Tuesday Update Polytechnic Youth, Songs Ohia, Rick and Morty, Northerner, Bong

A sneak preview of our Album of the Year, Black Friday releases, Jacco Gardner, Loscil, Laibach, The Go-Betweens and all sorts.  


It’s Christmas soon. And above all else, that means it’s time to unveil our Christmas Gift Guide for 2018. Gifts for your dad! Gifts for your dad's dad! Gift for...other dads! Erm...

To lively things up a bit we’ve also thrown in the long list of suspects for our Albums of the Year and Reissues of the Year, which will be properly unveiled on Friday 28th December. Set your calendars. In the meantime, if you have any comments about how it’s far too early to be deciding, how it can’t be considered a serious list if [insert personal favourite artist] isn’t included, etc. then feel free to write a letter. We’ll definitely get back to you, we promise.

Also from now until we close on 21st December you’ll be getting DOUBLE NormanPoints on any purchase. How kind are we?

Finally, don’t forget (how can you) that this Friday is Black Friday and so we’ll be getting some of the exclusives in. Here’s what we’re getting but they won’t be on sale until 9am on Friday. No exceptions.

Right, let’s crawl through this week’s stuff shall we?

Special pre-order alert

Popcorn Lung - A Polytechnic Youth Collection

Synth pop, industrial electro, komische and electronic are blended seamlessly to make one great listening album. It is made up from exclusives and previously released tracks by XAM Duo, New Age Arcade, Gabe Knox, Australian Testing Labs Inc, and more.

New records

  • Two new Polytechnic Youth titles on their way from Cearley and Dwinnell and Adderall Canyonley.
  • Jacco Gardner has gone all instrumental. No vocals - not even a squeak.
  • Soundtrack to popular animated thing Rick and Morty.
  • Art Brut. That Eddie Argos now lives in Berlin says it all really.
  • Miss the Durutti Column? Then here’s another Northerner that should satisfy your ache.
  • Exciting Hookworms remix 12” with Nik Colk Void, Luke Abbot, and XAM remixes!! …..What?
  • Hippo Campus doing your laid back, stained dungareed Mac DeMarco thing.
  • Durand Jones. If only he knew another musician called Durand so he could form Durand Durand.
  • Wonderful The Go Betweens film on DVD. Great for all the family on Christmas day.
  • More vinyl copies of Hood escapees The Declining Winter’s ‘Belmont Slope’ back in.
  • Bong got stoned at Roadburn in 2010, 2012 and 2014.
  • Yama Warashi are similarly confusingly named Zun Zun Egui escapees.
  • Ed Harcourt. The Ed it’s ok to like.


  • Loads of cheery things from Post punk/goth gloomsters Bauhaus.
  • Big fancy re-issue of the Songs Ohia album with the Scottish people on it.
  • Twenty bloody years since Calexico’s ‘The Black Light’ was made.
  • Loscil. “It really is like floating in space” said Phil in 2007.
  • Lie back and listen to loads of Laibach re-issues.

Featured albums

Adderall Canyonly
Cearley & Dwinell
Jacco Gardner
Art Brut
Songs: Ohia
The Go Betweens
Durand Jones & The Indications
Ed Harcourt
Yama Warashi
Hippo Campus
Rick and Morty
The Declining Winter