Weekly Update Aphex Twin, Goatman, Teenage Fanclub, Tirzah, Kathryn Joseph

Enjoy amazin’ new records from Tirzah and Kathryn Joseph, and also continue to anticipate Aphex Twin, because we know you, and that’s what you like to do.

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I think the Tenniscoats said it best when they said “music exists”. It does. It really, really does. It exists so much that this newsletter also exists. Another thing that exists is the exchange of money for goods. Please be uncritical of this economic model while scrolling our website. Thanks!


  • What is the difference between Miles Kane and a useless old bin bag? Nothing.
  • The Wolfhounds did Peel Sessions in the ‘80s.
  • Help! Someone turned The Vryll Society into bouncy balls!
  • Tirzah is the new lo-fi R&B anti-hero according to… um… us.
  • Let’s see if emerging artist Kanye West is any good.
  • Giant Sand don’t just reissue their debut. They re-do it.
  • Still Corners are Brits making pseudo-Americana.
  • Colin Stetson. Hey wait, we really like him.
  • Fanatism present their new ‘psychster’.
  • The Coral get together for a ‘who can look most like a lion’ competition.
  • Kathryn Joseph makes music that sounds like Bjork emerging from a loch.
  • Hilang Child are ready to collect their Latitude matinee.
  • Mattson 2 play ‘A Love Supreme’. Just because they can.
  • Capitol K
  • I give this Drug Cult album 4 retweets and 20 likes out of 10.
  • Futuropaco. It’s the record Ian is calling “good”.


Latest Reductions:

  • Cheap: Deutsche Grammophon: Loads of CDs by Max Richter and Johann Johannsson now £6.99.
  • Cheap(er): Sub Pop: A bunch of Sub Pop titles including ‘Loser’ editions at lower prices.
  • LATEST REDUCTIONS from July 2018.
  • Cheap Portishead titles back in. Portishead and Third both almost offensively cheap.


Clint’s Electronic Round-Up

Discotheque music. That’s my bag. With the techno cat away, come with me to the dark underground world of that music with the beats on.

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The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.

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Work: Jamie, Robin, Benn, Daoud, Nathon, and Progboy.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ekin Fil


9/10 from Ant

‘Maps’ marks Istanbul artist Ekin Fil’s fifth album for The Helen Scarsdale Agency and is quite possibly her most forlorn work to date. Her presence on this ...read on »

Teenage Fanclub

Songs From Northern Britain

9/10 from Clinton

My absolute favourite Teenage Fanclub album and to these ears knocks the socks off Grand Prix which always seems to get the plaudits. Throughout, the album has an autumnal sep...read on »


Black Vinyl Shoes

9/10 from Clinton

Allow me to be self indulgent for a moment, I generally need no excuse but seeing as pretty much MY FAVOURITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME has come into stock, surely I’m allowed j...read on »

Nathan Micay

Whities 017

9/10 from Daoud

This artwork, hoo boy, this artwork. Yes, this is a “music review” and we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but wringing out a full review of a...read on »

Cremation Lily

In England Now, Underwater

8/10 from Ant

‘In England Now, Underwater’ is an incredibly intimate record that finds beauty in the mundane. The coastal wind blowing into his microphone, the sound of the ocea...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Proper.  It's been awhile since I heard an R&B album I actually like. Autotune and over emoting does for most of the stuff I hear these days but this is something di...read on »


Nacreous Clouds

8/10 from Jamie

Oh, excellent: just in, from Japan is this, the latest CD by Will Long as Celer. Nacreous Clouds is here as a remastered, now finally reissued version of an album Long made wi...read on »

Gabe Gurnsey


8/10 from Jamie

Who is Gabe Gurnsey? Well, he “makes dislocating hypno-gloom on Factory Floor records, having ground out cold grooves for a long season of his life… Solo, he's ma...read on »

Kathryn Joseph

From When I Wake The Want Is

8/10 from Clinton

Kathryn Joseph announced herself with her debut Bones You Have Thrown Me, And Blood I've Spilled, a late developer and already in her forties, the singer has a unique and stud...read on »

Salvia Palth


8/10 from Robin

Every time I read that band name I read it another way. It is an absolutely maddening way to spend your Wednesday and I simply cannot cope with it. If you didn’t hear it...read on »

Giant Sand

Returns To Valley Of Rain

8/10 from Robin

So it’s come to this: a band called Giant Sand. Lord have mercy on us all. I am of course being facetious as these discordant cowpunks have been around since the mid-80s...read on »

Little Ugly Girls

Little Ugly Girls

8/10 from Robin

The usual release cycle is, you know, put something out every two years and hope to carry favour in the press. Some bands will only release records every three years; occasion...read on »

Mikaela Davis


8/10 from Robin

I recommend this record to myself. It is the good Sunday music that I live for, the kind of music I have to look forward to through my good-to-subpar weekdays. Warm basslines ...read on »

Drug Cult

Drug Cult

8/10 from Robin

I was passed this with the promise that it’s heavy but honestly it just reminds me of all the times people screencap tweets that have 4 retweets and 20 likes. A Drug Cul...read on »

Steve Hauschildt


8/10 from Robin

Uhh. Hmm. Steve Hauschildt returns, and while I was absolutely expecting the usual kosmische synth panorama, I’m finding myself welcoming something altogether different:...read on »

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