Tuesday Update Thom Yorke, Spiritualized, Teleman, Deepchord, The Cardiacs, and a useful pre-orders round-up for you

Our early week look at all the exciting things due in stock such as Deepchord, Menace Beach, Karen Dalton, Spiritualized and whoever else.


Well September is here which means...loads and loads of new records, saved up by cunning record company execs who fear the summer. Have a peek at our latest Pre order Round-Up for a fuller rundown, but if you’re one of those people who can’t wait then read on…

Genre guides

Oooh, before we get on with the new stuff we’ve just published the first four in a series of genre guides we think you might like. They’re definitely not just pumped-up clickbait-y listicles. God no. Heaven forfend. Perish the thought. Wash out your mouth.

More to come...stay tuned.

New records

  • Twit-busy kraut good guys BEAK.
  • Sauna Youth. Brit noise experts not to be confused with similarly monikered American lot.
  • Spiritualized. The most orangey thing we've ever seen. Possibly too orangey for crows.
  • Shit & Shine have a whole load of ‘Chakin’ going on.
  • Janet Street Porter-voiced kraut-poppers Teleman.
  • Thumb-waggling Wings frontman Paul McCartney.
  • Escape-ism is the latest folly from professional irritant Ian Svenonius.
  • Adult. That dot is just as important as ever.
  • Waxahatchee heads down the road marked ‘roots/country’.
  • Alison Statton & Spike. Former Young Marble Giants chanteuse and long term pal.
  • Pig Destroyer. Incendiary grindcore but just what is their problem with our snouty friends?
  • Leeds noiseniks Menace Beach.
  • Continual soundtracker to my lunch hour…. Deepchord.
  • Luna man Dean Wareham presents his ‘Luna Demos’ for your delectation.
  • Arve Henriksen. Music to accompany a ‘sound walk’ in...yup…. Hull.


I’ll wager money on having missed stuff of this list. Check out our release schedule timeline!


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Go on then...scram! See you Thurs.

Team Norman x

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