Best Records of October 2018 Thom Yorke, Julia Holter, Daniel Brandt, Kristin Hersh, Hairband, Guttersnipe

The best records ready to be drowned out by the sound of our heaters whirring into life. Best listened to through industrial strength ear muffs.

Best albums this month

Thom Yorke - Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)

The best thing ever for both fans of Radiohead and fans of horror movies as Thom Yorke finally gets his soundtrack career off the ground. This Halloween-friendly soundtrack is full of swirling spook sounds, shadowy drones and actual songs here and there with that unique voice whining away.

Julia Holter - Aviary

2015s ‘Have You In My Wilderness’ was her most streamlined offering yet so what does Julia Holter do but makes the classic all over the place double album follow up. ‘Aviary’ is cinematic in scope taking in bagpipe concertos amongst plenty of examples of her unique songcraft peeking out of the chaos.

Jessica Moss - Entanglement

Her third solo album after a 15 year stretch with A Silver Mt Zion, Entanglement consists of two distinct pieces - an A and B side. On the A side ‘Particles’ is full of cosmic awe. On the flip ‘Fractal’ Moss uses her instrument more melodically, looping her instrument and vocals to make beautiful textures.

Benoit Pioulard - Slow spark, soft spoke.

Oh this is just glorious. It consists of five instrumental ambient pieces that sound like they have been fed through a rusted tape machine in order to collect the right amount of decay. It’s simplicity is key to the emotion produced from these simple drones - his best ambient work to date.

Hairband - Hairband

Straight out of Glasgow where the people are happy and the weather is rainy. This five piece are soaked in the post punk/funk vibes of the city from Orange Juice to Franz Ferdinand but construct their own supremely melodic take on the form. Like the Slits or the Raincoats they jabber and twitch but there’s songs here and loveliness aplenty.

Daniel Brandt - Channels

We keep telling you about Daniel Brandt don’t we? If you want to hear what perhaps Can would sound like with access to today’s modern gadgets then Brandt gets close. His percussive polyrhythms excel but there’s also warmth here supplied by toned synth and the loveliest of horn lines.

Adrienne Lenker - Abysskiss

Autumn-ready quiet night acoustics from this Big Thief singer with the ever changing hair. At its best Abysskiss recalls the solitude of lost Nick Drake recordings - these intimate pieces are so fragile that you fear disturbing them by simply breathing on them.

Kristin Hersh - Possible Dust Clouds

An old timer who really comes through here. The former Throwing Muses singer struggled a bit through her previous album Wyatt at the Coyote Place but here with the amps turned up to 11, she excels with a batch of high octane alt rock. Certainly a return to form comparable with the Breeders efforts from earlier in the year.

Hiro Kone - Pure Expenditure

Deep dark and rhythmical techno that likes hiding in corners from Nicky Mao. It’s deep and brutal rhythmic pulse is not for the faint hearted and has a futuristic nihilist feel to proceedings. The sort of record that has that essential clanking industrial edge to it yet will appeal to fans of the golden age of Detroit techno.

Guttersnipe - My Mother the Vent

Clanking racket from Leeds favourite noise people here as they blitzkreig through a barrage of sounds that is best described as a mish mash mess of noise. Perhaps best experienced live, My Mother the Vent sorta retains that intensity. Kinda like Lightning Bolt stripped into a zillion pieces.

Coming to a shelf near you this November...

What, then, to look forward to in probably the grimmest month of the year?

  • Damon Albarn is back with his The Good the Bad and the Queen project - their debut was a lovely lot of British misery so I’m sure they’ve got some things to say about Brexit.
  • Volkswagen Golf owner J Mascis does an album that sounds like Dinosaur Jr but more acoustic.
  • We are always happy to have a new Stephen Steinbrink record on the shelves.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins like their new record so much they named it thrice.
  • Richard Dawson and Rhodri Davies re-connect as Hen Ogledd.

Christmas is on it’s way and we’re getting in stocking-ready re-issues from Stereolab Brian Eno, Kate Bush, Songs Ohia, King Gizzard and er the Police, stay tuned for Black Friday exclusives on Friday 23rd and after that our ‘legendary’ Christmas Gift Guide to ease you into December.