Tuesday Update Brian Eno, Bagpuss, Kate Bush, King Gizzard, Smashing Pumpkins

New stuff coming from The Good, the Bad and the Queen, Ryley Walker, Robert Hood, Colin Potter, B12, Hen Ogledd.


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It’s pre-Christmas box sets and re-issues week with countless things by Kate Bush, Brian Eno, King Gizzard and even The Police! If you want new music there’s some of that too with brand new things from Smashing Pumpkins, Hen Ogledd and The Good, the Bad and the Queen.

Please tuck in.

New records:

  • Smashing Pumpkins. So overwrought they named it thrice.
  • Pioneering techno legend Robert Hood does his DJ Kicks thing.
  • David Cameron texted Damon Albarn’s mate to say that Brexit would be ‘fine’. Listen to Albarn and his The Good, the Bad and the Queen as they disagree.
  • Nu-shoegaze lot Echo Ladies get Guthrie’d. More about them below too.
  • Ryley Walker covered a Dave Matthews Band album in its entirety and you won’t believe what happened next.
  • Josephine Foster singing about mortality….which you may well do when you’ve been to Shipley.
  • Folk maverick Richard Dawson and harpist Rhodri Davies plus two more pals = Hen Ogledd.
  • Richard Youngs makes an album inspired by grass verges.
  • Big Christmassy Brainfeeder comp.
  • Upper class folkies Mumford and Sons with a new album and 61 date tour. Rejoice!
  • The Liminanas do the odds and sods round-up again.
  • Monolithic goth metal sludge from Esben and the Witch.

All else New In that has arrived so far….


  • Here’s Kate Bush’s back catalogue in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Now Rolf Harris - free.
  • Half speed masters of all these Brian Eno albums.
  • The Beta Band re-issue one of their least bad albums.
  • Five (5) King Gizzard re-issues.
  • As promised earlier, more Echo Ladies. This time a re-issue of their earlier 10” sized thing.
  • At last the even longer The Beatles ‘White album’ is here.
  • The perfect Christmas gift for middle-aged nostalgists - the gorgeous Bagpuss music on vinyl.
  • £100 burning a hole in your pocket? Get Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’ re-issue and still have change.
  • Dad Christmas Gift Guide: The Police box set.
  • A classic of Warp’s golden era, B12’s 1996 album Time Tourist.
  • Another one of Colin Potter’s tapes vinyl’d.
  • The Rolling Stones with the album that named the label.
  • Laurie Spiegel’s The Expanded Universe… expanded.
  • Sir David Bowie with rare live stuff on 7”.

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Hopefully this will tide you over to Thursday when you’ll get the enormo version.

Team Norman x

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