Weekly Update Rick & Morty, Daughters, MALK, Terry Riley, Staff Top 5s

We’re back! Read about all the exciting new releases to ease us gently into the New Year. And, um, hmm, we have Staff Top 5’s and a few restock bits. Will that do? Full-strength soon...

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you have already read and digested our Albums of The Year extravaganza last week but if not please do take a look. And feel free to vent your outrage on our Twitter feed, although for once nobody will be able to pull the usual “it’s too early to say, the year isn’t over!” smart-assery...because 2018 is dead, baby. Ha! 1-0 to us and the whistle has just blown.

Speaking of our Albums of the Year, if you missed out on ‘Death From A Love’ by MALK - 2018’s best album, no question - then we have more copies in today. Last 20 ever. Don’t miss out this time.

Oh, and our #2 Album of the Year - ‘You Won't Get What You Want’ by Daughters - is now also back in on ‘London Fog’ coloured vinyl. Some kind of grey murk we can only assume?

Want more Albums-of-Last-Year tomfoolery? Well below we’ve let our usually-muted staff have a say. As much as anything, it’s an easy way to fill up this most sparse of updates.






Competition time

OK, we're pleased to announce that the winner of our Christmas Competition has just this minute been plucked from the virtual hat and the winner is...Andrew C. from Norfolk. Congrats. We'll email you v. soon with your winnings.

And for everyone else...a second chance. And it's a goodie. Anyone who places an order of £60 or more between now and January 31st will win up to £100 worth of stuff from our Albums of the Year list. So forget the post-Christmas bills. Forget the plunging world economy. Forget Brexit. Get spending. £60. Easy.

New records and reissues

What’s been happening since we last spoke? Not much at all really.

At this time of year it’s a good idea to look at our Back In page as we have loads of restocks of things which sold out over the Christmas period.

Money Saving Stuff:

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  • Free Shipping! UK orders over £50 ship for free. With apols to non-UK folk.
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Before we go, in time-honoured fashion we’ve plonked our Worst Reviewed Albums of the Year down at the bottom of the email where it can’t do any harm.

Words: Clint, Nathon.

Work: Benn, Ant, Nathon, Fred, Daoud, Phil, This Guy’s Ian Love With You.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Can’t fault their guts...”. Read even less impressive compliments in our Feefo reviews...

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