Weekly Update Cat Power, Brian Eno, Benoit Pioulard, Kristin Hersh

Loads of Brian Eno re-issues to pre-order. Plus new stuff from Cat Power, Kristen Hersh, Fecked Up, Matt Berry and Uncle Acid. There's even some new-but-not-new Echo & The Bunnymen.


  • Album of the Week. More indies-only silver vinyl coming tomorrow so don’t panic.
  • Pre-order Benoit Pioulard ‘Slow spark, soft spoke’. Clear vinyl reissue LP 200 only.
  • September Round-Up. We reanalyse what we liked best last month.
  • Brian Eno half-speed re-issues his classic ambient albums.

Everyone is ill, so we’re down to 2003 era levels of staffing today. I’ve even had to speak to Phil directly, through my mouth, like in the old days, rather than via email. Awful. Yet, due to the ever-industrious Benn, all your records have been packed and shipped and will be with you soon. And now thhe weekend is nigh, so look below to see what else we can send you.

New records

  • A lovely new Cat Power to remind us about why she’s so cherished.
  • Gravel-voiced Throwing Muse Kristin Hersh belts out an impressive new one.
  • Raucous punks Fecked Up destroy more of their vocal chords. For you. They do it for you.
  • Mythic Sunship. Where’s our psych sax guy gone?
  • Phosphorescent comes back really happy and Paul Simon-ish after a half a decade away.
  • Echo & the Bunnymen spend a futile 45 minutes trying to ‘improve’ their old songs.
  • At last the Blood Orange album...on orange vinyl of course.
  • Matt Berry reminds everyone of TV Theme tunes from the past which you may have forgotten.
  • Marie Davidson. I just didn’t understand this. Daoud will review tomorrow...maybe. *Got test pressings to give away on this too but you need to buy it first*.
  • Swearin’ have re-formed to give you more mid 90s fuzz pop. Nice of them.
  • Nathan Bowles plays the banjo but when he sings it’s best.
  • Madeline Kenney has a super soft duvet voice.
  • Noise + sludge from Exploded View on Sacred Bones.
  • Adrianne Lenker makes gorgeous autumnal folk for leaf season.
  • Tim Cohen plays some 60s off kilter pop and he doesn’t care how good it is.
  • Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats blow the way all the other psych rock rabble.
  • Peel Dream Magazine like Cigarettes After Sex you are going to have to get over the name to get good things.
  • Psych rockers who Robin even enjoys…. Kikagaku Moyo.
  • Chirpy lad-rock from Youth Killed It.
  • Cursive are still sooooo angry...and so deep into their 40s
  • Fresh from their tour of LA Spain drift out a new one.
  • Heavy riffing grunge metal and psych from Windhand.
  • Alt rappers Atmosphere are in their third decade. I feel old (again).
  • TTNG double up on the bad ideas by shortening their name and doing an acoustic version of their first album.
  • John Paul. RIYL Sleaford Mods, Jason Williamson, ...er Sleaford Mods, the Streets.


  • DJ Shadow ‘s second best album gets the re-issue thing,
  • The glory day of increasingly useless post punk yelpers Bloc Party.
  • Re-issue of the album that started all the retrospection of Arthur Russell.
  • Terry wants my photograph, Terry says our love will last forever. He should know.
  • Re-press from an older Kitagaku Moyo record.
  • The Rutles splendid the Beatles pastiches get a revamp.
  • Speaking of which...John Lennon - remember him from the Beatles?
  • Who is best...Television or Terrorvision?
  • L7. Pretend that they are dead.
  • Yan Tregger. Library music from the ‘70s.
  • Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks. Hazlewood’s bin being scraped.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

On the Juan Atkins diet.

  • Ace LP of heavy, tribal, dubbed out techno/noise mutations from Spiritflesh aka DJ October and Borai. Edition of 300 copies in screen printed sleeve on NoCorner.
  • Ancient ritual rhythms meet modern electronics on an ace from Kadodi on Nyege Nyege Tapes. 300 copies on coloured wax.
  • LP of morbid fascinations from Teresa Winter on The Death of Rave.
  • Freedom To Spend unearth a DIY electro-acoustic gem from Rimarimba, recorded in the early 80s in a bungalow in Felixstowe.
  • John Shima EP of deep, Detroit schooled techno on DMK.
  • Last coupla copies of limited edition Light Sounds Dark ‘Configuration / Deployment’ compilation LP. Be quick!
  • Pastoral ambient from Enofa on Time Released Sound. Peep the art edition!
  • Deep house trickery from Lawrence on his own Dial label.
  • Jun Kamoda fun on Black Acre mashin’ up disco, house, hip hop etc.
  • Dark ambient from Bliss Signal aka James Kelly (Altar of Plagues) and Mumdance.
  • Steffi and Martyn compile a bunch of tunes for the Air Texture series.
  • Mount Kimbie do the DJ Kicks thing.
  • +++ Amish Boy on Power Vacuum, Garies (New Jackson & Lumigraph) 2LP on Major Problems, Dengue Dengue Dengue EP on On The Corner +++

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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil, and A Crazy Little Thing Called Ian Love. Robin was cleaning his sax.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Kode9 & Burial


9/10 from Daoud

FabricLive 1 was released 3rd December 2001. I had no idea what Fabric was, and the closest to clubbing my 7 year old self had been was watching the death sticks scene from Th...read on »


Apple Venus Vol. I

9/10 from Clinton

Welcome to my actual favourite album of all time. Well certainly my favourite album of all time that has two or three songs that I don't like. The quality of the good stuff on...read on »


Through Broken Summer

8/10 from Jamie

Oh, this is classic epic45. Just like previous transmissions from planet epic45, this is a sound-world all on its own; by which I mean a world quite distinct from -- and extan...read on »

Kristin Hersh

Possible Dust Clouds

8/10 from Clinton

Not really a massive fan of Throwing Muses so I don't know how that is going to affect what I'm going to say but I really like this Kristin Hersh album. We've played it severa...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Spiritflesh aka Julian Raymond-Smith (DJ October) and Boris English (Borai) were seemingly educated at The Bristol School of Dub and graduate with techniques they utilize at t...read on »

The Lotus Eaters


8/10 from Ant

Rrose and Lucy open up a vortex with a gravity-defying long-player that has us well and truly lost in space. The duo has previously collaborated for a pair of EPs on each othe...read on »

Cat Power


8/10 from Clinton

I was just re-reading my review of Cat Power's last album 'Sun' which I concluded with "on this evidence, she should not be allowed anywhere near the producers chair again". W...read on »

Adrianne Lenker


8/10 from Clinton

Being in my mid 40s I can't seem to cope with Adrianne Lenker's ever changing hairstyles. Google image her and you'll see a suedehead, long trusses and a kind of mid rang...read on »

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John Shima
John Lennon
John Paul
Amish Boy
Mount Kimbie
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Adrianne Lenker
Kikagaku Moyo
Fucked Up
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Blood Orange
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