Weekly Update Aphex Twin, Low, Sleaford Mods, Throbbing Gristle, bvdub, Mark McGuire

Our busiest week yet, with autumn's big hitters beginning to land including Aphex Twin, Low, Mark McGuire, Sleaford Mods, The Goon Sax, The Chills, Pale Waves, The Beta Band, Sarah Davachi and loads more.


  • Record of the Week. Let’s be obvious eh?
  • Just In! Mark McGuire limited vinyl. Unavailable elsewhere in the UK (we think).
  • Got more copies of the ‘loser edition’ of the bleak new Low album.
  • Very limited new Toy 12”.

Well it’s been a very busy week. We’re not lying this time. First up, have you checked out our new wipes? We trust you will be excited as we are about this latest advance in record wiping technology. Thing is, in order to wipe, you’ll need some records to be the wipees. So let’s take a look at the best things from this week. Buy first, wipe later, eh?

Oh, and….been following our genre guides? This time it’s Indie Pop. So wash your cardigan, comb your fringe and join us in a celebration of all things shambling.

New records

Freshly wiped…



NEW! Check out our release schedule timeline! It's proper. Properly inaccurate, that is.

Clint’s Electronic Round Up

He’s been seen down in the basements, got all the white labels under his arm, has even Wikipedia’d Berlin. It’s time for the sounds of the underground with our resident substitute techno teacher. Don’t lock him in the cupboard.

  • Joyous stuff from the master craftsman Sir Aphex Twin.
  • Unknown Artist. Ha! They don’t even know who made this techno.
  • When is a door not a door? When it’s Nicolas Jaar.
  • Long running techno duo Orbital confirm that monsters do exist. Sorry kids.
  • Re-issued Juan Atkins 12” from the golden age of Detroit techno.
  • Dark immersive echo chamber dub from Jay Glass Dubs.
  • Really heavily tattooed ambient guy Bvdub.
  • Double pack from rejuvenated low key house master Shinichi Atobe
  • Human dress up box Gazelle Twin goes plays with some Moogs.
  • Early Coil style minimal industrial mystery from China’s Tsuzing on L.I.E.S.
  • Space mission themed electronic journeys by LOR on (checks year)...yup Lo recordings.
  • Thomas Ankersmit pays homage to the sound your inner ear hears.
  • Strong, polished techno from the prolific Thomas Fehlman.
  • Stressed after a night at the club? Cass has the chilled out solution.
  • They were closer now, Fernando, every hour, every minute seemed to last eternally.
  • Late electronic maverick Bruce Haack’s religious years unhacked.
  • Krikor Kouchian. Hey have you heard? Pacific Alley is now in dub.
  • Jean Hoyoux’s kosmische odyssey scored for synths, delays and filters re-issued.

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That’s it. We’re off on the bus home through the roadworks etc.

Words: Robin, Clint.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and Ian ‘Lay All Your’ Love ‘On Me’. Ant with poorly child… (get well soon, Archie).

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Splendidly wrapped”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Makaya McCraven

Universal Beings

9/10 from Robin

Fans of jazz LPs with a hundred thousand contributors, rejoice: this ecstatic release from Makaya McCraven is exactly what you want. The first LP from the Chicago drummer and on »

Jay Glass Dubs


9/10 from Ant

Someone had better grab a fire extinguisher and spray it on Dimitris Papadatos because the man is absolutely on fire at the moment. Eight albums and a slew of EPs as Jay on »

Aphex Twin

Collapse EP

9/10 from Ant

Absolutely joyous EP from the undisputed master, with classic Aphex hallmarks and cheeky new tricks galore. You’ve all no doubt had your eyeballs melted by the “I& on »

Nicolas Jaar


9/10 from Robin

Of all the things Nicolas Jaar has ever done, I think ‘Pomegranates’ stands the tallest. It is a singular achievement in a career that has focused on the avant on »

Sarah Davachi

Gave In Rest

9/10 from Robin

The terrifyingly busy schedule of Sarah Davachi seems to know no end. As long as there’s an ambient label who considers it their turn to release your music, you’ on »

Menace Beach

Black Rainbow Sound

8/10 from Robin

Last week Sauna Youth released a record and so did Menace Beach. It’s a conspiracy, believe you me: bands who ruled up the place in approximately ‘15 to ‘16 on »

Colleen Green

Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops

8/10 from Robin

Couple chords is all you need, right? Colleen Green spins songs out of simplicity on this charming, hyper-lackadaisical comp-athon, filling our ears with melodic throughlines on »

Siavash Amini


8/10 from Robin

Criminally underrated droner Siavash Amini has been busy lately, having crafted one of the most emotionally gutting records of all time with his spoken word collaborator Matt on »

A-Sun Amissa

Ceremony In The Stillness

8/10 from Robin

Pals of the pennines Gizeh Records release another LP by their house band, A-Sun Amissa. I’m personally always a fan of people seasoning their post-rock broth with a on »

Knife Knights

1 Time Mirage

8/10 from Robin

Unlike our description writer Fred, who apparently took to this record’s description box to cathartically complain about the state of things, I actually liked those on »

Infernal Coil

Within A World Forgotten

8/10 from Robin

Honestly, Infernal Coil, it’s like you’re not even trying. That logo is the kind of bad handwriting I was told off for ceremoniously in school. It’s a on »

Shinichi Atobe


8/10 from Ant

One 12” on Chain Reaction back in 2001 and then Shinichi Atobe went AWOL. He’s now on his fourth album for Demdike Stare’s DDS label since re-emerging in on »

Thomas Ankersmit

Homage To Dick Raaijmakers

8/10 from Ant

Hey, fancy listening to your own ears? If so check out Thomas Ankersmit’s homage to the late Dutch electronic/tape music pioneer Dick Raaijmakers. But be prepared as on »

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