Weekly Update Virginia Wing, Sleaford Mods, serpentwithfeet, Gruff Rhys, cheap stuff!

A week notable mainly for an exceptionally good debut album.

Top news

World cup fever, baby! Phil didn’t get on the plane but he’s not letting it get to him for the next season: his legendary youth career as a full back for Wigton Moor FC will not be in vein. While you twiddle your thumbs in anticipation for summer football, or just something better to do than listening to music, you may as well read our update, in which we say needlessly grouchy things in an attempt to convert your amusement into £££. At least we’re honest.


The squad’s young...

  • Hilary Woods. The time Sacred Bones went serene.
  • Why listen to difficult horrible music when you can listen to Erin Rae?
  • Exciting, uninhibited new album from Virginia Wing.
  • Yob. A good band with a satisfying name.
  • Extremely good debut alert: Serpentwithfeet
  • Here’s the imaginatively titled The Thing
  • Echo Ladies are beloved by the radio and now exist on wax.
  • Gruff Rhys. Ruff Gryhs.
  • Snail Mail. Their bass player is called Alex Bass. That’s all I know.
  • Jonathan Bree. Not cheesy at all.
  • Ceiling Demons bring hip hop to the geranium filled streets of Richmond, North Yorkshire.
  • Dumb Numbers replace their drummer with... a cellist?
  • Young Widows chart their epic journey from post-punk to post-hardcore.
  • Kiefer but not Sutherland.
  • What is the best kind of Lice? Head? Body? Pubic? Answers please.
  • Uniform and the Body are two differently loud bands.
  • Flasher do their best with some B52s/Pylon bendy pop.
  • Crayola Lectern make other-wordly psych-pop for a very particular music fan.
  • Evil Blizzard have four bass players. That’s one better than Freebass.
  • Gabriella Cohen plays something simple.
  • ANMLPLET. “Animal Planet”, with an extra ‘E’. Do they really sing about having sex with clouds?
  • Port Sulphur are old people from Orange Juice and Fire Engines making new music.
  • Laura Jean dropped the folk. Now does synth. Who doesn’t?
  • Aukai do this week’s prettiest thing.


...except for Gary Cahill.

  • Stereophonics. In its own way this is as anti-music as John Zorn.
  • A slow, grouchy classic from the Melvins.
  • Much like true love, Tom Waits.
  • The Names forgot to give themselves one.
  • Cynics would say The Drowning Craze only got a reissue because their bassist now runs Bella Union.
  • Jasss. This record rules.
  • I think David Axelrod was high or something.
  • Thee Hypnotics were innovators of the whole “Thee” thing.
  • The Heads have annoyed me ever since I started working here.
  • Dave Evans name doesn’t quite connect like Bert Jansch’s does but he’s almost as good.
  • Mansun deluxe re-issue contains Paul Draper’s adolescent notebook.
  • Reissue of famous song-having band Violent Femmes.
  • A reissue of the famously 0.0’d Liz Phair record. Pitchfork were, unsurprisingly, wrong.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Doing the school run to Corsica Studios.

  • Mika Vainio, Hieroglyphic Being and The Grid Moog twiddlers.
  • Ultra-limited 12"s of raw EBM jackers on Traxx's Nation offshoot Kode from Transformation / Beau Wanzer and D'Marc Cantu / Black Meteoric Star.
  • Cool, psychedelic lo-fi synthwave outta Melbourne from Kirkis. Check if you dig old Ariel Pink, Gary War, Chrome etc.
  • Liquid ambient from Jason Kolàr on Stroom.
  • Prefuse 73 returns with his neck aching beats on Lex Records.
  • Summery house and slow jams from Baba Stiltz on XL Recordings.
  • Beautifully presented LP of pretty, sparkling electronica on Ekster from Milan W.
  • Pair of albums from The Black Dog. One bangin’, the other ambient.
  • Album from Luke Slater’s housier project L.B. Dub Corp.
  • Samuel Kerridge sounding like a nasty Aphex/Autechre mutant.
  • Melodic, quirky Grime rooted electronica on Hyperdub from Edinburgh producer Proc Fiskal.
  • Ectoplasm Girl Nadine Byrne's woozy soundtrack to 'Dreaming remembering'.
  • Glorious mayhem from Acolytes on Alter.
  • Jon Hassell still making Fourth World ambient jazz 40 years later!
  • Vinyl edition of Monopoly Child Star Searchers old “Tropical Bird Romance Audio” CDR 'Make Mine, Macaw'.
  • Booming acid laced electro from LA - 4A aka Ambivalent on CPU.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs stickman Brian Chase’s 2nd volume of Drums & Drones.
  • 1991 self-titled record originally on Astro:Dynamics, gets beefed up with extra tracks.
  • Spacey, psychedelic, jazzy deep house style cuts from Will DiMaggio on Future Times.
  • Post-punk informed electro/techno from Bulkhead on 2MR. Initial copies include bonus Live CD.


