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A nice week without Phil this week, so to anyone he has irritated or annoyed of late: now is your time to come back and buy from us again. We’ll be here however hot it gets because we have windows and an inverted heater as a cooling fan.

Anyway, here is the first part of this week’s updates with all the stuff we *think* should be here very soon.


The world is a re-issue….

  • Aphex Twin’s classic ‘Selected Ambient Works’ re-issued on vinyl.
  • Lo-fi rap cuts from ‘95 as Shawty Pimp’s mixtape gets vinylized.
  • Orange vinyl re-issue of Richard Hell and his Voidods classic.
  • Ruth White’s legendary ‘Flowers of Evil’ gets a third re-press.
  • Big box version of The Small Faces ‘Ogden’s But Gone Flake’.
  • ESG celebrate their 35th anniversary with a re-issue of their debut.
  • A C89 collection featuring all the greats from the era such as the Milltown Brothers.
  • Elph vs Coil. Just the black vinyl left. Yellow? No way!
  • Break out the shorts again it’s A Certain Ratio.
  • Deus reissue their debut 10” single because...why not?
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura’s ‘Music for Nine Postcards’ finally gets its re-issue.
  • Peter (Christopherson) gets his Live At L' Etrange Festival 2004 re-re-issued.
  • It seems like seconds ago Wild Nothing’s ‘Gemini’ was out. It probably was.
  • Midori Takada’s minimal ambient masterpiece re-done.
  • Fuschia’s great 1971 era psych rock debut gets revamped with extra stuff.
  • Change just a few letters round and it reads Nurse with Wind.
  • Ashtray voiced 80s glam poppers the Psychedelic Furs get lots revamped.


Swimming against the tide of popular culture…

  • Tony Molina is like a miniature one man Byrds/Teenage Fanclub. Blink and you’ll miss him.
  • Israel Nash takes the advice of the Lighthouse Family and gets ‘Lifted’.
  • Ross From Friends. Just in case anyone out there still doesn’t realise...this is NOT David Schwimmer.
  • Astronauts etc. Interesting guy. Smooth sounds.
  • White Ring and their doomy, gloomy synthscapes.
  • Post rock art grungers Amusement Parks on Fire with first in aaaaaaages.
  • SONOIO. Electronics and synth from Nine Inch Nail.
  • More new stuff on the ever busy Fuzz Club.
  • Potty mouthed neo soul from Surrey’s own Rex Orange County.


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