Weekly Update Spiritualized, Sauna Youth, The Cardiacs, Julia Holter

Plenty to offer this week for the discerning buyer of records with new ones from Julia Holter, Teleman, Waxahatchee, Menace Beach, Per Norgard, Thomas Fehlmann, and more.


Hello again all you fans of things for ears, and welcome to our latest round-up of the vinyl wares we have for you. It’s been another week where literally nothing of interest has happened here at the Towers, except that Phil’s cough is a bit better and the trees outside our window are yellowing just slightly. So we’d better get on with what we are loosely describing as a ‘show’ before we all get too excited.

Genre guides

Did you enjoy the genre guides we sent you on Tuesday? If so, we’ve published the next two - on Post-Rock and Psychedelic Rock. So here's the full line-up:

More to come...stay tuned.

New records

  • This 7” has to be music at BEAK quality.
  • Sauna Youth. Like those American people in a heated room.
  • As sponsored by the Disney corporation, Spiritualized’s Christmassy new record.
  • Teleman add a few synths and things to their polite English pop. No disaster.
  • Paul McCartney releases his worst ever song (takes some doing) and some better ones.
  • Professional irritant Ian Svenonious creates a ‘lost album’ with Escape-ism.
  • Waxahatchee calls from a country phone.
  • Young Marble Giants/Weekend folks Alison Statton & Spike still sound lovely after all these years.
  • Pig Destroyer.We love grindcore but we also love pigs. Confused.
  • Leeds scene sorts Menace Beach continue their pop wallop.
  • Dean Wareham presents his ‘Luna Demos’. In other word demos for his band Luna. Simple.
  • Papernut Cambridge are so psychedelic their record plays inside out.
  • No overdrive, no turner just Eric Bachman.
  • Delta Sleep are a British math-rock band. A Maths rock band then.
  • Haiku Salut worked with Public Service Broadcasting but don’t let that put you off.
  • Death Grips play hip-hop punk apparently.
  • Alpaca Sports make perfectly pleasant pop ditties thanks.
  • Purple Heart Parade make like an early Verve demo and space jam.
  • Pharcyde-y boom bap from The Lytics.
  • La Luz bring the fuzz.
  • 90s melody burning hardcore from Right Shitty who are anything but.
  • Missing King Gizzard? What about Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.
  • Chilly Gonzales makes ‘Solo Piano III’ - the (you guessed it) third in his series of piano albums.
  • Oliver Coates who we keep calling the ‘new Arthur Russell’ which we must stop doing immediately.
  • Have a slumber to the new Special Occasion.
  • A Happy Return make jumble sale


  • Matt Berry reissues his album wi’ t’bird on cover.
  • Beautifully presented re-issue of The Durutti Column’s superb ‘Without Mercy’.
  • Two big Depeche Mode box sets for your delectation.
  • Three super super msad as a box of trolleys The Cardiacs album to re-buy.
  • Oneida get their turn of the century pop psych re-vamped.
  • Back In: Old timey Sleaford Mods CDs.

NEW! Check out our release schedule timeline! It's proper. Properly inaccurate, that is.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Back to (old) School

  • Reissue of class cosmic electronic meditation music from Per Nørgård.
  • Maribou State explore global music cultures. Looks pretty on Turquoise wax.
  • Lonely, coastal ambient journals from Cremation Lily on Alter. Delayed slightly but finally here!
  • Factory Floor taster 12” with two cuts from their forthcoming soundtrack to Fritz Lang's 1927 silent sci-fi classic Metropolis.
  • Wrangler remixed by Crooked Man, LoneLady and Mute Lord Daniel Miller.
  • Shape shifter Ital Tek takes his sound in a darker ambient direction on Plant Mu.
  • Heavee LP on Teklife of that there footwork music. Also more Chicago foot tangling beats on cassette from EQ Why.
  • Chris Liebing ropes in Polly Scattergood, Cold Cave, Aleen, Gary Numan etc. to sing over his ominous electronics on Mute.
  • Fourth world fantasies from Mårble.
  • LP from the most excellent Siavash Amini, exploring how sorrow relates to space.
  • Limited repress of Stasis 1993 EP Circuit Funk on Peacefrog. Classic UK techno from Steve Pickton!
  • Kaleidoscopic album from the Orb's Thomas Fehlmann on Kompakt.
  • Meat Beat Manifesto Vs. Terry Riley LP on Electronic Sound. Jack Dangers gets busy with Tez’s ‘In C’.
  • Claustrophobic, dark/rhythmic ambient from R.A.N. on Karlrecords.
  • Twelves incl. some old Pinch wobblers reimagined by Kromestar, spacey electro from Nullptr on CPU and Brendon Moeller on Echo Echo.

