Weekly Update The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mazzy Star, Father John Misty

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Here’s our latest monthly Best and Worst list. This time we write about the May 2018 experience, which if you are up to date with things is just finishing.

So anyway if anyone out there wants to buy some records then we have some. All kinds of colours and styles, different sizes, mostly round though. Read below and we’ll take you on a journey through the best bits. Oh and by the way…. hello.


Frank Lampard Jr

  • First of many this year from psych legends The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  • Natalie Prass. Hot off the Prasses. Please Prass the ‘add to cart’ button right now.
  • Warmduscher. London, basically.
  • Neko Case. I know her brother Justin (ha! Dad joke).
  • Lump. The music is good but that big fluffy thing is even better.
  • Father John Misty. Has he not gone away yet?
  • Adam Stafford makes a wondrous album of Steve Reich/Moondog influenced compositions.
  • The Saxophones win both worst band name and worst sleeve art of the week.
  • Mazzy Star. I mean...can they actually get any more sultry?
  • Joan of Arc. When Tim Kinsella retires from all musical projects will we have world peace?
  • Juliana Daugherty. Her name almost contains the word ‘daughter’.
  • Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, Marcus Rashford collab on humourous noise whirrs with some lightning fast finishing.
  • Torrid but tangible metallers Wayfarer.
  • Ails. My God they are noisy and screamy.
  • Richard Edwards isn’t the Manic Street Preachers one. Instead it’s a sad singer songwriter with an awful stomach complaint.
  • Like Phil Jamie Isaac can’t sleep. Unlike Phil he makes sophisticated jazz speckled songs in the small hours.
  • Sam Evian. Inventive singer songwriter in lucrative water tie up.
  • “We have Karen Meat here in ze Buildink!”
  • The Love Birds sound like the Byrds with all their arms tied together.,
  • Blues Lawyer are actually quite a lot better than Blues Hammer.
  • Juliana Hatfield is the only person this week to do an entire album of Olivia Newton John songs.


Frank Lampard Sr.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Now touring as DJ Half Term.

  • The Oneohtrix Point Never album on Warp made our Jamie’s head explode with joy.
  • Safe Trip serve up Welcome To Paradise (Italian Dream House 90-94) Vol. III feat. loads of rare tunes from Leo Anibaldi, Optik, Golem, Cosmic Galaxy, Deep Blue, Don Carlos, Neurostate etc.
  • Limited edition self-released CD + DVD set from Christina Vantzou incl. Koen Holtkamp, Loscil, Ben Vida, Dustin O'Halloran, Robert Lippok, ISAN etc. remixes.
  • Lush handcrafted and remastered reissue of sought after Move D 1995 classic Kunststoff.
  • Archival D'Arcangelo EP on Suction - an imaginary sequel to the '96 debut EP on Rephlex.
  • Second volume in Music From Memory’s Kuniyuki Takahashi retrospective.
  • Séance Centre reissue Joanne Forman 1987 extra terrestrial ambient odyssey.
  • Alek Lee takes his ‘Sfarot’ formula into eerie dubby territory.
  • Dark breakbeat hardcore and electro cuts from Minimal Violence on Technicolour.
  • Ace, sleazy weirdo house/techno from Person Of Interest on LIES.
  • Psychedelic Bear Bones, Lay Low melters on No ‘Label’.
  • Hyper modern abstract ‘tronix from VORONOI incl. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier re-work.
  • Icy techno on Northern Electronics from Anthony Linell fka Abdulla Rashim.
  • Superb revision and update of classic jungle template from Sully.
  • In Aeternam Vale juggernauts from the vaults.
  • Fathoms deep techno from Le Officine Di Efesto (Donato Dozzy & Retina.it) on Spazio Disponibile.
  • Modeselektion Vol. 04 2CD or four 12" EPs featuring Modeselektor Peder Mannerfelt, Lory D, Lone, FJAAK, Claude Speeed, RødhaÌŠd , Brainwaltzera, Actress, Skee Mask + loads more.
  • Stupendous, miserable, misanthropic, dark downer pop from Ora Iso on Downwards.
  • Lisbon flavoured Batida hip shakers from DJ Lilocox on Príncipe.
  • Wicked, mangled jungle badness from Sophia Loizou on Cosmo Rhythmatic.
  • Mind bending tape of chaotic synthetic sound from Daniel Katinsky on Conditional.
  • Adorable extreme noise 4CD wooden box set from Atrax Morgue on Urashima.
  • Expanded edition of the 2012 debut album from 1991 on No More Dreams.
  • Bill Laswell's City of Light reissue on Infinite Fog feat. Coil and Tetsu Inoue.
  • HD digital ambient from Tourist Kid on Melody As Truth.
  • Batu’s brand of broken UK techno lands him on XL Recordings.
  • Personal fave D.I.E. trax remastered 12"s on Clone West Coast Series.
  • That Cru Servers belter on 12th Isle has been re-pressed!!!!
  • Leon Vynehall’s in demand Music For The Uninvited 2LP re-pressed on 3024.



Jack now has complete and utter control over this format.

