Weekly Update White Denim, Tunng, Autechre, Sleep, Interpol

Here we are again with all this week’s stuff. Choose from a wonderful collection of new vinyl from the likes of Autechre, Interpol, Tape Loop Orchestra, John T Gast and many more.


With our web expert and all round clever guy Nathon on ‘holiday’ in Northumberland it’s been left to all the, ahem, stupider members of staff to hold things together. We did consider shutting down the website and advertising our wares by waving bits of paper out of the window, but as we haven’t broke it or set fire to it let’s not worry about fixing it. We don’t know much but we know we love you...and we know a bit about the things out this week. Here goes...


Like daisies splurging up out of the fresh new ground.

  • Snappy indie rockers White Denim do more fun things.
  • Raggle taggle electronic folk collective Tunng. So smartly dressed these days.
  • Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood. Ol’ thin skin and pal.
  • New one from champion of light Blood Orange. Vinyl later.
  • Alexander Tucker. Hang on, his beards gone? When did that happen?
  • BC Camplight. 10/10 for the backstory.
  • Neil and Liam Finn. Imagine if your dad was in Fleetwood Mac.
  • El Pintor have renamed themselves Interpol.
  • Arabrot. Look at that sleeve for fox sake.
  • The Bay City Rollers. Will someone please call the authorities?
  • Lovely primitive guitar playing from Glenn Jones.
  • Large walleted label Third Man releases further material from ‘jumbo cigarette’ smokers Sleep.
  • Remember the old Nothing days?
  • Olafur Arnalds. The epitome of all art ever made.
  • Heavy mod vibes from Weller exciters Stone Foundation.
  • Musicians keeping busy part 432235: Justice have made a live album of their 2016 album.
  • Laurel’s a rock star: there’s no time for surnames.
  • OHMME make some noise with a thing they are calling the guitar.
  • ‘Supergroup’ Ethers feature former members of the Runnies. The Two Runnies.
  • RMFTM / 10000 Russos. This is the last psych rock album we’ll ever stock.
  • Vehicle Blues new on Box Bedroom Rebels.


As tired as the day is long.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Recovering from being stuck inside a ‘locked groove’ on Disney’s Finding Nemo ride.

  • Gargantuan Autechre ‘NTS Sessions’ box set floats in a pool of tears of joy. LPs also available to cherry pick separately.
  • Tape Loop Orchestra aka Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats, Beppu) channels imagined voices of divinity extracted from heavenly beams of light.
  • Frenetic Singeli hyper rhythms from Bamba Pana on Nyege Nyege Tapes.
  • Limited white label 12” of stonking grime/techno de/re-constructions from stealth producer John T. Gast.
  • Glitchy, dubby, ambient/electronica from Automatisme and kosmische style action from Joyfultalk -- both on Constellation.
  • Kompakt Total 18 CD/2LP featuring loads of names with umlauts.
  • Cinematic ambient weepers from Pausal on Hibernate.
  • Peacefrog repress John Beltran’s 1996 romantic electronica gem ‘Ten Days Of Blue’.
  • Juan Atkins and Rik Davis’s seminal Cybotron LP ‘Enter’ reissued.
  • Scored some of the re-press of Mitra Mitra’s retro synth-pop LP on Polytechnic Youth.
  • +++ DJ Arg on Super Rhythm Trax, Rick Wilhite on Mahogani Music, Joe Herrick on Extrapolation Records, Bergsonist on Where To Now? +++

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That’s it. We’re off to avoid the Wetherby/Bramham district at all costs. See you next time.

Words: Clint, Ant and Robin.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil and Ian “True” Love “Will Find You In The End”.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “I bought things and they sent them”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Blood Orange

Negro Swan

9/10 from Robin

We have ‘Freetown of Sound’ to thank for everything. It unlocked Dev Hynes, an artist gingerly stepping forward into new ideas and sounds, making a whole new artis...read on »

Anna Meredith


8/10 from Jamie

Anna Meredith is doing pretty well, then; since the release of Varmints (her 2016 debut LP mixed dramatic electronic arrangements with sprightly melodies and ballsy rhythms, w...read on »

The Green Kingdom

Seen And Unseen

8/10 from Jamie

How does he do it? I don’t know. Michael Cottone is a highly prolific and very consistent man, whether as a graphic designer or as he does here: on this very CD, Cottone...read on »


Tin Drum

8/10 from Clinton

It's actually easy to recall how weird Japan were to a 9 year old in 1981. The fact that I was listening to Japan at 9 should really be a cause of celebration for my early exp...read on »


Songs You Make At Night

8/10 from Jamie

Over the course of the 12-or-so-years since their debut LP ‘Mother’s Daughter And Other Songs’, the band Tunng have made a slow yet steady transition from se...read on »


Gentlemen Take Polaroids

8/10 from Clinton

In 1980 it was hard to know what the actual difference between Japan and Roxy Music was. Musically perhaps Mick Karn's fluttering wobbly bass lines added a dose of originality...read on »


Volume Flow

8/10 from Jamie

This. This is the type of music -- we’ll call it ambient, for argument’s sake but ‘warm drone’ might equally suffice -- to turn up loud and drench your...read on »


Plurality Trip

8/10 from Robin

Canada’s brightest ever star, Constellation Records have propped up numerous new artists in recent years, tipping the scales in favour of experiments with dance and elec...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Apparently William Jourdain, chief architect of this whole Automatisme thing, works at one of Canada’s most renowned and respected record stores. Well, buddy, I can rela...read on »

White Denim


8/10 from Robin

White Denim are sort of the psychedelic symbiosis of Beck and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Don’t @ me. A band who make giddy, obnoxious hooks sound clear as day, the Austin...read on »


Dance On The Blacktop

8/10 from Robin

Named after ‘nothing’, the theoretical concept invented by Stewart Lee, these folks are a bunch of void-watchers, enjoying a good vantage point on the blank dot of...read on »

Bamba Pana


8/10 from Ant

Whoa!!! My internal BPM counter just exploded listening to ‘Poaa’, the debut album from Bamba Pana - real name Jumanne Ramadhani Zegge. This LP is relentlessly fas...read on »

John T. Gast

BTEC Version #2

8/10 from Ant

John T. Gast returns in stealth mode with a second white label 12” of “more tracks from the ark circa 2013.” The previous one is already a goner, so if you w...read on »

Tape Loop Orchestra

Return To The Light

8/10 from Ant

‘Return To The Light’ is the penultimate record in Tape Loop Orchestra’s (aka Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats, Beppu)) ‘Instrumental Transcommunications&r...read on »

Featured albums

Jóhann Jóhannsson
John T. Gast
Vehicle Blues
Tape Loop Orchestra
Bamba Pana
John Beltran
Olafur Arnalds
Rick Wilhite
RMFTM / 10000 Russos
Glenn Jones
Alexander Tucker
Blood Orange
Joe Herrick
DJ Arg
The Lemon Twigs
Mitra Mitra
Stone Foundation
Neil & Liam Finn
BC Camplight
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood
White Denim
Jack Rose