Tuesday Update Aphex Twin, Let’s Eat Grandma, John Coltrane, Tropics

Who knew of the secret contained within the new Kamazi Washington vinyl? Not us. Warning: involves knives.

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Here is Tuesday and it’s a hot one. We've inverted our winter heaters to make wonderful cooling fans...and there's just the chance of ice cream.

You do know we have a really busy Instagram account don't you? Please join us - it's fun.

Here’s everything that hasn’t melted...


  • Let’s Eat Grandma. Frankly terrifying children issue their second record.
  • Joke: Which singer out of My Morning Jacket do you wear to bed? Jim James
  • The now Annie Lennox Florence and her Machine bellows out a new one.
  • Johnny Jewel presents all the music that didn’t make it onto Twin Peaks.
  • Lovely summery neo-soul from Tropics. Recommended with a mivvi.
  • Gorillaz. Where a load of rich and talented people come together to have fun making bad music.
  • Raime go fractiously febrile. Who doesn’t?
  • Container present ‘Container’, the follow up to 2015’s ‘Container’.
  • John Coltrane. We’ve heard that it’s a ‘cracker’. Oh come on!
  • Stray Theories for when you like ambient music.
  • Twee people The Essex Green take a break from whatever else it is twee bands do.


  • Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works’ gets a 2018 style vinyl re-issue.
  • Max Richter’s ‘The Blue Notebooks’ gets re-issued for 2018.
  • 90s swirlers Adorable.
  • So many Coil things out this week i’ve got into a terrible mess figuring out what is what. There’s this….and this and more?
  • Colin Potter gets more of his 1981 stuff re-issued.
  • Craft Spells unleash the long awaited sea glass and pink swirl edition of ‘Idle Labour’.


Go on, be off with you.

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