Weekly Update Sharon Van Etten, The Twilight Sad, Deerhunter, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and another Dinked for ya

Loads of stuff including Cinematic Orchestra, 4AD, Julian Lynch, Bardo Pond, Steven Stapleton and David Tibet, loads of pre-orders and the return of our legendary reviews!


“Time, it's a flyer, sunny days fly away, English summers are gone”. So said Pilot on their 1975 smash ‘January’ which sums up exactly how we are feeling right now. Instead of sunshine and summer we bring you frost-bitten records blown in on ‘Beast From The East 2’ (the sequel). Let’s see what we got for you…

New records:

As bright as new pins.

  • The Twilight Sad record is as big as an aircraft hanger but no-one does emotional big rock as well as them.
  • I’m pleased to say that the Steve Mason album isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard... exactly.
  • You’ll get five really good songs out of the Deerhunter album. Guaranteed.
  • Unfortunately we can’t accept albums as half-arsed as the new Toro Y Moi one.
  • Big bold new record from Sharon Van Etten. Passed the Congleton-o-meter with flying colours.
  • Angelo De Augustine weighs down on the Justin Vernon side of the Bon Iver/Sufjan Stevens coin.
  • Oh! The music industry - the tales we could tell you! M Ward celebrates this wonderful industry.
  • Real Estate saviour Julian Lynch with delightfully titled new album.
  • David Bazan was and now is again Pedro the Lion.
  • The Steve Gunn album is good but one song sounds so much like ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ that I just can’t concentrate on anything else right now.
  • The Dead C have been experimenting for 32 years. At least.
  • Gospel and country from Liz Brasher.
  • Dodie do a new album on doddleoddle. Wow! She’s ‘enjoyed’ over 350 million streams!
  • Frances Cone’s life sounds pretty good….and she covers Miracle Legion. Respect.
  • Aesop Rock & TOBACCO. Tobacco built the beats, Aesop Rock rhymed.
  • Need a film soundtrack doing? Try Clint Mansell.


Manky, rusty, old nails.

  • Bardo Pond. A “toad smoking psychedelic frenzy” said Ant back in 2010.
  • Dude it’s The Big Lebowski soundtrack.
  • They’ll Need A (nother) Cranes re-issue.
  • Loads of re-issues from stadium dwelling Irishmen Snoi Patroil.
  • Who else thought Private Sponge was the great underrated character in Dad’s Army? No?
  • Johnny Cash or Pat Cash….or Pat Fish... Who is the best?
  • Cacophonous power trio Caspar Brötzmann Massaker.
  • Fist Of Facts is the thing the guy out of Liquid Liquid did after Liquid Liquid.
  • The Posies named their album after the thing you lick when cake making.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Part of the Ilkley and District Cybergrind set.

  • Crucial Laurie Spiegel reissues; ‘Unseen Worlds’ CD and first time vinyl edition, plus ‘The Expanding Universe’ back on CD and vinyl now featuring loads more tracks not on the initial wax reissue. Both highly recommended!!!
  • 108+bpm rhythms and syncopated loops from Jay Mitta on Nyege Nyege Tapes. Relentlessly infectious dance music outta Singeli.
  • echospace [detroit] chaps Rod Modell & Stephen Hitchell continue to explore/refine their vision of Basic Channel dub techno blueprint as cv313. 2LP on Minimood.
  • ‘23’ from pre-Coil industrial/ritual fiends Zos Kia pressed to triple vinyl.
  • Anthony Naples second album has the NYC producer in a chilled post-rave mode.
  • Ace, deep and immersive minimalism 2LP from France Jobin + Richard Chartier.
  • Further out-takes from Nurse With Wound/Current 93 chaps Steven Stapleton & David Tibet's ‘Musical Pumpkin Cottage’ sessions. LP on Dirter Promotions.
  • Fresh, innovative, dark Kudoro tracks from Angolan producer Nazar on Hyperdub.
  • Modeselektor monkey around town with a 12” of heavy dancefloor techno ammo.
  • First-time vinyl reissue of Richard Pinhas sci-fi chiller ‘Iceland’. Brrrrrr.
  • Beatmaker Budgie samples ‘90s Gospel records mutating them into chipmunked modern soul/hip-hop.
  • Sophomore GAS album ‘Zauberberg’ comes around once again.
  • Jeff Mills inaugurates a new series of his unique and influential futurist techno visions and is in fine form on ‘Str Mrkd.
  • Stripped back, gritty, slightly wonky club trax from Mix Mup on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • The enigmatic Pom Pom arrives on Ostgut Ton siter label A-TON for a fine LP. Less straight up bangin’ and more post-punk electronix inspired.
  • Machinefabriek incorporates some human voices into his latest work with contributions from Peter Broderick, Richard Young, Marissa Nadler et al.
  • Futuristic industrial tribalism and more chilled moments from Ricardo Donoso.
  • Zimiamvian Night returns to Infraction with an epic 2CD set of subtle and delicate ambient via piano, field recordings and beyond.
  • Scored some Softman tapes on Evening Chants, all the way from Singapore. Delightful ambient sampling old records and processed with Max/MSP.

