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All this week’s stuff including Amor, Public Service Broadcasting, The Sight Below, King Creosote and lots more.


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OK, Clint’s off and everyone else who can write wittily is too busy packing records at the moment. So let’s just get down to business. Here’s what’s happened this week that you might want to know about.

New records


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

He’s dreaming of a Whitehouse Christmas.

  • SOPHIE knows what electronic pop music should sound like in 2018.
  • Chris Carter of TG/ Chris & Cosey et al. box set on Mute featuring some previously unreleased archival tracks and a couple of albums on vinyl for the first time.
  • Mana serve up Luc Ferrari’s 1990 Spanish National radio electro-acoustic / radio-play / travelogue type thing ‘L'Escalier Des Aveugles' on wax.
  • Submerge into mystical, aquatic ambient from The Doubtful Guest on Arcola.
  • Joe Cocherell (Dva Damas / Frozen Border) deconstructs and reconstructs UK bass music in his own vision as Bone Head. Also on Arcola.
  • O/V/R (Regis & James Ruskin) EP of menacing techno on Downwards. Plus Ruskin & Broom do the same on Blueprint.
  • Jim O'Rourke and Group A rework Langham Research Centre.
  • The Modern Institute cassette with risographed artwork & encased in coalesced molten candy floss blue and pink expandable foam! AKA Golden Teacher lads.
  • Ace compilation of Christoph de Babalon darkside droning breakcore/jungle mutants.
  • Agnarkea LP on Natural Sciences like some Wolf Eyes, Memphis Rap, Techno Animal hybrid spawn.
  • No Messin’ club trax from Greg Beato - previously banged on Apron and L.I.E.S.
  • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt LP of hazy, L.A. heat warped ditties. Limited copies.
  • Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Nkisi, Mannerfelt, Mumdance & Logos exclusive tracks from Mumdance’s ‘Shared Meanings’ mix. Edition 400 stamped 12” EPs.
  • Triplet of fine LPs on VAAGNER - vinyl editions of sought-after tapes from OAKE, Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily) and Acronym w Korridor. All come recommended.
  • The Sight Below AKA Rafael Anton Irisarri gets his dubby techno/shoegaze gem 'Glider 10' back on wax.
  • Gothic ambient 7” on Ancient Methods label from Young Hunting aka Dalhous.
  • Anthony “Shake” Shakir’s sought after 1993 ace ‘5% solution’ re-pressed on Juan Atkins hallowed Metroplex. Classic Detroit techno.
  • Peace Radio Dublab’ compilation incl. Matthewdavid, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Suzanne Kraft, Mary Lattimore, Secret Circuit, Daedelus, Gifted & Blessed etc.
  • Off-kilter dancey wonk from Japanese producer Foodman (Sun Ark) on Palto Flats.
  • Tantalizingly weird and all over the place record from MoÅ‚r Drammaz on Lullabies For Insomniacs. Edition of 300 copies.
  • Darkside blinders from Pessimist, Overlook, Talker, Karim Maas.
  • Lola 'Wax The van' official repress 12" of Arthur Russell / Bob Blank disco classic.
  • Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker compact disc - Zuydervelt creates engaging new works from Bakker's violin and viola.
  • Kukangendai × Ryuichi Sakamoto limited edition Japanese import 12".
  • Robert Hood in Floorplan mode remixing Barbara Tucker's 1994 Strictly Rhythm soulful house tune 'Beautiful People'.
  • Тпсб album on Blackest Ever Black - rightfully back in print.
  • +++ Albums from Positive Centre on Horo, ASC on Auxiliary, Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec), Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio on Hivern Discs +++


Mostly Christmas-related.

  • Party anthems for your Christmas mayhem from Oh Gunguit.
  • Green Seagulls discuss the comforts of the festive season (high winds, exhausts, snarl ups etc).
  • Rachael Dadd tries to warm your heart over the yuletide season.
  • Ty Segall sings a non Christmas song about Fanny.

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A sad farewell to our customer service battler Joan who has run off to join the circus (literally: she’s left Norman Records to join the circus). Apologies in advance to everyone who now has the grumpy tones of Phil and Clint to put up with when they contact us. We still have a few staff left though, and all being well no more will have fled before next week. See you then.

Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Benn, Nathon, Fred, Daoud, Phil and What the World Needs Now is Ian Love.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “I keep coming back!” Read even more impressive compliments in our Feefo reviews...which, with Joan out of the picture, having joined the circus, will slowly but surely become less impressive and complimentary.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Sight Below

Glider 10

9/10 from Clinton

You wouldn't believe it but I just had the idea of blending shoegaze and dub techno but it turns out the Sight Below AKA Rafael Anton Irisarri had the same idea ten years ago ...read on »

Acronym w Korridor

Untitled EP

8/10 from Ant

Berlin label VAAGNER are doing magnificent work in making difficult to obtain cassette releases more widely available and pressing them onto vinyl. The first couple of release...read on »

Various (Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Nkisi, Mannerfelt, Mumdance & Logos)

Shared Meanings

8/10 from Ant

If you’ve at least half a rave damaged brain cell remaining in your scone, you must have clocked Mumdance’s ‘Shared Meanings’ mix. Here’s an oppo...read on »


The World Remade

8/10 from Ant

Karl O'Connor AKA Regis & James Ruskin are back at it as O/V/R with their first outing under the handle since 2016’s ‘Easy Prey’ 12” on Ruskin&rsqu...read on »


Sinking Into A Miracle

8/10 from Clinton

For those of us who love Richard Youngs voice but are sometimes alienated by his..um..challenging career swerves then his being part of this Glasgow based supergroup is quite ...read on »

Bone Head

Soft Power

8/10 from Ant

It was only a matter of time before the Oasis guitar player started making grime and dubstep inspired beats for warp sister label Arcola. Oh, hang on, this is another Bone Hea...read on »

The Doubtful Guest

Voyage To Blacklantis

8/10 from Ant

It's been like ten years since we last heard from Elizabeth Floyd as The Doubtful Guest. Erase any preconceptions about her music and previous work on Planet Mu as she's opera...read on »

Featured albums

The Doubtful Guest
Bone Head
Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt
Langham Research Centre
Greg Beato
Various (Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Nkisi, Mannerfelt, Mumdance & Logos)
Luc Ferrari
Charlemagne Palestine
Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker
The Modern Institute
Barbara Tucker
Positive Centre
Mołr Drammaz
Ty Segall
The Physics House Band
Various (Pessimist, Overlook, Talker, Karim Maas)
Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec)
Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio
Denis Wise
The Sand Pebbles
Super Furry Animals
Young Hunting
Anal Trump
David Attenborough
Kukangendai × Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ruskin & Broom
The Spinanes
The Bevis Frond
Manic Street Preachers
Oh! Gunquit
Rachael Dadd
Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily)
Green Seagull
Acronym w Korridor
Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
Lubomyr Melnyk
Christoph de Babalon
Mansur Brown
Richard Swift
Chris Carter
Public Service Broadcasting
Karen Dalton
Laurie Spiegel
The Sight Below