Not often we have one of these but because it’s Sleaford Mods we’ll make an exception. A documentary film plus a bonus recording of the Poundland Pet Shop Boys live at SO36 in Berlin. Stick it on t’telly over t’weekend.

Other stuff:


That is everything for the week. We’ve got a Panini World Cup sticker album to complete. Anyone want to do swapsies?

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Robin (also), Daoud, Phil, Nathon and ‘friend to the stars’.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Beefy packaging”.
Nah, we used veg. Here are our Feefo reviews.

“I’ve played to quiet rooms like this before”

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Jamie Lenman


9/10 from Benn

For any Reuben fans out there, you'll know Jamie Lenman all too well. The charismatic and quirky looking front man has been conjuring his own music for quite a while...read on »

My Home, Sinking

King of Corns

9/10 from Jamie

Enrico Coniglio is a Venetian, a guitarist, a sound recordist and a human with a particular sensitivity to the beauty in the landscape around him. As a sound artist and multi-...read on »



9/10 from Jamie

Sometimes I feel I’m lucky doing this job; I often think this, in fact… The latest person to remind me how fortunate I am -- bearing in mind it’s still only...read on »

Virginia Wing

Ecstatic Arrow

9/10 from Robin

I dunno if you know, but it’s pretty hard to do what Virginia Wing do. Maybe it sounds like it, sometimes, and maybe at others it doesn’t: in that conflict is the ...read on »


Our Raw Heart

9/10 from Robin

What you gonna do with this Yob? You gonna get the head banging and the hair swaying? You gonna send several hundred devil-horn emojis to unsuspecting friends? You gonna just ...read on »

Ben Rath

Anything Is Possible

8/10 from Jamie

Hand-compiled balmy drone plus hand-assembled fawn card packaging; it must be hand-crafted Sound In Silence. Their latest missive of love for the natural -- via both organic a...read on »

David Newlyn

Collected Fictions

8/10 from Jamie

Ah, This. This -- coupled with the Ben Rath disc I’ve just a mere ten seconds ago finished cupping my ears around -- comes from those gentle, wistful, lovely folk at Sou...read on »


Constant Image

8/10 from Clinton

I saw a rather sniffy Uncut review of this the other day but presumably because they are not called Drive-By-Truckers then this won't appeal to their world view. We found this...read on »

Dave Evans

The Words Inbetween

8/10 from Clinton

You wouldn't think that there was anything else to be mined from the fertile breeding ground of folk music that was the early 70's but this obscurity from this unassumingly-na...read on »



8/10 from Robin

This is an all-caps debut for a lower-case lover. serpentwithfeet has made a record of ruinous torch songs on ‘soil’, exploding his humility with a startling recor...read on »

Hilary Woods


8/10 from Robin

With a record from doom metal legends Thou on the horizon, I’m starting to think Sacred Bones are entering a troublesome teens era where they’re gonna start releas...read on »

Snail Mail


8/10 from Robin

Norman Records website editor Clint is absolutely obsessed with the fact that Snail Mail have a bassist called Alex Bass. He’s so obsessed with it that I’ve been l...read on »

Samuel Kerridge

The I Is Nothing

8/10 from Ant

Samuel Kerridge returns to Regis’ esteemed Downwards label for a four-track EP that remoulds classic 90’s sounds into his own vision, think early Aphex Twin and Au...read on »

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