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Still looking forward to 2019:


Go on. Be off with you. And wrap up warm. Get those ear muffs on.

Words: Clint, Ant

Work: Benn, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and I’m Not Ian Love.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Always agile in attendance and delivery”. They get odder every week. Read even more compliments in our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Silver Field


9/10 from Daoud

The easiest way to make a record feel utterly, specifically, personal is to sing about yourself in great depth and with great clarity. It’s not the only way though. The ...read on »

Christoph de Babalon

Hectic Shakes

9/10 from Ant

I’m gonna cut to the chase. Christoph de Babalon is a badass. Active since the mid-90s, it only feels like now he’s truly getting the recognition he deserves. Sure...read on »

Sharon Van Etten

Remind Me Tomorrow

8/10 from Clinton

First one in four years for Sharon Van Etten following a period where she did the usual between album stuff  - had a baby, got a psychology degree, worked with David Lync...read on »

Steve Gunn

The Unseen In Between

8/10 from Clinton

Though he started off as a guitar picker extraordinaire, Steve Gunn is now more of a singer songwriter guy. His voice isn't amazing but it is satisfactory and his guitar playi...read on »

The Twilight Sad


8/10 from Clinton

Ooph! It's a bit overblown isn't it? That's the first impression we got of this the fifth the Twilight Sad record but after years of struggle it seems to be the time for the T...read on »



8/10 from Daoud

In the last few years a number of records have made it over to old Norman Towers by artist that feature musicians using nothing more than a keyboard and its built in drum mach...read on »

Zimiamvian Night

Zimiamvian Night 3

8/10 from Daoud

Twelve years isn’t a very long time in the grand scheme of things. What it is long enough for, it turns out, is making an ambient album over 100 minutes long. Not to say...read on »

East Village

Cubans In The Bluefields

8/10 from Clinton

I spent an age recently looking for the East Village song I really like. It's called 'Vibrato' and it's not on this EP but look it up on YouTube  - it's great. East Villa...read on »

Sarah Louise

Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

8/10 from Daoud

Oh the guitar is a good friend indeed. Most people who play music have probably played the guitar at one time or another, and there’s a good chance that they were playin...read on »

France Jobin + Richard Chartier


8/10 from Daoud

For much minimalist music, the name or the the artwork can give us some sense of what the artist intended. Steve Reich has been fairly literal in his use of album art, while J...read on »

Jay Mitta

Tatizo Pesa

8/10 from Ant

Here we go again… another record on the ever impressive Nyege Nyege Tapes label that has a BPM count that threatens to make my now officially middle-aged heart explode....read on »

Featured albums

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Zimiamvian Night
The Cinematic Orchestra
Jay Mitta
France Jobin + Richard Chartier
Richard Pinhas
Mix Mup
Pom Pom
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Anthony Naples
Steven Stapleton & David Tibet
Julian Lynch
Fist Of Facts
Clint Mansell
Jeff Mills
Pedro The Lion
The Dead C
Aesop Rock & TOBACCO
M. Ward
Ricardo Donoso
Johnny Cash
Toro Y Moi
Steve Gunn
Angelo De Augustine
Sharon Van Etten
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The Posies
The Twilight Sad
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