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The big balls have all been kicked, the small balls have all been hit with racquets… what could there possibly be left for you to do? It’s time to buy records. Please don’t try and get into golf. You don’t like golf. Nobody likes golf (I do - Clint) .

Onto the bullet points!


Ultimate frisbee.


Plain old frisbee.


Under 18s frisbee.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Why can’t he just like Bruce Springsteen like normal dads?

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Thanks. Off to bed now, go on.

Words: Robin, Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Robin, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and Mr. Moog.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Quick, cheap and in Leeds.”
Just barely. Here are our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Ant

Just over 35 minutes of pure starlit, aquatic bliss on this pair of sublime ‘Immersions’ from Rod Modell operating in his cherished Deepchord mode. The way this pa...read on »


D Funk EP

9/10 from Ant

Mike Paradinas ain't done yet digging through his archives - his last four albums were archival releases and why the hell not? The man has been sat on a shit tonne of quality ...read on »

Don't DJ

All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End EP

9/10 from Ant

Don't DJ is, of course, Durian Brother Florian Meyer, back on Berceuse Heroique with his fifth outing for the label, no less. On the first plate, ‘Reapercussion’ i...read on »

Lee Fraser

Cor Unvers

9/10 from Ant

The brilliantly curated Ge-stell label (home to Dalglish/Scald Rougish, NYZ, Tom Knapp, CoH, Sote, Christophe Charles + Kozo Inada and Brandon Nickell) goes from strength to s...read on »

Laurel Halo

Raw Silk Uncut Wood

9/10 from Ant

Ever evolving and pushing her sound in new directions, Laurel Halo’s new record is a real widescreen stunner. ‘Raw Silk Uncut Wood’ encompasses elements of s...read on »


The Smoke

8/10 from Robin

Shout out to records like this, that put me in a bind just as I’m about to big them up. Even for an artist of Inga Copeland’s calibre, ‘The Smoke’ is o...read on »


Under The Strawberry Moon

8/10 from Robin

Slays, doesn’t it? Aside from having maybe the coolest photoshoot-as-album-art I’ve seen in a good while, this doomlord duo have crafted an absolute gem of heavy, ...read on »


1/1 (Original Soundtrack)

8/10 from Robin

Alright, so 1/1: it, uh, I mean, it’s a film, and it’s certainly about something. Skipping the usual game of Wikipedia Intel, I’ll simply say that Jeremy Phi...read on »


Buried Country

8/10 from Robin

This vital collection poses a serious challenge to modern understandings of ‘country’ music and how it’s been canonized. ‘Buried Country’ is a co...read on »

Kelley Stoltz

Natural Causes

8/10 from Clinton

Why doesn't it surprise me that Kelley Stoltz is a record store clerk? His pick and mix approach to power pop and psych pop suggests a man with a vast knowledge of the genres ...read on »

Ty Segall & White Fence


8/10 from Clinton

Just how many Syd Barretts can there be at once? Or Marc Bolans? These two both want to be Syd Barrett/Marc Bolan on their collaborative records of which this is the second.&n...read on »

Secret Circuit

Out Of Body Interiors

8/10 from Clinton

Here's a whistler for you. It's from Eddie who gave you the lovely "Who Are You" under his sort of real name of E Ruscha V. What he's up to here is to give you soft melod...read on »

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