Weekly Update Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Noyzelab, Nicolas Jaar, Max Richterand we gaze into the crystal ball for 2019

A small batch of new and reissued vinyl is now in stock. Plus: take a trip with us into the future that is now - 2019.    

Looking forward to 2019

It’s all happening here. What do we have for you this week? Records. Hand picked by our expert buyers (who only have your ears in mind). Launched to your doorstep by our incredible packers (who only have the safety of your purchases in their brains). C’mon, let’s go.

New records

Fresh long players.

  • Max Richter does the soundtrack for a new blockbuster about Mary the Queen of Scots.
  • The Silver Field...unique pastoral post-punk on our Timmy’s O Genesis.
  • Ian Brown muses on first world problems such as….does it look ridiculous to still walk like a monkey when you are deep into your 50s?
  • What happened when a Field Music and an Admiral Fellow got together? Oh You Tell Me.
  • Lorelle Meets the Obsolete make a promising sounding album in which they claim to combine the recent Low sound with Tender Buttons era Broadcast. Sorta.
  • Turbulent electronics and metal from Eartheater.
  • Carla J. Easton is a Scottish singer songwriter and because there’s not too many people in Scotland is quite possibly related to Sheena.


Reconstituted classics.

  • Who knew that Television made another album?
  • What was Nadine Shah thinking with the title to her debut?
  • ISIS. Not the terrorist people of course.
  • A golden flock of David Bowie re-issues up to pre-order.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Chatting about Psøma Psi Phi with the lollipop lady.

  • Mesmerising and inventive ambient pop and beyond from Eartheater on PAN.
  • Noyzelab 'Metal Cell Meditations' will vibrate yr atoms with a narcotic-like pleasure.
  • Sophomore Silent Servant album on Hospital Productions channeling EBM, industrial, goth, post-punk into his vision of techno.
  • Higher Intelligence Agency’s Bobby Bird and Gier Jensen aka HIA & Biosphere 1995 recordings from atop a mountain reissued on vinyl/CD on Biophon.
  • Reissue of classic 1993 Dan Curtin Planetary ‘Origins’ EP on Metamorphic Recordings. Remastered from the original DATs. Sweet intergalactic techno.
  • Beautiful ambient/drone from Specimens contemplating mortality and the afterlife.
  • Ultra-chill Oberlin disc on Maps & Diagrams Handstitched* imprint. 50 copies in fetching handmade artwork.
  • Scorching, skewed B-boy badness and lethal breaks from Logtoad on Optimo's new Against Fascism Trax label.
  • Scored more white vinyl copies of the infamous Macintosh Plus record.
  • Synth hero Chris Carter remixed by Daniel Avery, Radiophonic Workshop and Chris Liebing.
  • Baltimore Club structures and glitchy interludes from Damon Zucconi on Zero Grow.
  • Fine trippy/mystical/occult/pastoral drone/ambient works from Matthew Shaw on Blackest Rainbow.
  • Nurse With Wound / Current 93 chums Steven Stapleton / David Tibet compilation via Dirter including previously unreleased out-take from ‘Musical Pumpkin Cottage’!
  • R&S compile Nicolas Jaar's much in demand ‘Nymphs’ 12"s into a handy set, housed in artwork designed by the fabulous David Rudnick.
  • Fourth World, new age leaning ambient from Ultramarine on Les Disques du Crépuscule.
  • Also on R&S is Lone’s 2014 twinkler 'Reality Testing' back in print.
  • Carl Matthews 1984 new age/kosmische dreamer 'Call For World Saviours' rebooted.
  • +++ Efdemin 10” on Stroboscopic Artefacts, Kiki Kudo 12” on Incienso and Hellfish & Bryan Fury baby munching hardcore insania 12” on Love Love Records. +++


That’s it. It’s Thursday, our sweet little Thursday, so let’s sing and dance along with the Puddle.

Words: Clint, Ant

Work: Benn, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and I’m Ian Love With A Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “I don't know who packs your vinyl but they make you fight to free the album”. Read even more compliments in our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Metal Cell Meditations

9/10 from Ant

Released on Brian Grainger's (Milieu, Coppice Halifax) Psøma Psi Phi imprint, ‘Metal Cell Meditations' is one installment in an epic five-part series of synthesiz...read on »

Kane Software


8/10 from Ant

Kane Software are a Leeds sax + computer duo “combining to have a nice time”. Their debut cassette opens with ‘Alternate Ending to Dks3’, a live record...read on »

Silent Servant

Shadows of Death and Desire

8/10 from Ant

Los Angeles artist and former Sandwell District member Juan Mendez AKA Silent Servant returns with his second LP, six years after his influential debut album ‘Negative F...read on »

Featured albums

Damon Zucconi
Matthew Shaw
Silent Servant
Ian Brown
Kiki Kudo
Steven Stapleton / David Tibet
Carla J. Easton
Chris Carter
Nicolas Jaar
Max Richter
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
Carl Matthews
HIA & Biosphere
The Silver Field
You Tell Me
Hellfish & Bryan Fury
Macintosh Plus
Nadine Shah