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Tuesday Update You Tell Me, Gnod, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Mac De Marco

Stuff actually arriving from Silent Servant, The Delines, Chris Carter, Ultramarine and loads more. Plus: cheap classic vinyl and loads of new pre-orders.  


The first proper update of the year with Actual New Records shock! Here are your headlines:

  • Bunch of Discounted Classic Wax. £11.49 a pop for classic vinyl from Amy Winehouse, Sonic Youth, the La's, Beck, Nick Drake, The Cure, Public Enemy, and lots more.
  • Pre-orders. It’s that time of year. Loads and loads and load of juicy pre-orders are being added to the site by our ever-busy Ant.
  • Competition. Win up to £100 worth of albums from our Albums of the Year. Just place an order of £60 or more between now and January 31st 2019. More details here: Albums of the Year 2018.

Oh, and thanks to the ever-knowledgeable Jim K for writing this informative piece on all your favourite British reprobates and musical trangressives:

New music

  • Field Music and Admiral Fellow folks clash as You Tell Me. Warning: may contain flutes.
  • Second from Willie Vlautin’s post Richmond Fontaine band The Delines.
  • Mexican duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete hope to make your head go pow with Low meets Broadcast experimentation.
  • Ian Brown talks about First World Problems ..such as how to keep your hair really flat to your head.
  • Gnod (R&D) is as you might expect an offshoot of the mighty Gnod.
  • Techno’s dark alchemist Silent Servant returns.
  • Mac DeMarco / Haruomi Hosono. Together at last. On 7”.


That’s your lot for Tuesday. See you again on the day prefixed with a Thurs.

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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
The Delines
You Tell Me
Mac DeMarco / Haruomi Hosono
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Death in Vegas