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Weekly Update Tim Hecker, Pixies, Macintosh Plus, Stereolab, The Caretaker

Big box Pixies and Stereolab records to help you remember your indie roots plus new ambient music from Tim Hecker and the Caretaker and so many Pigs you won’t know what to do with them.


Just 18 years until Phil’s retirement so we’ve started our wallchart countdown. Only 6000 days or so to go. Meanwhile, here’s another week of stuff as we ourselves also edge slowly towards sweet death. Old Pixies and Stereolab albums, rebadged! Mudhoney and Soft Cell are back! Hell, we even got a Foster and Allen album sent to us by mistake this week...we might put that into stock later as well.

There is good new stuff too, though, so ignore us.

New records

No Stalgia.



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Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Derrick May pencil case.

  • The Caretaker penultimate sonic account of dementia deterioration.
  • Tim Hecker manipulates traditional Japanese instruments from inside a temple.
  • Kode9 & Burial mix it up for FABRICLIVE 100. Mix CD out now, wax to follow...
  • Killer Massimo Toniutti electro-acoustic haunted ambience reissue via Oren Ambarchi’s increasingly stellar Black Truffle label. Highly recommended.
  • Jlin’s footwork moves from the streets to dramatic stage production with her score for choreographer Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography on Planet Mu.
  • Legendary/elusive vaporwave classic from Macintosh Plus now on white vinyl!
  • Brixton's Gaika mashes up dancehall, hip-hop and soul on his first Warp full length.
  • Detroit duo ADULT. are back, this time on Dais. All uppercase, don’t forget the full stop/period and don’t you freakin’ dare say electroclash, alright?
  • Siavash Amini + Umchunga semi-mutilate and reconstruct ancient piano recordings for a tape on Kate Carr’s Flaming Pines label.
  • Music From Memory reissue rare LP from G.B. Beckers at the intersection or art rock and electronica.
  • EP of scuzzy nailers from O/H on L.I.E.S. aka Rich Oddie (Orphx) and Dave Foster (Huren/Teste).
  • Explorations in Estonian Electronic Folk Music 1979-1983 from Olev Muska.
  • Super bluuuuurrrry tranquilizer blissouts from SK U KNO aka Suzanne Kraft.
  • Masterful sound design/ultra-dramatic ambient from Giulio Aldinucci on Karlecords.
  • Enchanting, playful and bizzaro LP from Foodman on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label.
  • Aux Field draw mutated urban landscapes with synthesizers.
  • Domenique Dumont’s electronic pop gets kinda freakier and tropical on Antinote.
  • Pure murk from Universal Eyes aka Universal Indians and Wolf Eyes.
  • Seriously groovy EP of rugged trax from Ayln on Nous.
  • King of sampling Carl Stone teams up with Miki Yui as Realistic Monk.
  • Sweet batch of spools on Umor Rex from Alejandro Morse, Slows, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Dino Spiluttini.
  • Herbert Bodzin Electronic Tapes 1979-1982 compiled on wax. Edition 300 copies.
  • Afrobeat and techno titans Tony Allen & Jeff Mills space jazzers on Blue Note.
  • Roll The Dice captured Live At Berlin Atonal 2017.
  • Badalamenti/Carpenter inspired soundtrack concept tape on Isle of Jura from Filmico.
  • Atrax Morgue harsh noise filth 5CD set on Urashima in a red wooden box.
  • Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada & Friends FRKWYS action for drone fiends.
  • Doublepack of pure slammers from Matrixxman on his new label The Grid.
  • Ye Olde Kettel 'Myam James Part I' reissued on wax.
  • Superior Viaduct reissue of majestic, minimalist inspired work from Alvin Curran. 'Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico' blends field recordings with synth etc.
  • Susumu Yokota ‘Acid Mt.Fuji’ 180g vinyl 2LP reissue now on it's 3rd pressing!
  • +++ E-Unity on FTD, Omar S on FXHE, Maoupa Mazzocchetti on Editions Gravats, Yuri Urano on CPU, Peverelist on Idle Hands, John Daly and David Kitt records on All City, Melody As Truth 2CD compilation, King Ende Shneafliet on Artificial Dance +++


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Mustn’t Grumble. 6000 days.

Words: Clint, Robin, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Really big albums…”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada & Friends

FRKWYS Vol. 14 – Nue

9/10 from Robin

Bagpipes, though. You heard these things? Absolutely nuts. Not so if you’re Yoshi Wada, the legendary drone hero who’s been making music whatever way suits him for...read on »

The Caretaker

Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 5

9/10 from Ant

The Caretaker’s epic ‘Everywhere At The End Of Time’ series depicting the onset of dementia has recently taken on an entirely new emotional and deeply person...read on »


Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor's Autobiography)

9/10 from Robin

Whatever your beat is, and whether or not it’s the fervent footwork of emerging genius Jlin, this is a staggering release. ‘Autobiography’ is the soundtrack ...read on »

Macintosh Plus

Floral Shoppe

9/10 from Robin

It’s cosmically hypocritical of me to get all nostalgic and pine for a time when vaporwave was good, but here we are. The rapid rate of art production has moved the genr...read on »

The Field

Infinite Moment

8/10 from Clinton

Dear readers, I'm desperate. Desperate for some music to mean something. At least the Field is trying to soothe our senses a bit. We could all do with a bit of escapism right?...read on »

Tim Hecker


8/10 from Robin

Bloody Tim, he just does it, doesn’t he. Every time I read a completely baseless interview with him or watch him performing in the dark as if it’s some kind of rad...read on »

Thelonious Monk


8/10 from Robin

I’m going to assume I don’t need to tell you that a live set from Thelonious Monk is very good indeed. ‘Mønk’ is from back in his days of trailb...read on »

Featured albums

Maoupa Mazzocchetti
The Caretaker
Atrax Morgue
Alejandro Morse
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Father John Misty
Dino Spiluttini
Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)
Alvin Curran
Soft Cell
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills
Massimo Toniutti
Siavash Amini + Umchunga
Wingtip Sloat
Bikini Kill
Miss World
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
Olev Muska
Roll The Dice
Winter & Triptides
Liars / Tropical Fuck Storm
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
John Paul
Robert Rental
David Kitt
John Daly
Domenique Dumont
Yuri Urano
Kode9 & Burial
Universal Eyes
Tim Hecker
Aux Field
G.B. Beckers
The Field
Thelonious Monk
Omar S
Hiro Kone
King Ende Shneafliet
Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada & Friends
Exploded View
Aretha Franklin
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Melody As Truth (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)
Joe Strummer
Herbert Bodzin
The Joy Formidable
Technical Space Composer's Crew
Susumu Yokota
Macintosh Plus
Amber Arcades
SK U KNO (Suzanne Kraft)
The House Of Love