Tuesday Update Stereolab, J Mascis, Charles Bradley, the Beatles, Studio Ghibli

Tuesday-friendly stuff from Bibio, Sun Kil Moon, Objekt, the Wave Pictures, Noyzelab and Stephen Steinbrink.


Dreary isn’t it? Classic November. Cheer yourself up by looking at your computer/device and seeing what records we are droning on about this week. There could be something you’ll want amongst this little lot.

New records:

  • Satisfied Volkswagen Golf owner J Mascis.
  • Did you like the Bohemian Rhapsody film? Then try Muse.
  • Bibio issues more rusted textures from his cottage.
  • Sun Kil Moon. Music will never get worse than this no matter how hard it tries.
  • Smoky and soft songwriting from Rivulets.
  • The Wave Pictures bang out another. Recorded while merry apparently.
  • Posthumous collection of recordings by soul man Charles Bradley
  • Seventh (!) album by Belfast guitar janglers Sea Pinks.
  • 3 CDrs of racket from Noyzelab.
  • Brainy Berlin DJ and producer Objekt.
  • Previously Stephen Steinbrink made two lovely albums everyone ignored. Now it’s time to wheel out the backstory.
  • Ace solo artists Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore collide. Expect lots of plucks.
  • BEAST is Koen Holtkamp the Mountains guy.
  • These Goat 7”s are flying out.

All else New In that has arrived so far….


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Sun Kil Moon
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