Tuesday Update Sharon Van Etten, Cat Power, Puce Mary, Mount Eerie, Blood Orange

Pre-order the new Mount Eerie live album plus have a glance at this week’s releases including Kristin Hersh, Swearin’ and Cat Power.


Welcome to Norman Records re-issues. This Tuesday we will round up the best of the re-issued vinyl out this week plus a small selection of future re-issues.

In other news, it’s October! Wa-hey!

New records:
Found some….

Long column ahead….

  • DJ Shadow re-issues an album Phil literally forced himself to like.
  • Bloc Party back when they were quite good.
  • The album that started the reassessment glut of Arthur Russell now re-issued.
  • An exceptional XTC album... and a slightly less good XTC album.
  • Terry re-plug their recent album in which they advise that they are...indeed...Terry.
  • Japanese psych rockers Kitagaku Moyo.
  • The Rutles were parodying the Beatles when Oasis were still a glint in Peggy’s eye.
  • The Siddleys. They could have been as big as the Smiths you know?
  • Television’s ‘Marquee Moon’ is now even better as it has more tracks.
  • Trouser-dropping grungesters L7.
  • 1970’s French library music from Yan Tregger.
  • Rediscover Rimarimba’s DIY sounds. Private press etc.

Check out our release schedule timeline where we also miss stuff out off a list.

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From Coil to Muslimgauze: our guide to the best experimental music

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