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Tuesday Update Sleaford Mods, Echo Ladies, Virginia Wing, Ghost Box, Reductions!

Top news

Here we go with the usual stuff. First up, the new things - to keep you in suspense for all those exciting re-issues.


  • Dread-filled hardcore techno ballistics from Sam Kerridge.
  • Recordings from the late Mika Vaino’s visit to Moog Sound labs.
  • High-selling shoegaze/dream pop band Echo Ladies.
  • Gentle electronics from quiet Dubliner Hilary Woods.
  • Virginia Wing go back alone after their excellent XAM Duo collab.
  • Yob. Metallers now thankfully over horrid sounding intestinal disease.
  • Super Animal (also Furry) Gruff Rhys with million piece orchestra.
  • Not much on telly now so why not get the Sleaford Mods doc?
  • Prefuse 73. This better be more impressive than ‘Lady Parts’.
  • Snail Mail helpfully their bassist is called Alex Bass.
  • Eno Collaborator Jon Hassell.
  • Uniform and the Body. Two heavyweight bands become one.
  • Flasher make lively indie rock with tunes and stuff.
  • Oh when will the World Cup start? Parquet Courts get ready.
  • Experimental r&b/gospel guy Serpentwithfeet is already star studded.


  • The Melvins remember the time they stretched out.
  • Gravel voiced bar fly Tom Waits.
  • Factory related Belgian no-wavers The Names.
  • Spanish artist with three (count ‘em) ‘s’s Jasss.
  • David Axelrod’s William Blake tribute.
  • 90’s rockers Thee Hypnotics get the big box treatment.
  • The 45789086542468th re-issue of The Heads ‘Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere’.
  • Celebrate 21 years since Mansun’s ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’. Features the ‘classic’ ‘Stripper Vicar’.
  • Violent Femmes. The first song is amazing isn’t it?
  • Liz Phair. The less good years (see sleeve).
  • Last and least a re-issue of the best of The Stereophonics.

T shirts:

We have some pretty smart looking Ghost Box T shirts coming in this week in all sizes from Alexis Taylor to Action Bronson. Get Orange and Black or White and Grey. Look smart.


That’s it. Something exciting has to happen at some point, right?

Team Norman x

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Ghost Box
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