about the band Daughter and that is the singers voice. Amid the Instagram'd post-rock swirl of her comrades, her emotional coo stands out like on »

Lee Gamble

In A Paraventral Scale EP

8/10 from Ant

It’s been a wee while since we’ve had a record from Lee Gamble - 2017 in fact when he released his ‘Mnestic Pressure’ album on Hyperdub, and before on »

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