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Early week arrivals from Dead Can Dance, Causa Sui, Kode 9 & Burial, Blawan and Bruce Springsteen plus all your latest pre-orders.


Time for the first frosts of the year inside our frozen hellhole of a place. Gloves and hats on, cups of tea warming frost-bitten fingers, dark at 3pm. Welcome to winter.

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  • OMD’s classic era stuff gets a re-press for Christmas.
  • Causa Sui’s modern psych rock classic ‘Free Ride’ gets a re-isssue.
  • A couple of marvellous Bruce Springsteen albums back in on vinyl.
  • Techno underlord Blawan with a re-press EP.
  • Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore still with a wonderful head of hair.

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Remember summer? Remember that thing?

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