Tuesday Update Beirut, Guided By Voices, Rustin Man, Bivouac

Tirzah & Micah, Ian Brown, Prefab Sprout, Ex:re, Bowery Electric, The Cardigans, The Telescopes, British Murder Boys and a whole lotta exciting pre-orders...


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Thanks for your patience while we had our four (!) January sales. Your pockets will be pleased to know that these are over now. Time to concentrate on all the fine, new music 2019 has to offer. Take a look at our hand-picked list of Finest Pre-orders for February and Beyond before casting your eyes below to consider this week’s releases.

New music:

  • Prepost-a-package CD from neo-classicist Gideon Wolf.
  • Billionth album from Guided By Voices - and it’s a double. Double the chances we might get a few good songs out of it.
  • Cherry Glazerr are stuffed and ready.
  • Country music mister and missus Mandolin Orange.
  • Beirut gets his organ out of retirement.
  • Icy coldwave lot Boy Harsher finally issue their debut long one.
  • Shoegaze/noise old timers The Telescopes do another one.
  • Ian Brown. Thoses footprint in the snow were definitely him, weren't they?
  • Rustin Man. One of Talk Talk makes a new album. Not the one out of Talk Talk we want but beggars can’t be choosers.
  • Unloved is David Holmes new thing. Enthusiastic description alert.
  • Good news for fans of Daughter as singer Ex:re makes a new solo album.
  • The Specials release a new album. Except it’s not really the Specials is it? And when’s the new Fun Boy Three one due?
  • Andrew Wasylyk has created new music for a restored harp in Arbroath. Have you?
  • Craven Faults. This better bloody be out at last this week. If not, we’re off for a cry.


  • Prefab Sprout’s marvellous, uncomparable ‘I Trawl the Megahertz' gets a reissue.
  • Gigi Masin soundtracks the thing that keeps me up at night.
  • The Cardigans had the most ‘indie’ name of any band ever didn’t they? But they weren’t all that terrible.
  • Bowery Electric’s third gets a re-issue. Trip-hop tastic.
  • John Cameron’s soundtrack to Kes gets a one sided vinyl re-press.
  • Tirzah & Micah get their collaborative 12” re-pressed.
  • Bivouac got excited because Stewart Lee mentioned them. Cue: re-press.

See you Thursday if we’re not snowed in.

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