  • The VW Golf guy and his Dinosaur Jr pals.
  • Shoegaze duo No Joy.
  • And the man himself releasing the only listenable moment on his recent LP mess.

Other stuff


That’s it.

Words: Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Robin, Daoud, Phil, the flower man and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “I wanted to die...”

Here are our Feefo reviews. On the whole, they are ok.

An octopus is a plant.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Oneohtrix Point Never

Age Of

10/10 from Jamie

Harpsichord! Daniel Lopatin has used a harpsichord, and it’s all over the opening, title track of this latest Oneohtrix Point Never opus which he has somewhat open-ended...read on »

Pieter Nooten


9/10 from Jamie

Ambient music: yes, subtle it may be -- and often is, if only by its own definition -- but by golly, doesn’t it often tug at the heartstrings? So, here we have ‘St...read on »



9/10 from Jamie

Time Released Sound are showing off again (in a nice way, of course). By ‘showing off’ I (of course) refer to their continuing affinity with the Collage aesthetic ...read on »

Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, James Rushford

Face Time

9/10 from Robin

I’m at a crossroad in my life, here: I’m so excited both at the prospect of a follow-up to the immense ‘Pale Calling’ LP and of an upcoming world cup t...read on »

Juliana Daugherty


9/10 from Robin

Who amongst us doesn’t want another Sunday morning folk rock record in our life? Juliana Daugherty’s made the most quintessential of them, spending a day she could...read on »

Charlemagne Palestine


9/10 from Daoud

I’d love to see the inside of a piano that Charlemagne Palestine is hammering away at. The speed and regularity of the hammers moving up and down would be as hypnot...read on »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Something Else

8/10 from Clinton

The first of two (count 'em) albums by the Brian Jonestown Massacre this year yet there never seems to be a let up in the demand for their albums. Two reasons probably  -...read on »


The Unraveling

8/10 from Robin

The Flenser have flensed another flensing. Thank goodness. In all honesty I just googled what ‘flense’ means in its verb form and I, a squeamish metalhead caught f...read on »


World’s Blood

8/10 from Robin

If you thought Deafheaven were black metal’s peak of gimmick, look away: this one’s a Western. Wayfarer have made a record of specifically American black metal, ta...read on »

Aisha Burns


8/10 from Robin

‘Argonauta’ is a big sound, but it should be. Embracing music as the catharsis she needed to express the loss of her mother and the experience of a new love, Aisha...read on »

Natalie Prass

The Future and the Past

8/10 from Robin

Hot off the prasses! It’s the first ever prassing of Natalie Prass’s new album! Prass the ‘Add to Cart’ button immediately. Don’t delay; as soon ...read on »

Mark Van Hoen

Invisible Threads

8/10 from Jamie

Former Seefeel member and sometime Locust -- as well as having tucked numerous productions in his own name under his belt -- Mark Van Hoen continues his long line of detailed,...read on »

Adam Stafford

Fire Behind The Curtain

8/10 from Clinton

To celebrate Phil's 50th whinge about the fact that I've not reviewed it I decided to finally sit down and give this album a listen....and you know what...he's right. This rec...read on »

Split Cranium

I’m The Devil and I’m OK

8/10 from Robin

To quote Milhouse Van Houten, “fun is fun”. Better still is having fun through the medium of music, which is extremely rare, because music is de facto bad. I&rsquo...read on »

Neko Case


8/10 from Robin

Neko Case has long been eschewing her alt-country tagline in favour of music weirder and wilder. Mixing a primordial understanding of pop music with oblique lyricism and a lov...read on »

Ora Iso

Image Certifies

8/10 from Ant

NYC duo Jason Kudo, Kathleen Delay follow their 2014 debut album on Ba Da Bing with an absolute gem of a record on Regis’ ever-reliable Downwards label. For starters, w...read on »


Thought and Existence

8/10 from Robin

This, being a Bong record, might do the things you expect it to. Long doom drones that make Stephen O’Malley look entirely humourless and Greg Anderson not stoned enough...read on »

Daniel Katinsky

Digital Concrete

8/10 from Ant

Hugely impressive debut release of mind-bending synthetic sound from this Glasgow artist. Calum Gunn, curator of the Conditional label seems to have a knack for delving deep i...read on »

Jenny Hval

The Long Sleep

8/10 from Robin

Jenny Hval returns from a hiatus, relative to her prolific standards, with a novella, a collab album as Lost Girls, and a new EP of her own solo work. Are you not entertained?...read on »

DJ Lilocox

Paz & Amor

8/10 from Ant

If you’re looking to get a party started or just keep one going for that matter, you pretty much can’t go wrong with records on Príncipe. There’s sure...read on »

Robocobra Quartet

Plays Hard To Get

8/10 from Robin

The things we’ll accuse bands of being. “Fugazi meets Mingus”. “Ought with the Mountain Goats”. “Unwound but if they made In Rainbows&rdquo...read on »

Sophia Loizou

Irregular Territories

8/10 from Ant

This label rules. I’m all ears every time they put out a new record - they’ve put out some proper belters and here’s another… a six track EP from Soph...read on »

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Juliana Hatfield
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