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As Low once said, “so many words” - but all good ones, we hasten to add. Speaking of Low, their new album is out next week along with ones from Aphex Twin, Sleaford Mods and a loads of Throbbing Gristle re-issues. Big times...let’s sleep first.

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and Only Ian Love Can Break Your Heart.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “The nicest people. The finest cardboard”.

Read this and even better compliments in our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Sing To God

9/10 from Clinton

You would have thought that by the time of Sing to God, a band like the Cardiacs would be slowing down somewhat. They'd been making their brand of rollercoaster ride psych on »

Arve Henriksen

The Height Of The Reeds

9/10 from Jamie

Close your eyes and let Arve and friends lead you through the reed-beds of your deepest imaginings. Hello. Henriksen (for it is he) was commissioned to create this piece for on »

Bridget Hayden

Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So.

9/10 from Ant

Released on 9th September 2018 to coincide with a new moon. This one’s a real gem - a plaintive, lachrymose, arcane classic in the making… I’m not on »

Eric Bachmann

No Recover

9/10 from Daoud

I’m in awe. Eric Bachmann’s ‘No Recover’ has shocked me for its beauty and for its heart. I’ve only ever been familiar with Bachmann’s on »

Per Nørgård

Expanding Space

8/10 from Jamie

Tangerine Dream... Wait! No, those are the words I wanted to say (I think I have Teutonic Synth Tourette’s). This one is a whole other kettle of fish; a kettle of fish on »

Oliver Coates

Shelley’s On Zenn-La

8/10 from Jamie

Oliver Coates. Here’s a man who has a cello (a few cellos actually, but we’ll come back to that in a bit) and likes electronics. He really likes electronics, for on »

Right Shitty

Bachelor of Arts

8/10 from Robin

As someone who is both right shitty and a bachelor of arts, I feel perhaps a little overqualified to review this record. Let’s just quickly do the basics and we’ on »

Pig Destroyer

Head Cage

8/10 from Robin

Feels pretty weird listening to a new Pig Destroyer on NPR First Listen but okay whatever. Grindcore is now overground, and I guess we have Pig Destroyer to thank for that. on »

A Happy Return

A Happy Return

8/10 from Robin

This record is extremely very much for those who want to hear Woo without the jazz bits, Broadcast without the songs and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop minus the soundtrack on »

Special Occasion

The Word

8/10 from Robin

Once nothing but a lousy rectangular cassette, Special Occasion’s ‘The Word’ has made the big time and become a big square LP. Those in the know will have on »

Black Merlin

Oba Enka

8/10 from Ant

Black Merlin deploys three rugged techno synapse sizzlers for Mannequin’s impeccable ‘Death of the Machines’ 12” series. The coast is clear, there& on »

Factory Floor

Transform / Wonder

8/10 from Daoud

It was inevitable wasn't it. There was no way it wasn’t going to happen. And now it has. Yes, Factory Floor have done A Soundtrack for a Film. Now more than ever, on »

Alison Statton & Spike

Bimini Twist

8/10 from Clinton

If I could have married anyone in 1980 it would have probably been Alison Statton. I was just 9 at the time but I could have easily imagined myself turning up at the altar on »


Great Thunder

8/10 from Robin

For me the still very good Waxahatchee has never bested her first ever record, ‘American Weekend’. It’s almost unfair to make that statement, considering on »

Sauna Youth


8/10 from Robin

Ages ago when I started working here it felt like I got to listen to a record like this every three days, and it ruled. An antidote to the endless slew of not-at-all fun on »


Sugar & Spice EP

8/10 from Robin

I’ll never be able to explain to you why Hatchie’s EP ‘Sugar & Spice’ is actually good, never for my life, unless you can hold, with me, one on »

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