Tuesday Update Big Tape Sale (60% off) Plus: Kamasi Washington, David Sylvian & Holger Czukay, Simon Sc

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By the looks of recent social media gripes there are loads of you out there who hate football so there’s no excuse not to buy some music while it’s quiet. Beat the queues, go home and listen to a record that won’t put you through hell before scoring a stoppage time goal.

Here’s everything we are expecting this week…..



  • A bunch of Wire re-issues in we think.
  • Hard now to think of Garbage without that cornflakes anecdote coming to mind.
  • New Carl Stone retrospective ….plus free tote bag!
  • The world’s most beautiful man and er David Sylvian.… David Sylvian and Holger Czukay.
  • Spacemen 3. Literally the first thing they ever recorded. They’ll not remember.
  • Peter Brötzmann Octet
  • Robert Fripp celebrates his 32nd wedding anniversary to Toyah with a re-issue of King Crimson’s Discipline’ (ooph!).
  • Ian William Craig gets elongated.


That’s what we think will happen. Join us on Thursday where we’ll have Rio Ferdinand on the sofa to discuss what really happened.

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